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This service has been set up to provide parity of educational resources for doctors in developing nations. Programs are highest quality CME and CPD and all have been written or reviewed for a global doctors.


Vote for a Transnational Peace Culture & become a Global Peace Representative

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Middle East Quality Improvement Program

FOR MENA and MESA doctors

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MMU Quality Assured postgraduate courses and diplomata can be done remotely from anywhere in the world. Multimedia delivery provides better ways of teaching medicine so that distance education becomes an IMPROVED learning format on current systems.

Department of Family Medicine/General Practice
Enrolling now for 2012
Master of Family Medicine
Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine
Master Science in International Primary Health Care
Postgraduate Diploma in International Primary Health Care

Short Courses
The following short courses are being offered in multimedia by Professor John Murtagh (World best selling General Practice author)

Low Back Pain
Child Health Emergencies
Sexually Transmitted Infections

Other short courses -
Common Cardiological problems
Diabetes Type 2
Diagnostic process - how to make a diagnosis in general practice
ECG Interpretation
Geriatrics - Quality care of the Aged
Hypertension & Heart Failure
Integrative medicine
Metabolic disturbances
Office procedures I
Office procedures II
Office procedures III
Palliative Care
Parkinsons' Disease and related movement disorders
Renal Disease
Spirometry - how to perform and interpret
Sun damage & skin cancer
Women's Health - gynaecological aspects
Women's Health - non-gynaecological aspects

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Department of Surgery
Diploma in Surgery for Primary Care doctors
Enrolling now for 2009

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International Medical Index

We invite all quality medical and health science journals to use this service.

Current Indexes exclude up to 90% of the world's scientific endeavour and do not represent the breadth of medical practice or processes carried out in the majority of countries.

We will include your quality abstracts but ask if they can be supplied in a format we can readily plug into this new online service.

For more details contact:

News and Updates
Exam question writers needed
I am professor/physician in the United States who needs multiple choice exam cases...
Attention Iraqi Doctors
MSF is currently running a surgery program for wounded Iraqi patients in Amman, Jordan at the Red Crescent Hospital. Click here to find out about this program.

Attention: Doctors in Iraq, Yemen & Djibouti
You have free access to the World CME Library & Video Library. To visit World CME click here. To obtain your free password contact:

Multimedia Medical University (MMU) Launch
Employment Updates
Family Medicine Trainer in Saudi Arabia


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