Towards quality and accreditation in health professions education in Iraq

Effect of Acetaminophen and N-Acetylcystine on biochemical markers in asthma

Effect of mental health training program on primary-care physicians' skills, eastern province, S.A

Strategies to assist HIV positive women experiencing domestic violence in Nigeria

Surgical management of post carbuncle soft tissues defect in diabetic patients



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From the editor

The level and the quality of papers in the journal has improved greatly. In addition we are receiving contributions from most countries in the region and from all over the world. In this issue the papers deal with various topics from mental health to HIV infection to surgical management.

An intervention study was carried out in Saudi Arabia to measure the effect of mental health training program on the ability of PHC physicians to detect and manage mental illnesses. The authors structured a course which ran over 4 days. A follow up was arranged to see the effect of training. The authors noted that a shorter-term mental health-training program didn't enable PHC physicians to detect minor mental health problems. Therefore they recommend an advanced and long-term mental health-training course focusing on the practical application of identifying mental illness among PHC patients.

A paper from Kuwait reported on local experience in the surgical management of post carbuncle soft tissue defect in diabetic patients. The author analyzed results of the treatment of 27 patients with a carbuncle of various locations. It was shown that both skin grafts and local flaps are good alternatives in the coverage of such defects. However skin flaps provide better cosmetic appearance than skin grafts.



A paper from Iraq looked at the impact of therapeutic doses of paracetamol on serum total antioxidant capacity (TAC) and malodialdehyde (MDA) levels were studied in asthmatic patients. A total of 43 asthmatic patients were enrolled in the study. Acetaminophen usage led to a significant reduction in FEV1 in asthmatic patients more than in the control group and asthmatic patients not receiving acetaminophen. The authors concluded, that acetaminophen usage leads to reduction in serum TAC and increase in lipid peroxidation and consequently this oxidative stress contributes to asthma progression and decrease in lung function. N-acetylcystine administration may restore these changes.

A review paper from Canada reports on the pre-participation evaluation of the athlete. The authors presented a synthesized pre-participation evaluation that identifies medical conditions that may limit participation, predispose to injury or illness, evaluate risky behaviors, counsel on health-related issues, and ideally evaluate fitness level and performance.