CPD Program

Middle East Quality Improvement Program (MEQUIP)


You can complete this program for your own revision, at no cost, and participants who would like their completion recorded can enrol by contacting admin@mediworld.com.au

MEQUIP will acknowledge your registration by return email.

If you would like to enrol in the program formally to receive A Certificate of Satisfactory Completion, you can do this by purchasing the Exam CD/DVD on completion of two free to air online modules.

There is a charge to participants for the exam modules, but each exam CD contains all the education for that educational module as well as related educational video resources, listed below. They also contain various charts and standard measurements, patient education, electronic BMI calculator and much more.

To obtain a formal Certificate of Satisfactory Completion you need to complete two full modules. A cost of $US300 for High income nations or $US200 for Middle or Low Income nations will be applied. This covers the cost of posting the Exam CDs/DVDs and processing and recording of data.

You can sit the CD based examination as many times as you require to achieve the required pass mark. On achieving the pass mark your Certificate of Satisfactory Completion can be printed from the CD itself and a copy emailed to any governing body.

You can email your results/confirmation of satisfactory completion from these CDs to MEQUIP or any other governing body along with your post test scores.

Examinations for groups (e.g. a National CPD program) can also be provided at a cheaper rate and participant's results and group performance data can be forwarded back to the governing body.

Each examination CD has a pre and post-test for self-evaluation and evaluation of the education itself.