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Case 1 - Olivier is a 10-year-old boy who is brought to see you by his mother. She tells he has never done well in school, as he is unable to adapt to the classroom routine, or get along with his peers. He is always irritable, moody and uncommunicative, but that his moods seem to wax and wane in intensity.
Case 2 - Fatima is a 22-year-old shop assistant who presents to your practice one Friday afternoon complaining of fatigue and 'feeling depressed' following a respiratory tract infection ten days ago.

Case 5 - Ali is a 45-year-old courier driver who presents with a three-week history of fatigue and a request for a tonic 'to pep him up a bit'. On questioning Ali says he feels depressed, although he can suggest no reason for this.
Case 6 - Emmanuelle is a 70 year old, recently retired solicitor who presents with fatigue and depressed mood. He has no associated features of depression.

Case 3 - Omar is an eighteen year old university student who presents with a three week history of increasing depression. He says he feels as though he has no personal initiative or volition whatsoever.
Case 4 - Ellen is 55-year-old teacher's assistant who has been a patient of your practice for more than ten years. She is married with two adult children. She presents one Saturday morning with her husband Stan.
Case 7 - Ebtisam is a 35-year-old widowed mother of a teenage daughter who moved from the country to the city five years ago. Ebtisam works as an administration assistant in a public relations company.

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