Middle East Quality Improvement Program

(The following Modules will be available sequentially. New programs will be added each month. Once a program is posted it will remain on the website. Once a Module is completed the next Module will be posted. An exam is available per Module. For more details see Enrolment.


Module 1 - Emergency Medicine
(this module is now complete for those who wish to Enrol)
Module 2 - Child Health Emergencies
Module 3 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Module 4 - Chronic Medical Disease
Module 5 - Mental Health
Module 6 - Dermatology
Module 7 - Infectious Disease
Module 8 - Geriatrics
Module 9 - Office Surgery
Module 10 - Diagnostic Processes

Video Library

Child Health (Module 2) Videos

Modules will be added to the various topics each month.