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Abdulrazak Abyad MD, MPH, AGSF
Director, Abyad Medical Center and Middle-East Longevity Institute
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Publisher: Lesley Pocock
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May 2004
Volume 2, Issue 3
ISSN 1448-4196

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Table of Contents

From the Editor
Meet the Team

Original Contribution/Clinical Investigation

Effects of IUD (Intrauterine Device) on reproductive tract infection (RTI) in the Northern West Bank
PDF version l HTML version

Prevention of post partum haemorrhage by rectal misoprostal. A randomised controlled trial
PDF version l HTML version

Evaluation of acute cases of SO2 gas poisoning due to reaction of sodium hydrosulfite with water
PDF version l HTML version

Review Articles

Barriers to smoking cessation: Results of a survey among Family Practice patients
PDF version l HTML version

Measles epidemics in Turkey and developing countries: Review of the literature
PDF version l HTML version

Medicine and Society

Physical activity patterns of Turkish adolescents: Influence of some social factors
PDF version l HTML version

Epidemiology of self-dependence among the Kuwaiti elderly population of the Abdullah Al-Salem area
PDF version l HTML version

Office Based Family Medicine

A failure of Healthcare Delivery System: lessons to be learnt from Clinical Practice
PDF version l HTML version

International Health Affairs

Regional News
The Wonca International Family Medicine Program

Education Article

The use of mesh in hernia repair, risk management and the advantages of day surgery -
Part 2 - Hernia Repair under Local anaesthesia

PDF version l HTML version

Interactive Media - CD Review

CD ROM Review
Clinical Quiz