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DOI: 10.5742

ISSN (Online) 1839-0196 Print 1839-0188

July 2003 - Volume 1, Issue 1
[html version issue only of first issue]

AGING MECHANISMS: from genetics to daily functioning
Jean-Pierre MICHEL, François HERRMANN and Jean-Marie ROBINE

The rising need for Evidence Based Medicine

Persistent culture negative neutrocytic ascites in a patient with cardiac cirrhosis
Fadi H. Mourad, Tammam El Khalil, Ghassan Al-Awar, Maurice Khuri

Cancer Screening: Knowledge and Attitudes of Louisiana Family Practice Residents
Roger Zoorob, Victor Weaver, Lora Langefels, Michele Larzelere

Cardiac Rehabilitation- The Family Physician's Primer

Family practice in Turkey: Past, Present and Future
Fusun Ersoy, Ilhami Unluoglu

A general overview of medical education and faculty development programs in Turkey
Fusun Ersoy

Rarity of carcinoma of the prostate in Yemeni patients and reshufflement in prostate carcinoma strategy
Hussain M. Alkaff, Fayez Saleh AL-Hoshaishy

October 2003 - Volume 1, Issue 2

Smoking Cessation interventions: behavioural interventions
Mohammed H. AL-Doghether
[ pdf of article]

Smoking Cessation interventions: pharmacological interventions
Mohammed H. AL-Doghether
[ pdf of article]

Bahraini school teacher knowledge of asthma
Faisal A. Latif Alnasir
[ pdf of article]

The role of family physicians in managing depression
Homoud Fahad Al-Zuabi, Mai H. Al-Suwayan
[ pdf of article]

Exercise and pregnancy
Aly Abdulla, Faiza Abdulla
[ pdf of article]

A practical approach to women's health problems in Pakistan
Manzoor Butt
[ pdf of article]

Mother health in Turkey
Tamer Edirne, Fusun Ersoy, Hakan Yaman
[ pdf of article]

Progress in Family Medicine in Slovenia
[ pdf of article]

How to provide effective smoking advice - in less than a minute without offending the patient
John Litt
[ pdf of article]

January 2004 - Vol 2, Issue 1

Determinants of prescribing for the elderly in a Primary Health Care Setting
[ pdf of article]

Parasitic infections in Kuwait: A study based on a Primary Care Center
[ pdf of article]

Reducing Parental Expectations for Antibiotics in Children under treatment for respiratory tract infection
[ pdf of article]

The Use of Mesh in Hernia repair, risk management and the advantages of day surgery
[ pdf of article]

Prescribing - What's all the Fuss ?
[ pdf of article]

Physicians and Stress: Highlights and Prevention
[ pdf of article]

March 2004 - Vol 2, Issue 2

Knowledge and attitudes of female university students, in Sharjah, about breast feeding
Noura Al suwaidi, Najla Sajwani
[ pdf of article]

Pattern and factors affecting pap smear tests in Nablus: A retrospective study
Samar Ghazal Musmar
[ pdf of article]

The knowledge, attitude and practice of Pap smears among local school teachers in Sharjah district
Nseem Mohamed Bakheit, Amal Ibrahim Bu Haroon
[ pdf of article]

Erectile dysfunction
Paul Arduca
[ pdf of article]

Evaluation of physicians and paramedical doctor's viewpoints on the family physician as a lost link in the medical system of Iran
S.H.Kavari, A.Keshtkaran
[ pdf of article]

Hyperventilation syndrome
Turan Set, Nezih Dagdeviren, Zekeriya Akturk, Cahit Ozer
[ pdf of article]

Evaluation of Antithrombin in Trauma patients
Cahfer GÜLOGLU, Mustafa ALDEMIR, Mustafa UGU, Murat ORAK, Ismail Hamdi KARA, Yusuf YAGMU.
[ pdf of article]

May 2004 - Vol 2, Issue 3

Effects of IUD (Intrauterine Device) on reproductive tract infection (RTI) in the Northern West Bank
Samar Ghazal/Musmar, Mohammed Musmar, Mariam Amer Isma’el AL-Tell,
[ pdf of article]

Prevention of post partum haemorrhage by rectal misoprostal. A randomised controlled trial
Ibrahim Ayyad, Adnan Abu Omar
[ pdf of article]

Evaluation of acute cases of SO2 gas poisoning due to reaction of sodium hydrosulfite with water
Cahfer Güloglua, Ali Kemal Kadiroglu, Ismail Hamdi KARA
[ pdf of article]

Barriers to smoking cessation: Results of a survey among Family Practice patients
Waris Qidwai
[ pdf of article]

Measles epidemics in Turkey and developing countries: Review of the literature
Ismail Hamdi Kara, Ali Ceylan, Hamit Acemoglu.
[ pdf of article]

Physical activity patterns of Turkish adolescents: Influence of some social factors
Zekeriya Akturk, Nezih Dagdeviren, Cahit Özer, Alican Dalkilic
[ pdf of article]

Epidemiology of self-dependence among the Kuwaiti elderly population of the Abdullah Al-Salem area
Abeer Khaled Al-Baho
[ pdf of article]

A failure of Healthcare Delivery System: lessons to be learnt from Clinical Practice
Waris Qidwai
[ pdf of article]

July 2004 - Vol 2, Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]

The Impact of Educational Play on Fine Motor Skills of Children
Mojgan Farahbod
[ pdf of article]

Prevalence and Epidemiological Risk Factors of Obesity in Turkey
[ pdf of article]

Common Genetics and Metabolic Diseases in Saudi Arabia
Aida Al Aqeel
[ pdf of article]

Eat Less, Walk More
Melissa Carapetis, Patrick Phillips
[ pdf of article]

Health and Wellness
Michael Ellis
[ pdf of article]

Male Breast Cancer
Elias A Sarru', Faysal Mudarris, Samir S Amr
[ pdf of article]

December 2004 - Volume, 2, Issue 5

The length of hospital stay of Home Health Care patients at King Khalid National Guard Hospital, Jeddah, 1999.
Nisreen A. Jastaniah , Fahad Al-Tayyeb , Bakar Bin Sadeq.
[pdf of article]

Evaluation of Patients with Hypertension in the light of the JNC 7 Report: Use of Combination and Individualized Therapy is Unsatisfactory
Selcuk Mistik, Ramazan Topsakal, Zekeriya Akturk, Gursel Ates, Cahit Ozer
[pdf of article]

Diagnosis and Management of Dementia
David G. Clark, Jeffrey L. Cummings
[pdf of article]

Urogenital atrophy in climacteric women: Menopause or Geripause?
Diaa E. E. Rizk, Mohamed A. Fahim, Hazem A. Hassan
[pdf of article]

Is voiding cystourethrogram necessary in Febrile Infant with normal renal ultrasound?
Fahad Alanezi, Mohammad Otaibi, Khalid Abdualgani
[pdf of article]

March 2005 - Volume, 3, Issue 1

Risk factors, diseases and socio-demographic background distribution among attendants of health promotion clinic at capital health region, Kuwait
Ibrahim S Al-Eisa, Adel M Al-Terkit, Manal S Al-Mutar,Mohamed S Azab, Maged M Radwan
[pdf of article]

CCU bed requested by hospital emergency from the emergency medical services in Shiraz University Medical Sciences
S. Habibollah Kavari
[pdf of article]

Neuro-develomental outcome at 12 months in preterm infants with post-hemorrhagic ventriculomegaly, hydrocephalus and paraventricular
Mohammed Owaidha, Fahad Alanezi, Enaam Alnakkas
[pdf of article]

A special editorial on trauma: A large scale randomised controlled trial is needed.
Ian Roberts
[pdf of article]

Anti-fibrinolytic agents in traumatic haemorrhage: A large scale randomised controlled trial is needed.
Tim Coats, Beverley Hunt, Ian Roberts, Haleema Shakur
[pdf of article]

Problems during Pregnancy & Labour in Pakistan
Manzoor Butt
[pdf of article]

May 2005 - Volume, 3, Issue 2

Physicians smoke as much as their patients in Turkey
Sahin EM, Ozer C, Dagdeviren N, Akturk Z
[pdf of article]

The comparison of Nurses' individual problems in C.C.U. and Emergency wards
Seyed Hbibolah Kavari. Ali Keshtkaran
[pdf of article]

The Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy and their Risk Factors in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Al-Naeem area (Kuwait)
Farhan KH Al-Shammari, Osama Al-Meraghi, Alfred Nasif, Saad Al-Otaibi
[pdf of article]

Use of drugs for diabetic neuropathy in a group of Turkish diabetic patients
Selcuk Mistik, Dilek Toprak, Murat Aksu
[pdf of article]

Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep: a review for family physicians
Abdullah Alsaeedi, Farhan kh. Alshammari
[pdf of article]

Basic Nutrition: What Patients Know and Don't Know
Michele Larzelere, Sam Marchand, Harry Chen, Bertrand Tillery, Roger Zoorob
[pdf of article]

The survey of effective factors on different practical failure methods of family planning in women referred to health centers
Seyed Hbibolah Kavari, Ali Keshtkaran
[pdf of article]

The evaluation of quantitative heel ultrasound measurements in hemodialysis and continuous peritoneal dialysis patients
Ismail Hamdi KARA, Mehmet Emin YILMAZ, Kenan TURGUTALP, 4 Alparslan TUZCU, Ali Kemal KADIROGLU.
[pdf of article]

July 2005 - Volume, 3, Issue 3

Job Satisfaction of Primary Health Care Physicians at Capital Health Region, Kuwait
Ibrahim S Al-Eisa, Manal S Al-Mutar, Huda K Al-Abduljalil
[pdf of article]

Patient Expectation of General Practitioner care
Javid Hamid Farooqi
[pdf of article]

Patients' Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Services at Capital Health Region, Kuwait
Ibrahim S Al-Eisa, Manal S Al-Mutar, Maged M Radwan, Adel M Al-Terkit
[pdf of article]

Prevalence of intestinal parasites among expatriate workers In Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Nada A. Abahussain
[pdf of article]

Update on therapy for acute and chronic heart failure for family physicians. Ethyl Malonic Aciduria
Abdullah Alsaeedi, Dr. Rashed Alhamdan
[pdf of article]

Case Report: Encephalopathy with Respiratory Failure and Nephrotic Syndrome Rare Presentation
Mohammed Owaidha Al-Ajmi, Satheesh Kalanthra Kutty
[pdf of article]

Burnout among High School Teachers in Turkey
Yeltekin Demirel, Nuran Güler, Aydin Toktamis, Deniz Özdemir, R. Erol Sezer
[pdf of article]

An Implementation for Integration of Cervical Smear Screening with Family Planning Services in the District of Diyarbakir Province of Turkey 2001
Ali Ceylan, Meliksah ERTEM, Nihal Kilinc, Ali Kemal UZUNLAR, Veysi ÖZKAYNAK
[pdf of article]

Paediatric Retinal Detachment, is it a real clinical challenge?
Ayman Sami Madanat, Thabit Ali Abdullah Mustafa
[pdf of article]

September 2005 - Volume, 3, Issue 4
[pdf of full issue]

Prevalence of Otalgia in Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders
Riyad AL-Habahbeh, Wajdi AL-Zioud, Nemer AL-Khtoum

Patient Satisfaction 18 months After a Two-day Quadruple Therapy for Helicobacter Pylori

The Prevalence of Hepatitis B Carrier State
Hussein Azzam Al-Bataineh

Total Quality Management for Turkish Primary Care Current Status and Suggestions
Serpil AYDIN, Yuksel HATIRLI, Fusun ERSOY

Vaccination Practice in Saudi Arabia: Is it Safe?
Bader Almustafa, Abdul Rauf Mohammed, Ghazi Al-Qatari

Change in Medical Students' Opinions and Attitudes Towards Mental Illness
Selcuk Mistik, Tayfun Turan

Antibiotic Sensitivity Profile of Common Bacterial Pathogens in Dubai - A study of 107 cases.
Bell Raj Eapen, Murali Srinivasan, Geetanjali Bhas

November 2005 - Volume, 3, Issue 5
[full pdf of issue]

Correlation of rhinosinusitis with bronchial asthma
Nemer Al-Khtoum, Amin Al-Qudeh

ECG interpretation skills of family physicians: A comparison with internists and untrained physicians
Dagdeviren N, kturk Z, Set T, Ozer C, Mistik S, Durmus B, Unluoglu I

Efficacy of chlorhexidine mouthwash as an oral antiseptic - An invivo study on 20 patients
Murali Srinivasan, Bell Raj Eapen, Geethanjali Bhas, Cyril Kumar T

Facial pain, a common clinical condition, usually missed by clinicians as a psychosomatic disorder
Medyan Al-Rousan

Complementary and alternative medicine training in medical schools: Half of residents and professors agree that it should be taught
Selcuk Mistik, Dilek Toprak, Cem Evereklioglu, Ahmet Ozturk

Methods of management in hospital of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences: the development of suitable pattern
Seyed Habibollah Kavari

Case study - Ethyl malonic aciduria
Ahmed Mansour Jebara

January 2006 - Vol 4, Issue 1
[full pdf of issue]

GP's knowledge and attitude towards anxiety and depression in Abu Dhabi
Manal Saeed, Louise McCall

Vaginal birth after caesarean section
Ibrahim Ayyad

Cefpodoxime versus trimethorim - sulfamethoxazole for short-term therapy of uncomplicated acute cystitis in girls
Fahad Alanezi, Moha, Mohsen Alajmi

How does family medicine clerkship affect the attitudes to family medicine specialization?
Sadikoglu G., Ozcakir A., Uncu Y., Ercan I

Management of the hospitalized patient with sleep disordered breathing
Abdullah Alsaeedi, Mohammed Albader

Study of nursing care of cardiac patients in C.C.U. and A&E, and the role of education and effective training in the optimization of the quality of healthcare in both departments
Seyed Hbibolah Kavari

Estimation of Body Mass Index in Daquq district
Thamer Kadum Yousif

Bilateral Epistaxis after face washing in a pond in a two year old child
Norouzi, Kian; Abedi, Heydar Ali; Maddah, Sadat Seyed Bagher; Mohammadi, Eysa; Babaee, Gholamreza; Kaldi, Alireza

March 2006 - Vol 4, Issue 2
[full pdf of issue]

Microbiological study of urinary tract infection in children at Princess Haya Hospital in South of Jordan
Thaer Al-Momani

An Audit for Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment and Management in a Rural Primary Health Center in Abu Dhabi
Javid Hamid Farooqi

Attitude of Patients with Gynaecologic Malignancies in Selecting Alternative and Complementary Therapies
M. Mümtaz Mazicioglu, M. Serdar Serin, Hulya Sahan

Study of Evaluation of Outbreak of Cigarette Smoking and Age Distribution of First smoking
Experience among High School and Pre-University Students
Seyed Habib olla Kavari

Child Physical Abuse: A Five Case Report
Fatma Yucel Beyaztas, Halis Dokgoz, Resmiye Oral, Yeltekin DEMIREL

The Eyes of The Truth (Part One)
Safaa Bahjat

Risk Factors for Central and Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion
Bassam Al-Nawaiseh, Mousa Al-Madani

Low Dose of Droperidol in Vitreoretinal Surgery
Nabil A. Jayousi, Reham I. Sha'ban

Primary care management of adult lateral neck masses

May 2006 - Vol 4, Issue 3
[full pdf of issue]

Epidemiology of Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARI) among Children Under Five Years Old Attending Tikrit General Teaching Hospital
Thamer.K.Yousif, BAN A. Khaleq

Serum Lipid Levels in Tehranian people
A.A.Akbari Kamrani, A.R.Kaldi, F. Hashemi

Foot abnormalities in diabetics: prevalence and predictors in Basrha
Abbas Ali Mansour, Husam Jihad Imran

Herbal Treatment Usage Frequency, Types and Preferences in Turkey
Recai OGUR, Ahmet KORKMAZ, Bilal BAKIR

The pattern of Interpersonal Relationship in University students in Persian culture
Health Care System in Pakistan
Asghar Dadkhah, Susumu Harizuka

The Eyes of The Truth Part 2
Safaa Bahjat

Comparative study of local infiltration of bupivacaine and parenteral administration of diclofenac sodium for post tonsillectomy pain in adults
Nemer Al-Khtoum

Progressive Sensori-neural Hearing Loss and it's Relation with Normal Tension Glaucoma

July 2006 - Vol 4, Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]

Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Evidence-Based Approach
Abdullah Alsaeedi, Mahmoud Hanafy, Youssif Lamey

Acceptance of self-treatment in Hemophilic Patient: A Training Method
S. Habibollah Kavari

A Study of Depression Prevalence in Nurses and It's Effective Factors in Shiraz Namazi Hospital
S. Habibollah Kavari

Home Health Care Team Members

Call for a Middle East Center of Disease Control
Safaa Bahjat

Skilled Health Workers - A Solution to Primary Health Problems in Pakistan
Manzoor Butt

Scleromalacia Associated with Marfan's Syndrome
Suha M.Ajeilat, Reham I. Shaban, Ayman S. Madanat

Reference values of hemtological parameters of healthy Anatolian males aged 18-45 years old
M. Mumtaz Mazicioglu, Cevat Yazici, Ahmet ÖztÜrk

Aspiration and Death from Amitraz-Xylene Poisoning

Childhood Orbital Cellulitis Complicating Sinusitis in Tafila
Hussein A bataineh

September 2006 - Vol 4, Issue 5
[html version of issue]

Use of antihypertensive medications: an Educational need in Saudi Primary Health Care
Bader A. Almustafa, Hashem A. Abulrahi

The Barriers of Breast Cancer Screening Programs Among PHHC Female Physicians
Layla A. Al-Alaboud, Nabil Y. Kurashi

Clinical study of lipid profile in diabetic patients
Khalil Naemat

Development of a Community- based Care System Model for Senior Citizens in Tehran
Norouzi, Kian; Abedi, Heydar Ali; Maddah, Sadat Seyed Bagher; Mohammadi, Eysa;
Babaee, Gholamreza; Kaldi, Alireza

Past, Present and Future of Family Medicine in Bangladesh
Mamun-Al-Mahtab, K. M. Mamun Murshed, Uttam Kumar Barua, Nuzhat Choudhury, K. M. Shahnoor Hossain, Mahbubur Rahman, Rooh-e-Zakaria, Swati Munshi, Rima Afroza Alia

The Effects of Breast Cancer Early Detection Training Program on the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice of Female PHHC Physicians
Layla A. Al-Alaboud, Nabil Y. Kurashi

Marine Animal Injuries to children in the South of Jordan
Riyad Mutair, Wajdi Amayreh, Ghazi Salayta, Issa Khashashneh

Infantile Dyskinesia and vitamin B12 Deficiency
Hussein Alawneh, Ahmad Batayneh, Majdii Jaafreh

Informatics in Clinical Practice Monitoring and Strategic Planning
Bell Raj Eapen

November 2006 - Vol 4, Issue 6
[html version of issue]

Family Practice - a global perspective
Lesley Pocock

The status of health and medicine in the Middle East - disease control
Safaa T.Bahjat

Histopathological relationship between severity of inflammatory reaction in gastritis and intensity of Helicobacter pylori in the antrum
Mohamed M. E .ElAzab

Hypospadias: does the usage of Clomiphene citrate influence the incidence
Ghassan Al-Quraan

Level of Hemoglobins in Sickle Cell Trait in Basrah using HPLC
Jenan Yassien Taha, Abbas Ali Mansour

Assure Safer Drug Therapy in the Middle East
Roman Konovalov, Rafiq R. A. Abou-Shaaban

An Investigation of Medical staff awareness of patients' rights in Fasa hospitals and Medical centers

The investigation of effective factors on patients' satisfaction Parent-Adolescent Relationships in the City of Amol
A.R.Kaldi, M.Jamshidi

An epidemiological survey on maternal mortality rate and factors contributing to maternal mortality in rural area of Peshawar
Hamzullah Khan, Balqis Afridi, Ghulam Sarward

Microdilution In Vitro Susceptibility Testing of 71 species of Dermatophytes isolated from pediatric cases in Nigeria against five antifungal agents
Nweze, EI, Ogbonna, C.C, Okafor, JI

Development of Encounter Forms for Cardiovascular Disease Risk Management
Bader A. Almustafa

January 2007 - Vol 5, Issue 1
[full pdf of issue]

Research networks
A. Abyad

Do Minutes Count for Health Care? Consultation Length in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital and in General Practice
Abdulbari Bener, Saleh Al-Marri, Azhar Abdulaziz, Badriya S. Ali, Khalifa Al-Jaber, Hashim Mohammed

Mothers knowledge and attitude regarding childhood survival
Thamer Kadum Yousif Al Hilfy

Is it a proper referral form?
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed

Diabetes Mellitus and Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed

Human chorionic gonadotrophin induced Hyperemesis and Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy
Ayesha Q. Ajmi SHO, Ruthe Smith

Family Medical Centre Patients' Attitudes Toward Senior Medical Students' Participation in the Examinations
Ganime Sadikoglu

Factors affecting neonatal death in Fars Province, Southern Iran, 2004
Ali Keshtkaran, Vida Keshtkaran

Antibiotics: Friend Or Foe?
Safaa Bahjat

Velocity and Elasticity Curves of Pregnancy Wastage and Caesarian Deliveries in Bangladesh
Atikur Rahman Khan, Sumaiya Abedin, Nazrul Islam Mondal, Mostafizur Rahman

March 2007 - Vol 5, Issue 2
[full pdf of issue]

Prevalence and ethnic differences of obesity at southern province of Turkey

Overweight and obesity among university students, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

CT scan role in diagnosis of acute appendicitis

Bridging the gap with the integration of conventional and complementary medicine

Excellence of anti-tuberculosis primary health care: Paradigm shift towards evidence-based medicine

Evaluation of Childhood Deaths in Istanbul, Turkey

Retrospective analysis of pediatric ocular trauma at Prince Ali Hospital

Adult Gynecomastia case report and brief review

May 2007 - Vol 5, Issue 3
[full pdf of issue]

Total quality management and accreditation in Iraq
Thamer Kadum Yousif Al Hilfy

The health and social needs of children in impoverished areas
Manzoor Butt

Clinical features and prognostic factors of breast cancer at Jordan
Ali Al Obose, Osama Abu Salem, Maysoun Alrabayha, Khalid Alghzawi

Impact of Mediterranean lifestyle on quality of life - A sample of east Mediterranean community
Guzel Discigil, Erdem Ozkisacik

In vitro maturation in polycystic ovary syndrome and poor responders. Effect of follicular size and FSH concentration in culture media
Yousif Elbarbary, Mahmoud Samy, Hythum Y Ibrahim

Clinical study of childhood brucellosis in Jordan
Sami M Magableh, Hussein A Bataineh

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome among patients with type2 diabetes mellitus in Basrah
Abbas Ali Mansour

Effect of social and family factors on committing suicide among university students in Iran
Seyyed Hadi Motamedi, Asghar Dadkhah, Abbas Tavallaee, Fatemeh Nasirzadeh

Incidence of hyperkalemia in patients of type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Saudi Arabia
Abdul Rahman Al-ajlan

June 2007 - Volume 5, Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]

Towards quality and accreditation in health professions education in Iraq
Thamer Kadum Yousif Al Hilfy

Effect of Acetaminophen and N-Acetylcystine on biochemical markers in asthma
Amina Hamed Ahmad Al Obaidi, Abdul Ghani Mohamed Al Samarai

The pattern of accidental drug poisoning in children
Murad Massadeh

The pre-participation evaluation of athletes
A. S. Abdulla, Faiza Abdulla

Renal scarring and vesico-ureteric reflux in childhood urinary tract infection
Samir I. Saleh, Mohamed M. Tohmaz, Fahed H. Al Anezi

Effect of mental health training program on primary-care physicians' skills, eastern province, S.A
Abdallah D. Al-Khathami, Sheikh Idris A. Rahim, Abdallah M. Mangoud, Mahdi S. AbuMadini

Strategies to assist HIV positive women experiencing domestic violence in Nigeria
E. E. Enwereji

Surgical management of post carbuncle soft tissues defect in diabetic patients
Jamal A Mohammad, Salem Al-Ajmi, Abdul-Aziz Al-Rasheed

June/July 2007 - Volume 5, Issue 5
[full pdf of issue]

Toward better community based education program in Iraq
Thamer Kadum Yousif Al Hilfy

The etiological agents of Mastitis in Lactating Women in Iran
Bakhshandeh-Nosrat S, Ghazisaidi K, Ghaemi E.O, Fatemi Nasab F, Mohamadi M

Do other classroom activities change primary care physicians' health care practice?
Abdul Sattar Khan; Dr. Mohammed Al-Doghether; Abdul Mohsin Al-Tuwijri

Environmental Predictors For High Blood Lead Levels Among Women In Childbearing Age In Mosul City
Amjad Hazim Al-Naemi, Aliaa Rajih Al-Khateeb, Basma Yousif Fattohi, Muna Muneer Ahmed,
Asmaa Ahmad Al-Jawadi

Patient Expectation vs Satisfaction: A Study from Bangladesh
Mamun-Al-Mahtab, Nuzhat Choudhury, K.M. Mamun Murshed, Uttam Kumar Barua, Md. Mahbubur Rhman, K.M. Shahnoor Hossain, Rooh-e-Zakaria, Swati Munshi, Rima Afroza Alia, Shahrin Afroza, Md. Iftekhar Mahmud

Efficacy of Antibiotics in Women with Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection but Negative Dipstick Urinalysis: Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
M Mashaqba, Naser Al-Husban

The Clinical Evaluation of Herbal Anti-malarial Medicine: SCAT
Khan Usmanghani, Afzal Ahmed, Halima Nazar, Ejaz Mohuddin, Muhammad Sakhi Sarwar

Prevalence Of Allergic Rhinitis & Its Risk Factors Among An-Najah University Students - Nablus/Palestine
Samar Ghazal/Musmar, Mohammed Musmar, W. A.Minawi

September 2007 - Volume 5, Issue 6
[full pdf of issue]

Research to policy in the Arab world: lost in translation
Mustafa Afifi, Abdulbari Bener

Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in primary health care - An area based study
Huda Alghareeb

Diabetic Foot: Correlation between clinical abnormalities and electrophysiological studies
Abbas Ali Mansour, Murthatha Alawi Jabber

Immunization coverage among slum children: A case study of Rajshahi City Corporation, Bangladesh
Rafiqul Islam, Mahfuzar Rahman, Mosfequr Rahman

Vaccination practices and factors influencing expanded programme of immunization in the rural and urban set up of Peshawar
Hamzullah Khan, Nadeem Jan, Abdul Hameed

Rising Caesarean Section Rate in Developed Countries is not the Best Option for Childbirth
Nazrul Islam Mondal

Chronic Headache: The role of the Nasal Septum Deformity
Abed Rabu Qubilat, Nemer Al-Khtoum

October 2007 - Volume 5, Issue 7
[full pdf of issue]

The Challenge of Child Rights and Health on a Dying Planet
Lesley Pocock, Manzoor Butt, Thamer Al Hilfy

Adolescents and young adults are especially vulnerable to HIV infection
Mahmudul Hasan

Safaa Bahjat

Human Rights of Accused Women in Criminal Justice in Bangladesh
Abdul Hannan, Nazrul Islam Mondal, Shahidul Islam

Social and Family Factors' Effect on Committing Suicide Among University Students in Iran
Seyyed Hadi Motamedi, Asghar Dadkhah, Abbas Tavallaee, Fatemeh Nasirzadeh

Living Standard of Migrants: A Study of Katakhali Pourusova in Rajshahi District, Bangladesh
Rafiqul Islam, Ahmed Omar Faruk, Golam Mostofa, Entazul Huque

Dec 2007 / Jan 2008 - Volume 5, Issue 8
[full pdf of issue]

Termination Of Missed Abortion With Intravaginal Misoprostol (Cytotec)
Ziad M Shraideh, Ahmad M Alash, Tareq M Al-momani, Eman A Habashneh, Nancy F Shishani

Efficacy of Local Anesthesia in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Release
Malek M Ghnaimat, Jamal S Shawabkeh, Mahmoud Alrakad

Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome Among Healthy Kuwaiti Adults:Primary Health Care Centers Based Study
Hanan E. Badr, Fisal H. Al Orifan, Magdi M. F. Amasha, Khalid E. Khadadah, Hussein H. Younis, M. Abdul Sabour Se'adah

Gene and Genomes: impact on medicine and society - The Human Genome Project and Beyond
Maha Al-Asmakh

The Counterfeit Medicines - A Silent Epidemic
Safaa Bahjat

The Effects of instruction and audiovisual techniques on behavioral changes of children with Down syndrome
S.J. Sadrossadat, Asghar DadKhah

Iatrogenic Hypoglycemia After Intraarticular Insulin Administration
Fuat Sar, Emel Tatli, Ismail Taylan, Muazzez Sezer Caymaz, Rumeyza Kazancioglu

Glucose monitoring for effective therapy of diabetes in office medical practice
Ali A. Rizvi

Smoking cessation attempts and their outcome among adolescents who ever smoked in Tabuk Area, Saudi Arabia
Badreldin M. Abdulrahman, Abdalla A. Saeed, Abdelshakour M. Abdalla, Kabba A, Hein Raat

Maurice Brygel

February 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 1
[full pdf of issue]

Determinants of satisfaction with primary health care settings and services among patients visiting primary health care centres in Qateef, Eastern Saudi Arabia
Ghazi M Al Qatari, M. Comm. H., Dave Haran

Factors predicting immunization coverage in Tikrit city
Mahmudul Hasan

Scorpion Stings in Jordanian Children
Eman A Rawabdeh, Hussein A Bataineh

Henoch-Schonlein Purpura: Presentation Patterns in Arab children in Kuwait
Mohammed M. Tohmaz, Samir I Saleh, Fahed AL-Anezi

Henoch-Schönlein Purpura in Jordanian Children
Maher khader, Wajdi Ammayreh, Ahmed Issa, Salah Abdallat, Basem Momani

Reproductive/sexual health knowledge, opinions and attidudes of university students
Ayfer Gemalmaz , Serpil Aydin, Nazli Sensoy

Rupture of Non Communicating Rudimentary Uterine Horn Pregnancy
Hansa Dhar

Urgent Neuroimaging in children with first nonfebrile seizures
Hussein I Alawneh, Hussein A Bataineh

March 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 2
[full pdf of issue]

Burden of Acute Poisoning Among Children in Kuwait Jahra Health Region 1992-2006
Gulati Raj Rani, Sayeda Akhter, Fahed Al-Anezi

Does Chest X-Ray Finding Affect The Decision of Performing Bronchoscopy in A Case of Foreign Body Aspiration in Children?
Dr. Walid Issa Treef. MD, JPSB

Dyslipidemia May Be An Indicator for Trend of Body Weight
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Cihangir Akdemir, Hasan Kaya, Cahit Ozer

Ocular Manifestations of Atopic Dermatitis
Mousa Al-Madani, MD, Farid Al-Zawaideh, MD, FRCS(ophth), Esmat Ereifej, MD, Walid Qubain, MD, Basel Al-Rawashdeh, MD

Characteristics of Deliveries At A Maternity Hospital
Gusun Bayraktar, MD, Asistant Doctor; Ganime Sadikoglu, MD, Assistant Professor; Alis Ozcakir, MD, Assistant Professor; Sengül Cangür; Researcher; Serhat Tatlikazan, MD, Specialist; Nazan Bilgel, MD, Professor

Risk Factors for Early Termination of Breast-Feeding in First-time Mothers
Dr. Farideh Shiva, Shaheed Beheshtin, Mojgan Padyabm BA

Contraceptive Use among Married Women in Chuadanga District, Bangladesh
Md. Mizanur Rahman, Shamima Akter, and Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Monday

April 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 3
[full pdf of issue]

The Role of Clinical Examination and Laboratory Investigations in Reaching A Reliable Diagnosis of Appendicitis
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Rashaideh MD., Dr. Khaled Nawayseh MD., Dr. Mohammed Bdoor MD., Dr.Omar Abu-aleish MD

Effect of Reproductive Knowledge of Mothers on Pregnancy Wastage in Rural Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Shamima Akter, Md. Mizanur Rahman, Md. Atikur Rahman Khan, and J.A.M. Shoquilur Rahman

Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Psycho-pathology in Iranian University Students
Mostafa. Zarean, Amin. Asadollahpour, Zahra Bahadori, Fatemeh Aayatmehr, Abbas Bakhshipour PhD, Asghar, Dadkhah PhD

Clinical Aspects of Scorpion Envenomation in Children in Aqaba Region, South of Jordan
Ghazi Salaita, MD, Wajdi Amayreh, MBBS, MRCPCH, Murad Massadeh, MD.

Important Medicinal Plants for Treating HIV/AIDS Opportunistic Infections in Nigeria
Dr. E. E. Enwereji

Demographic Variables of Five Hundred Households in Palosi Village Near Peshawar
Hamzullah Khan, Akber Khan Afridi

May 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]

Effect of Reproductive Knowledge of Mother on Pregnancy Wastage in Rural Rajshahi of Bangladesh
Shamima Akter, Md. Mizanur Rahman, Md. Atikur Rahman Khan, and J.A.M. Shoquilur Rahman

Utilization of Maternal Health Care Services in Bangladesh: Evidence from Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey 2000-2004
Md. Mosiur Rahman, Md. Golam Mostafa and Dr. Md. Nurul Islam

Malaria in pregnancy
Dr Safaa Bahjat

A study on abnormal behavior among the youth living in the suburbs
Ali Reza Kaldi, Ali Rahmani Firozja

Health Facilities Differential in the World with Special Reference to Bangladesh
Md. Ismail Tareque

Improving Opportunities for Learning in Postgraduate Physician Training Program
Thamer.K.Yousif, Hani AL Moallim

Serum Zinc Concentration in Iranain Pre-eclampsic and Normotensive Pregnant Women
I. Nourmohammadi, A. Akbaryan, Sh.Fatemi, A.R. Meamarzadeh and E. Noormohammadi

June 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 5
[full pdf of issue]

Effects of Exercises for Fundamental Movement Skills in Mentally Retarded Children
Arzu Yukselen, Ozcan Dogan, Figen Turan, Zeynep Cetin, Mehmet Ungan

Nitroimidazoles in the Treament of Intestinal Amoebiasis
Dr Suleiman Muneizel MD, JB, Dr Nashat Halasah MD, JB, Dr Muhammad Yassin MD, JB

The MCH Project Intervention Effects on Infant and Maternal Mortality in Bangladesh
Md. Mosfequr Rahman, Md. Aminul Hoque, Md. Rajwanul Haque

A Comparison Between Preformed Stainless Steel Crowns and SImple Restorations On Primary Molars In a Public Health Dental Program
Barbaro, John B and Matear, David W

Reproductive Health Problems of Married Adolescents in Bangladesh
Md. Mosfequr Rahman, Md. Aminul Hoque

Low Documentation of Vaccination History in Hospitalized Children
BA Al-Mustafa, Qatif. AR Ghulam, GM Al-Qatari, AA Al-Sinan, HM Al-Hani, AM Al-Omran

A Comparative Study On Sex Role Perception of Mentally Handicapped Children, Normal Developing Children And Children Under Protection in Turkey
Zeynep Cetin, Mehmet Ungan, Arzu Ipek, Ozcan Dogan

Students' Perception of Small Group Teaching: A Cross Sectional Study
Nasir Aziz, Rabail Nasir, Abdus Salam

The Incidence of Outpatients In A Private Psychiatric Setting
Chiam KH MBBS and Chandrasekaran

August 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 6
[full pdf of issue]

Pattern of congenital heart disease at Prince Hashim Hospital-Jordan
Khaled Amer

Prevalence of Contraceptive Use in Naogaon District of Bangladesh
Tanvir Hossain, Sumaiya Abedin and Md. Rafiqul Islam

Tobacco Control in Qatar
Mohamed Ghaith AL-Kuwari

War is an unjustifiable man-made disaster within the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Mohsen Rezaeian

Nepal's General Practitioners - Factors in Their Location of Work
BW Hayes, K Butterworth, B Neupane

Frequency of Causes Peculiar to Secondary Hypertension in A Tertiary Care Hospital Of Peshawar
Dr Hamzullah Khan

Appendiceal duplication
Dr. Mohammed Nayef Al-Bdou, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Rashaideh, Dr. Malek Abdelkareem Alkasasbeh, Dr.Jameel Sa'ud Shawaqfeh

September 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 7
[full pdf of issue]

The prevalence of metabolic Syndrome among type 2 Saudi diabetic patient
Dr Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed

The Distribution of Intestinal Parasites among Turkish Children Living in a Rural Area
Gulnaz Culha, Cahit Ozer

Strategies to improve status of family physicians: A perspective from an international collaboration
Waris Qidwai, Tawfik A M Khoja, Victor Inem, Salman Rawaf, William E Cayley Jr, Bader A. Almustafa, A. Abyad, Hakan Yaman

Job Satisfaction and Stress level of Primary Health Caregivers at Primary Health Centers in Qatar
Jamila Hassan Alkhalaf, Rajvir Singh, Maryam Malalah and Ezz Aldinal Jak

Cerebral Palsy in Iranian Children: Etiology,Ttypes and Associated Disorders
Farin Soleimani (M.D, Pediatrician), Sahel Hemmati (M.D, Psychiatrist), Nasrin Amiri

Pathophysiology of Migraine
M. Bashir Abiad

The Etiology and patterns of maxillofacial injuries at a military Hospital in Jordan
Muntaha Y.Jerius MD

Efficacy of Mitomycin C in Pterygium Management
Mohammad Droos, MD (Oph)

Marriage Migration Associated with Distance in Bangladesh: An Application of Polynomial Model
Md. Rafiqul Islam

October 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 8
[full pdf of issue]

Efficacy of 3 Day Azithromycin Versus 10 Day Co-Amoxiclav in the Treatment of Children with Acute Otitis Media
Khaled Amro, MD

Investigation of Demographic and Clinical Features in 131 Iranian Patients with Cluster Headache
A.Ghorbani, MD, A.Chitsaz, MD, M.R.Savoj, MD, M. Etemadifar, MD

Nitroimidazoles in The Treatment of Intestinal Amoebiasis
Dr Suleiman Muneizel

Usefulness of C-reactive Protein in Diagnosis of Intrapartum and Postpartum Neonatal Sepsis
Khaled Amro, MD

How Many People Have Cancer Patients (Alive or Deceased) in Their Homes, in Our City?
Dilek Toprak, Nurhan Dogan, Serap Demir, Gülnihal Tufan

Women Knowledge Assessment about Self Care Behavior in Shiraz Health Care Center 2006
Vizeshfar, Fatemeh- Mehdizadeh, Kadege

How to Write a Scientific Paper "Publish or perish" A Motivation to Learn More
Ebtisam Elghblawi|

Heterotopic Pregnancy in Natural Cycle - Probably Not Rare
Dr. Ramadevi V Wani, Dr.Sami Al Taher

The Medical Renaissance Movement
Dr. Michael Ellis

November 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 9
[full pdf of issue]

The Effects of Some Selected Variables on Child labour at Chapi Nawabganj District in Bangladesh- A Multivariate Analysis
Md. Rashed Alam

The Reference Values of Body Composition for Adult Females Who are Classified as Normal Weight, Overweight or Obese Accoding to Body Mass Index
Aliye Ozenoglu, Serdal Ugurlu, Gunay Can, Hüsrev Hatemi

Maternal and Umbilical Cord Blood Lead Levels and pregnancy outcomes: A Hospital Based Enquiry
Asma A. Al- Jawadi, Zina W. A. Al-Mola, Raghad A. Al- Jomard

Changing Face of Measles in Kashmir, India
Kadri.S.M, Parray S.H, Rubina Shaheen, Gaash BA, Danish Muzaffar, Aesha.F, Jan.Yasmeen

Utilization of Postnatal Care in Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia
Abdel-Hady El-Gilany and Sabry Hammad

Parental Consanguinity and Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Children
Shahla Roodpeyma, Hootan Salemi

Stress Among Medical and Law Students in Mansoura, Egypt
Abdel-Hady El-Gilany, Mostafa Amr, Nabil Awadalla, Ghada El-Khawaga

December 2008 - Vol 6, Issue 10
[full pdf of issue]

Primary Care Physicians' Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Toward Obesity Management in Qatar
Ahmad Essa Al- Muraikhi, Mohamed Ghaith AL-Kuwari

Early Performance of Imaging Studies After First Urinary Tract Infection
Khaled M. Amro, Mohamed Alnaji, Salem Al-Zawahri, Mustafa Al-Zboon, Mohamed I. Aladwan

Supporting Services and Quality of Life in People with Multiple Sclerosis
Mojtaba Azimian, Mostafa Eghlima, Ghoncheh Raheb, Mitra Zohmand, Asghar Dadkhah

HPV Vaccine Hype - Gardasil; The Approved First World Cervical Vaccine
Dr. Ebtisam Elghblawi

How to visualize public health data? Part one: Box plot and map
Dr. Mohsen Rezaeian

Otological Manifestations among Patients with Cleft Palate
Aser El-Hrout, Khaled Hamasha, Hussien Al-Qasim

January 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 1
[full pdf of issue]

Analysis of referrals from employee's health clinic to specialty care, at a teaching hospital in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia
Dr Rajab Ali Khawaja, Dr Asad Ali Khawaja

An Analysis of High School Students' Knowledge and Attitudes Towards HIV/AIDS in Saudi Arabia: Implications for Health Education
Dr Saad A Alghanim

Efficiency of Seminal Fructose Estimation Ss a Marker of Seminal Fluid Colonization with Bacteria
Zakeria A.Yaseen AL-KHAYAT, Kawther I. AL-HARMINI, Sardar nouri AHMED

Health Promotion Practice Among Primary Care Physicians in Qatar
Dr. Mohamed Ghaith AL-Kuwari, Dr. Ahmad Essa Al- Muraikhi

Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices: Enhanced Response to TB ACSM, Iraq
Dr. Thamer Kadum Yousif, Ihasan Mahmoud Al Khayat, Dhafer Hashem Salman

An Ethical Business Approach to A New Equitable Era in Medical Educationand Healthcare Delivery
Lesley Pocock

How to Visualize Public Health Data? Part Two: Direct and Indirect Standardization Methods
Dr. Mohsen Rezaeian

FNA as an indication for thyroid surgery without the need for further investigations
Mohammed Almulaifi, Khaled Ajarma, Waseem al Mefleh, Ashraf Shabatat, Khaled Khalayleh, Ibtihaj Habashneh, Ali Al-Ebous

February 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 2
[full pdf of issue]

Antenatal Care in Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia: A Situation Analysis
Abdel-Hady El-Gilany, Adel El-Wehady

Acinetobacter - An Emerging Nosocomial Pathogen
Rubina Lone, Azra Shah, Kadri SM, Shabana Lone, Shah Faisal

The Efficacy of Helicobacter Pylori Eradication Therapy with HpSA Test in Dyspeptic Patients of A Family Practice Polyclinic
Ferit Erdogan, U. Güney Ozer Ergün, Nafiz Bozdemir, Refik Burgut, Fatih Köksal, Macit Sandikci

Effect of ß- Thalassemia on Some Biochemical Parameters
Nazdar Ezzaddin Rasheed, Salar Adnan Ahmed

Incidence and Types of Eye Injuries in Patients with Major Trauma
Issam Albataenah, Ahmed Khatatbeh, Fakhry Athamneh

When to Label White-Coat Syndrome
Adnan Moh`d Ammoura, Nashat Halasah MD

April 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 3
[full pdf of issue]

Pattern of Inflammatory Markers in Children with Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis
Ahmad Abu-Zeid, Muna Dahabrah

The Effect of The ALCAT Test Diet Therapy for Food Sensitivity in Patient's With Obesity
Mohammed Akmal, Saeed Ahmed Khan, Abdul Qayyum Khan

Chest Pain in Women
Mazen Ahmad Asayreh

Prevalence of Allergic Rhinitis & Its Risk Factors Among An-Najah University Students - Nablus/Palestin
Samar Ghazal/Musmar, Mohammed Musmar, W. A.Minawi

Environment and Our Health
Lesley Pocock

The Concept of Disease Clustering for Public Health Specialists
Mohsen Rezaeian

Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma: A Case Report
Yunus Feyyat Sakin, MD, Serdal Ugurlu, MD, Hakan Cankaya, MD, Mustafa Kosem

May 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]

Adolescents and Their Timing of First Birth: Evidence from Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey-2004
Md. Nuruzzaman Haque

Prevalence and Predictors of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria among Pregnant Women Attending Primary Health Care in Qatar
Dr. Mona Taher Aseel, Dr. Fathiya Mohamed Al-Meer, Dr. Mohamed Ghaith Al-Kuwari,
Dr. Mansoura Fawaz S. Ismail

Outpatient Vaginal Misoprostol and Its Effect on Post Term Pregnancy
Dr Nahid Mostaghel, Dr Fatemeh Nakhaee, Dr Zohreh Amiri

Health Status of Female children in Iran
Mandana NasiriManesh, Ladan Ajori, Mitra Parsapour Moghadam, Vida Fallahian and Naheed Mostaghe

Turning A Poster into A Scientific Paper for Publication
Ebtisam Elghiblawi

A Rare Case of Type 1B Pseudohypoparathyroidism complicated by Hypocalcemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy - Case Discussion and Review of the Literature
Fahed Maleh Alanezi, Gehan Hamdy, Redha Helal MRCP, Rashed Al-Hamdan, Aiad Askar

June 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 5
[full pdf of issue]

Emotional Status of Primary Health Care Physicians
in Saudi Arabia
Khalid S. Al-Gelban, Yahia M. Al-Khaldi, Hasan S. Al-Amri, Ossama A. Mostafa

Carbonated Beverages and Urinary Calcium Excretion
Tayfoor Jalil Mahmoud

Persistent Khat Chewing Habit During Pregnancy May Affect Neonatal Birth Weight
Dr. Abdelrahman H. Al Harazi, Dr. Kaima A Frass

Chest Pain in Women
Mazen Ahmad Asayreh

Ante-Natal Care Service Uptake in Slum Areas of Dhaka City
Md Aminul Haque, Amir Mohammad Sayem, Dr. Nilufar Yeasmin Nili

Increasing Incidence of Suicidal Poisoning in the Turmoil Affected Kashmir Valley - a Threatening Situation
G. Hassan, Waseem Qureshi, Kadri S.M., G.Q. Khan, D.C. Kundal, Qureshi K.A., Manish Kak, Manzoor Ahmad, H. Arshid, Maajid, Nazir A. Khan

Risk of Fetal Loss Due to Chorionic Villous Sampling in Iran
Farzad Mehrnaz

Maternal and Umbilical Cord Blood Lead Levels and pregnancy outcomes: A Hospital Based Enquiry
Asma A. Al- Jawad, Zina W. A. Al-Mola, Raghad A. Al- Jomard

July 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 6
[full pdf of issue]

Diabetes and Vaccination
Selcuk Mistik, Dilek Toprak, Abdullah Ozkiris, Hasan Basri Ustunbas

The Effect of the Diabetic Centers on the Outcome of Saudi Patients with Diabetic Foot Problems Attending Gurayat General Hospital
Dr. Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed

Awareness Regarding Self Care among Diabetics in Rural India
Dr J P, Majra, Dr. Das Acharya

Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Aden Governorate
Abdullah Mohamed Ahmed, Salem Bin Selm

Diabetic Foot: Off Loading Devices
Dr.Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed

Emerging Challenges of Diabetes
Abdulrahman Al-Ajlan

Review on the Prevalence of Diabetic Foot and Its Risk Factors in Saudi Arabia
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed

Can Diabetic Patients Fast During Ramadan?
Dr. Yousef Abdullah Al Turki

August 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 7
[full pdf of issue]

Assessment of Enablement effect of Consultation on patients attending primary health centers in Qatar 2008
Azza Awad Almujali, Ameena Hassan Alshehy, Abdulmajeed Ahmed, Mansoura Fawaz S. Ismail

The Effect of School Bag Weight on Pain, Posture, and Vital Capacity of the lungs of Three Elementary School in Bethlehem District in Palestine
Amro, Amen al Faqeeh

Pre-operative Blood Testing in Pediatric age group, is it necessary?
Majed Ahmad Sarayrah, Emad Habaibeh

Identification of an Anthocyanin Compound from Strawberry Fruits then Using as An Indicator in Volumetric Analysis
Diyar Salahuddin Ali

Factors that Can Be Attributable to Radiation Dose Reduction among Pediatric Age Group Undergoing Brain Computed Tomography (Practices at KHMC, Jordan)
Nariman Nsoor

Use of prenatal ultrasound in Al-Hassa
Abdel-Hady El-Gilany

Psycho-Social Factors on People's Tendency to Sexual Change in the City of Tehran
Professor Ali Reza Kaldi, Dr Afsaneh Tavassoli, M.A. Maryam Hosseinian

Behcet's Disease in King Hussein Medical Center
Manal Mashaleh, Yousef M. Ajlouni, Abdallah Serhan Imad Ghazzawi

September 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 8

Determining Motivating Power of Rehabilitation Zone Jobs at Welfare
(Behzisti) Centre in Tehran Province, on Motivating Potential Score

Samane Poorhadi, Dr. Nader Khalesi, Dr. Mohammad Kamali, Malahat Akbarfahimi

Effects of cigarette smoking on semen quality of infertile men in Erbil
governorate , Kurdestan , IRAQ

Zakarea A.Yaseen Al-Khayat

Urinary Tract Infection Among Pregnant Women in North Jordan
Mohammed Al-Issa

Prevalence of Nocturnal Enuresis Among Qatari Students Aged 6 to 12 Years
- Doha, Qatar 2008

Dr. Majda Abdul Wadood Mohamed Aljenaei, Dr. Mansoura Fawaz S Ismail, Dr.Asma Amin Abd Alaziz, Dr. Rasha El Sayed Salama

Medical Ethics and Torture
Steven H Miles, Alfred M Freedman

Workplace bullying among Junior Doctors in Kashmir
- A Questionnaire Survey

Dr. Rubina Lone, Dr. Ajaz Lone,Dr. Abid Amin, Dr.Shah Nawaz, Dr. Shabana Lone

Fever of Unknown Origin: 25 years single center experience in Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia

Fatma S. Al-Qahtani

October 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 9
[full pdf of issue]

Patients' Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Services in Qatar
Dr. Nada Al Emadi, Dr. Samya Falamarzi , Dr. Mohamed Ghaith Al-Kuwari, Dr. Amna Al-Ansari

Ibuprofen Oral Suspension for the Treatment of Patent Ductus Arteriosus at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Prince Rashid Hospital
Issa Khashashneh, Wajdi Amayreh

Contemporary Teenage Pregnancy in Saudi Arabia
Magdy H Balaha, Mostafa A Amr, Abdelhady A El-Gilany, Farid M Al Sheikh

Iraq Health Care Reconstruction during the Occupation
Dr.Safaa T. Bahjat

Strengths and Challenges in Clinical Teaching
Dr. Firdous Jahan

The Effect of Topical Combined Ciprofloxacin 0.3% and Dexamethasone 0.1% on Children with Otitis Media with Effusion(OME) Undergoing Myringotomy
Khaled A.Mustafa

Obesity and Body Image Avoidance Behaviors Correlates Among Female University Students
Hanan El-Sayed Badr

A Perception- Based Survey on Evaluating the Impact of Locally Published Medical Journals
Fareed H. Abdulahad, Nazar P. Shabila

December/Jan 2009 - Vol 7, Issue 10
[full pdf of issue]

Does Vitamin D and Calcium Affect the Incidence of Premenstrual Syndrome
Dr Elena Al-Quraan, Dr Ghassan Al-Quraan

Knowledge, attitude and practice of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among pregnant women: A preliminary survey in Qatar
Massoud Amini, Mohammad Bashari, Mohamad Taghi Isaai, Amir Hassan Moghimi, and Monem Ziai

Association between Hypertension and Sexual Dysfunction amongst Persons with Diabetes Mellitus in Benin City, Nigeria
Unadike B.C, Eregie A., Ohwovoriole A. E.

Sex and time Spent during Examinations as Predictors of Scores among Medical Students
Dr. Namir Ghanim Al-Tawil

Comparative Assessment and Analysis of Medical Ethics and Experiences; A Code of Silence
I am Not Leaving and I am Not Staying
Dr. Ebtisam Elghblawi

A Subsidized Drug E-Distribution Plan for Iran
Massoud Amini, Mohammad Bashari, Mohamad Taghi Isaai, Amir Hassan Moghimi, and Monem Ziai

Coping and Severity of Behavioral Problems
Seyyed Davood Mohammadi, Asghar Dadkhah

Step by Step Article Writing: A Practical Guide for the Health Care Professionals
Dr. Mohsen Rezaeian

February 2010 - Vol 8, Issue 1
[full pdf of issue]

Acupuncture in the management of multiple sclerosis - an experience from the field
Dr Ebrahim Khoshrafta, Mahnaz Khatiban, Zahra Amini

Cord prolapse: experience in a tertiary care hospital of Peshawar
Tehniyat Ishaq Khattak, Bilquis Afridi, Jamila Javaid Shah

Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C (CHC), Aden
Dr Salem A Bin Selm

Treatment of refractory varicose vein ulceration by means of quadruple therapy (silver cell-hydro alginate, compressive bandaging, micronized purified flavonoid fraction and modest weight loss)
Dr Hashim Al-Sayed, Mohamed, H., Al-Maseeh F., Al-Lenjawi., Al-Kozaaei D., Al-Bader A., Abdeen J

Assessment of factors and conditions that influence HIV Positive Women's Rights to family resources in Abia, State of Nigeria
Dr Enwereji, E. E, Dr Enwereji, K.O.

Warfarin-Induced Skin Necrosis: A rare but serious complication
Dr. Maher Hashem AL-khateeb, Dr. Maher Hashem AL-khateeb, Dr. Mohammed Nayef AL-Bdour, Dr. Waleed Ziad Haddadin

Endorphins and diabetes mellitus
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed

March 2010 - Vol 8 Issue 2
[full pdf of issue]

Prevalence and determinants of depression among primary health care attendees in Qatar 2008
Samya Flamerzi, Nada Al-Emadi, Mohamed Ghaith Al- Kuwari, Issa Mousa Ghanim,
Abdelmajeed Ahmad

Low Immunization among Children in Slums in Mumbai
Dr. V. M. Sarode

Risk reduction in patients: Can primary and secondary prevention affect the coronary risk groups?
Serpil Aydin Demira, Ayfer Gemalmaz, Sule Ozkan, Tufan Nayi

Situational analysis of Family Physician utilization of drugs and laboratory investigations at a hospital based primary care clinic, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dr Yousef Abdulah Al Turki

Hypoglycemia unawareness
Dr. Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed

Awareness of sickle cell disease among youth corpers in Owo, South-West Nigeria
Omolase C.O., Agborubere D.E., Omolase B.O.

Skin preparation before an injection: Knowledge, attitude and practices among physicians, nurses and patients
Rajab Ali Khawaja

April 2010 -Vol 8 Issue 3
[full pdf of issue]

Do diabetics have different radiological presentations from non diabetics in pulmonary tuberculosis?
Dr. Aisha M Siddiqui

Using Antibiotics Post Tonsillectomy
Osama S. Almomani, Hassan Al-husban

Knowledge, Attitude and Beliefs towards HIV/AIDS among Youth Students
Gopal Agrawal, Abrar Ahmad, Mohd. Zubair Khan

Gratification disorder in infants and children
A. Zeglam, F. Aboureyana, S. AlHmadi, A. Beshish

The Survey of the Health Impacts of a Macrobiotic Lifestyle in some Middle Eastern Countries
Evelyne M. Girgis-Aoun, Majed F. Khod

Effect of cupping therapy in treating chronic headache and chronic back pain at "Al heijamah" clinic HMC
Mohamed M. Reslan Hssanien, Mansoura Fawaz S., Abbas F. Ahmed, Samar Al Emadi,
Mohammed Hammoudeh

Case Report: Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita
Monther Obeidat

May 2010 - Vol 8 Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]

Immunoglobulin G Avidity in Diagnosis of Early Pregnancy Toxoplasmosis in Saudi Arabia
Hamdan Al Mohammad, Magdy Balaha, Eman Samir,Tarik Amin, Ashraf Dwedar

Determining levels and predictors of family planning unmet need in Mosul City, North of Iraq : A cross-sectional study
Asma A. Al-Jawadi, Dhafer H. Al-Bakry

Prevalence of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and its association with metabolic syndrome in adults people living in Aden
Salem A Bin Selm

Causes of blindness in North Jordan
Mohannad Albdour

The risk of Denture Stomatitis in Type II Diabetes Mellitus in a Jordanian cohort
Abdallah Abdelaziz, Ruba Al-Qais

Opening my eyes to the value of research in general practice
Sunil Abraham

Factors Affecting the Choice of Maternal Health Services in Port Said City, 2007
Rasha Elsayed Salama, Mansoura Fawaz S. Ismail

An analysis of a representative series of cerebral palsy
Emmanuel Onyekwelu

The Benefit of Amnio-infusion In Post Term Pregnancy In Preventing Of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
Khaled M Amro, Ahmed Zboone, Hazem Al-Masri, O'maima AL-Jarah, Maysson AL-Howidi, Nadia Smadi RN

June 2010 - Vol 8 Issue 5
[full pdf of issue]

Assessment of people's opinion towards their health education needs during the H1N1 influenza pandemic
Yousef Abdullah Al Turki

Safety of Outpatient Pediatric Tonsillectomy
Khaled A. Hamasha, Osama S. Al-moman

Variation of antibiotics prescription among primary health care settings
Al Houmaily Bothaina, Ferwana Mazen

Suicidal Behavioural attempts in Libya
Ebtisam Elghblawi

Impact of the NGOs on socio-economic Conditions in Bangladesh: A Study on Rajshahi District
Sheikh Kabir Uddin Haider

An appraisal of Saudi Diploma in Family Medicine (SDFM) from the Perspective of the SPICES Model
A. Sattar Khan, Zekeriya Akturk

Unusual presentation of splenic injury after blunt abdominal trauma
Khalid Alnawiseh, Mazen al Omari, Abdullah alrababaah, Ismaeel alnjadaat,
Mohammad Alhonyti

July 2010 - Vol 8 Issue 6
[full pdf of issue]

Rhinitis During Pregnancy : Risk Factors And Management
Mahmoud Mashagbeh, Ahmad Sbaihat, Hind Harahsheh MD

Qat Chewing and Autoimmune Hepatitis True Association or Coincidence
Hind I Fallatah, Hisham O Akba

Hypertensive patients attending military family medicine clinics in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Abdul-Aziz F. Alkabbaa

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Clinical approach in Family Practice
Firdous Jahan

Global Competencies in family medicine
William Cayly Jr, Lesley Pocock, Victor Inem, Mohsen Rezaeian

Atropine Penalization versus Occlusion Therapy in Amblyopia
Mohammad Abdo Ja'ara

Necrotizing fascitis induced by self-injection of kerosene
Hani M.Kafaween, Haitham Rbehat, Majida Sweis, Khitam Nimer Hawil

August 2010 - Vol 8 Issue 7
[full pdf of issue]

The effect of Extract Plants on the Causative Agents of Diarrhoea in Erbil Children
Sawsan Mohammed Abdullah Al-Sorchee, Abbas Abdul Kadir Rabat, Intisar Mahmood Juma

Tobacco Prevalence among Health Sciences College Students (HSC) : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Khalid M. Almutairi

Diabetic retinopathy
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed

Study of Refractive Errors among School Children in Doha, 2008
Asma Ali AL-Nuaimi, Rasha Elsayed Salama, Izz Eldeen Eljack

Study of Maternal and fetal outcome in diabetes mellitus and review of literature
Hansa Dhar, Iham Hamdi

Determining relationship between leadership style and personality type of managers at educational hospitals affiliated with Iran, Tehran and Shahid Beheshti Universities of Medical Sciences, 2007
Somaye Noori Hekmat, Dr. Nader Khalesi, Samane Pourhadi

The Role of Adenotonsillectomy in Patients with Otitis Media with Effusion
Mohammad Al-Rawashdeh

September 2010 - Vol 8 Issue 8
[full pdf of issue]

Are they thinking alike? Back pain patients and doctors expectations: A feasibility study
Ehab E Georgy, Eloise CJ Carr, Alan C Breen

Child and adolescent mental health in the Middle East: an overview
Abdel-Hady El-Gilany, Mostafa Amr

Relationship between empowering women and domestic violence, EDHS 2005
Ebtisam Elghblawi, Alber Riad, Mostafa Rabee

Infant feeding in Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia
Abdel-Hady El Gilany

Ingrowing toe nail : conservative treatment
Waleed Haddadin

Case Report: Stroke secondary to an unusual cause
Harsha Bhatia, Ragab Hani Donkol, Shahid Aziz, Amer Assiri

October 2010 - Vol 8 Issue 9
[full pdf of issue]

Job stressors and coping strategies amongst medical practitioners in a Nigerian community
Omalase C O

Ocular findings of sickle cell eye disease patients in Owo: An exploratory study
Omolase C O, Paul-Odo B, Omolase B O

Introducing Community Skilled Birth Attendant Programme in Bangladesh: An Assessment from Clients' Perspectives
Housne Ara Begum, Mehbub Morshed, Amir Mohammad Sayem

Household Products Survey - HAAD Poison and Drug Information Center
Yasser Sharif, Sherif El Ghandour

Cardiovascular prevention: internet resources for a Teaching Unit
Aldo T. Marrocco

Relapsing polychondritis in a patient with ulcerative colitis: A case report and review of the literature
Ahmad Th Alenizi, Ali A ALenizi, Abdulrahman A Alenezi, Bader ALenezi, Farhan ALshammari, Nase AL-Azmi

Bilateral Aniridia presenting with ectopia lentis : A case report
Omolase C.O., Omolade E.O., Sotiloye O.A., Omolase B.O., Elekwachi G.

November/December 2010 - Vol 8 Issue 10
[full pdf of issue]

Referral patterns of military family medicine clinics in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Abdulaziz F. Al-Kaabba, Abdelshakour M. Abdalla, Abdalla A. Saeed, Abdulmohsen H. AlZalabani, Hashim H. Ahmad , Ali A. Mustafa

Hypertension in primary care: how well are we doing? Study in a worksite in Qatar
Iqbal Mochtar, Richard William Hooper

Screening of Oral Health in school children of Al Qusais , U.A.E 2009 - 2010 : A survey
Ashievanghuie F Deboo

A Gender-Based Approach to Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among Adults with Diabetes Mellitus
Yousif Abdul Raheem, Selwa Elias Yacoub, Widjan Akram, Thamer Kadum Yousif

The Social Impact of a Macrobiotic Lifestyle in the Middle East
Evelyne M. Girgis-Aoun

Putting knowledge into action The sculpture of doctoring
Ebtisam Elghblawi

Research participation among medical trainees in the Middle East and North Africa
Ahmed Salem, Sameh Hashem, Layth Y.I. Mula-Hussain, Ala'a Nour, Imad Jaradat,
Jamal Khader, Abdelatif Almousa

January 2011 - Vol 9, Issue 1
[full pdf of issue]

Serum Total a-L- fucose and related parameters in breast cancer as tumor marker
Lweza Belal ABBASS, Salar Adnan AHMED

Can clinical breast examination demonstrate improved breast self-examination?
A. M. Ogunbode, A.A. Fatiregun, M.M.A Ladipo

Medical personnel's knowledge and technical skills in using a metered dose inhaler
Shrestha Ashis

The use of CRP as an early predictor of sepsis in infants and children
Kefah Alqa'qa', Aghadeer Alhadidi, Mahdi Farahi

Tuberculosis in Iraq: a Post-Invasion Survey of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in the Anbar Governorate
Thamer Kadum Yousif, Ross I. Donaldson, Dr.Sevil Husseynova

Atrial Myxoma presenting as asymptomatic left atrial mass - a Case Report
Momah, Tobe; Sarath, Reddy; Vasantha Kondamudi

Feb/March 2011 - Vol 9, Issue 2
[full pdf of issue]

Estimation of the prevalence of passive smoking among adult males at a hospital based primary care clinic
Yousef Abdullah Al Turki

Refractive Errors in the Bahrain Population
Mohammed A. Almuqammam, Mohamed A. Ebrahim, H. A. Radhi, Fryad Z. Henari

Frequency of ABO and Rh (D) blood Groups in Al-hajouj Ethnic Group, Saudi Arabia
Fathelrahman M.Hassan

Social accountability - a challenge for global medical schools
Mohsen Rezaeian, Lesley Pocock

Should medical ethics researchers care what the public thinks?
Thalia A. Arawi

Clinical Significance of Cadaveric Dissection For Future Clinicians
Saeed Vohra, Khalid Khoshhal, Zahid Kaimkhani, Muhammad Mujahid Khan

Point Of Care Literature Review Treatment Of Acute Brucellosis
Mazen Saleh Ferwana

April 2011 - Volume 9, Issue 3
[full pdf of issue]

Prevalence of behavioural problems among nursery children in Tripoli
A.M. Zeglam, F.M. Abou-Riana, S.A. Al-Hmadi

Kundu's Neurotic Personality Inventory (KNPI): validation in the Iranian family
Manouchehr Azkhosh, Asghar Dadkhah

Health Assessment of First Grader School Children by a Family Physician : (A Pilot Study)
Firdous Jahan, Saima Akhund, Samina Hossein, Tasneem Borhany, Hamida Frazdaq, Serat Zehr

Biopsychosocial Management of Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder in Adulthood
Zahir Vally

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Lama Bandak

A Study of the nature and extent of accompanying handicaps in the mentally challenged
Kamayani Prashikshan and Sanshodhan Society

Intimacy in Iranian married couples: The effect of Group Cognitive Behavior Couple Therapy (GCBCT)
Mehrnoush Esbati, Jalal Yunesi, Manoochehr Azkhosh

May 2011 - Volume 9, Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]

Knowledge and Practice of Type 2 Diabetic Patients Attending Primary Health Care in Qatar
Mohsen Mesmar, Aizeldin Eljack, Mohamed Ghaith Al-Kuwari

The Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetic and Non - Diabetic Men : A Comparative case control study
Huda Al-ghareeb, Fatma Al-Assoomi, Fatel Alresheedy, Khaled Srour, Essam Al-baba,
Saif Othman, Sara Ali Al-Yooha, Noora Ali Al-Yooha

Factors that affect social rehabilitation of leprosy patients discharged home in Abia and Ebonyi States of Nigeria
Enwereji, E.E., Enwereji , K.O., Okereke, C.O.

Exploring Health care seeking behavior of people engaged in informal sector in urban area, Bangladesh: Evidence from Dhaka city
Tareq Muhammad Shamsul Arefin, Housne Ara Begum

Quality of life in patients with chronic psoriasis
Ebtisam Elghblawi

Medical Practice in Rural Communities: Opinions and Attitude of Clinical Medical Students in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution
Chidi Oliver Ihemedu, Charles Oluwole Omolase, Babatunde Ishola Awokola,
Oluwaseyi Olarinoye Olaniyan

June 2011 Volume 9, Issue 5
[full pdf of issue]

The efficacy of almonds, pistachios, and a mixture of both, on some risk factors of cardiovascular disease
Khogali, Fathia A M., Babtean, Abrar M., Bayahya, Samah H., Hakeem, Sara H., Dahlawi, Banan N., Alharbi, Abrar A.
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.95001

Prevalence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome among Students in King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Yousef A. Al- Turki, Mohammed Z. Aljulifi, Abdurrahman Al Murayshid, Hassan R. Al Omaish, Khalid S. Al Daghiri, Ali Y. Al Seleemi, Anas Albarrak, Ali A. Al Aseeri, Hazem A. Al Jumah, Ahmed A. Al Badrani, Fahad Al Robayan, Abdulaziz I. Al Jerawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.95002

Primary Health Care Physician's Knowledge and Educational needs concerning Substance abuse and Dependence in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Abdullah J. Al-Sahafi, Hassan M. Al-Musa
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.95003

Knowledge, Expectations And Satisfaction Survey Of Patients With Low Back Pain In A Family Practice Clinic At A Teaching Hospital, In Karachi
Syed I Karim, Syed Arif Ali
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.95004

Assessment of bed utilization at Algamhouria Modern Hospital, Aden
Abdul Samad Taresh, Abdulla Mohamed Ahmed Almatary, Othman Mohamed Abdulla Shogaa
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.95005

Case report; A Diabetic Lady with Acanthosis Nigricans, Aleopecia areata, and Hirsutism
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.95006

Childhood diffuse large B cell lymphoma of bone
Fadel M E Al-Rasheed, Lina K Al-Khaled, Mona M E Al-Rasheed
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.95007

July 2011 - Volume 9, Issue 6
[full pdf of issue]

Risk factors for development of angiopathy of lower extremities in Type 2 diabetes patients: a case-control study, Yerevan, Armenia
Yelena Petrosyan, Varduhi Petrosyan
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.96031

Knowledge and Attitude towards Breast Cancer and Breast Self Examination among Women Attending Primary Health Care Centres in Doha, 2009
Shaikha Abu Shaikha, Rasha Salama
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.96032

Assessment of self-reported practice patterns regarding treatment of dyslipidemia among physicians under training in family medicine in Ismailia governorate - Egypt
Heba M. Ahmed, Mohamed S. Nasr Allah, Hanan M. Kamal, Abdulmajeed A. Abdulmajeed
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.96033

Medical students' perceptions of their clinical training in the pediatric ward of a teaching hospital, Iran
Shahla Roodpeyma, Houtan Salemi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.96034

Equity in Healthcare: Status, Barriers, and Challenges
Waris Qidwai, Tabinda Ashfaq, Tawfik A M Khoja, Ketki Merchant, Anthony Seneviratne, Ayman Ekram Fahim, Assad Al-Arafah, Abid Hussain, Brenda L. Lovell, Bill Cayley, Christos Lionis, Faisal A. Alnasir, Hakan Yaman, Joyce Kenkre, Lesley Pocock, Lorne Becker, Marc Jamoulle, Mohamed Sayed Hussein, Nabil Qureshi, Olayinka Ayankogbe, Sung Sunwoo
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.96035

An Examination of Primary Health Care Quality in Benghazi, Libya
Asharaf Abdul Salam, Amina Abdulla Alshekteria, Hana Abd Alhadi, Mariam Ahmed, Anees Mohammed
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.96036

August/September 2011 - Volume 9 Issue 7
[full pdf of issue]

The Prevalence of Anemia among People of Gaza Attending the Royal Jordanian Field Hospitals
Bassam Gh. Karadsheh, Munir M. Arabiat, Nawaf S. Al Khazaleh, Belal Ibraheem, Al Maslimani, Rasmi Mahasneh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.97070

Relationship between Fibroid Uterus and Obesity
Ibrahim Ayyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.97071

Comparison of Imaging studies used for the Diagnosis and Follow up of Urinary Tract Infection in Children of Al -Jahra Area, Kuwait
Mohamad Mazen Tuhmaz, Shanti Mariam Alexander, Fahad H Alanezi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.97072

Introducing Discharge Instruction in Urdu language at Aga Khan University Hospital
Firdous Jahan, Rozina Roshan
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.97073

Assessment and Interpretation of Pediatric Cardiac Consultations
Issa Hejazi, Abdel Fattah A Haweelah
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.97074

Infectious aortitis: A recipe for disaster
Jayakrishnan Krishnakurup, Hitcham Khalaffi, Trushar Patel, Vivian Argento, Jennifer Swogger
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.97075

Importance of lead aVR in identifying high risk patients with coronary artery disease
Saleh M. Al-Awdaly, Tareq Al-muflehi, Mohammed Al-dhelae, Waleed K. Alawdhaly
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.97076

October 2011 - Volume 9 Issue 8
[full pdf of issue]

Association of Demographic and Work-Related Factors with Psychological Distress among Oil Workers in Kuwait
Khaled Khudadah, Hussein Ali, Omar Booz, Mohamed Moussa, Aref Alabbasi,
Rima Al-Adsani

DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.98077

Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening Among Women
Asmahan Mohammed Tayem
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.98078

Developmental Hip Dislocation Among Infants at King Hussein Medical Center
Jwaher Bderat, Ola Imam
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.98079

Plasma Homocysteine and other biochemical parameters in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Gomathi KG, Shaafie IA, Khan N,Mummigatti K, MD, Sreedharan J
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.98080

Situation Analysis of School Health Services in Saudi Arabia and proposal for an application of A Four Quadrant School Health Model
Abdul Sattar Khan
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.98081

Awareness and Practice of Evidence-Based Medicine among Medical Practitioners in a Nigerian Community
Charles Oluwole Omolase, Olakunle Tolulope Ogunleye, Bukola Olateju Omolase,
Ericson Oluseyi Omolade, Chidi Oliver Ihemedu, O.A. Sotiloye

DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.98082

Colorectal Cancer at One Centre
Ahmad Uraiqat, Weliam Haddadin
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.98083

November 2011 - Volume 9 Issue 9
[full pdf of issue]

Service Utilization, Selection Criteria and Clients' Satisfaction: A Comparative Analysis between Public and Private Hospitals in Bangladesh
Housne Ara Begum, Ekram Hossain, Amir Mohammad Sayem
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.99084

Socio-demographic characteristics of children with Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARI) in Rapareen Teaching Hospital
Dlair A.K. Chalabi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.99085

Computer and Internet Use by Doctors in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital: A Survey of the Wesley Guild Unit of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex
Awokola, Babatunde Ishola, Abioye-Kuteyi, Emmanuel Akintunde, Ogundele, Olorunfemi Akinbode, Mrs Awokola, Endurance Oghenerukevwe
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.99086

Travellers Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on the Prevention of Infectious Diseases: Qatar-Doha International Airport Study
Mohammed Al-Hajri, Abdulbari Bener, Izzeldin Eljack, Omar Balbaid
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.99087

Diabetic Foot in the Arab World
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed, Emad Elsharief, Ali Alsharief
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.99088

The Quality of Education Teacher Training Centers in Iran
Farzaneh Sadat Hoseinian Heidari, Safar Soleyman
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.99089

The Role of Individual Educational Plans in Helping Cycle One Students with Dyslexia to Become Better Readers
Lama Bendak
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.99090

Unusual presentation of Varicella: Case Report
Khaled Amro, Jürgen Dinger
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2011.99091

December 2011 - Volume 9, Issue 10
[full pdf of issue]

Perceived personal, social, and environmental barriers to healthy eating among young overweight and obese Saudi women
Wadha Mushabeb AL Farwan

Prevalence of overweight and obesity in 8 to 15 year-old children in Sidi-bel-Abbes, Algeria
Mustapha Diaf, Boumediene Meghit Khaled

Point of Care Literature Review: Oseltamivir for prevention and treatment of H1N1 Influenza A infection
Mazen Saleh Ferwana

Digital clubbing and metabolic syndrome
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Leyla Yilmaz Aydin, Emin Maden, Yusuf Aydin

Digital clubbing and metabolic syndrome
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Leyla Yilmaz Aydin, Emin Maden, Yusuf Aydin

SPICES Model perspectives for Saudi Board Family Medicine Program: Moving Away from the Sage on the Stage
KSyed Irfan Karim, Hamza Mohammad Abdulghani, Farhana Irfan

Radiological Bone Assessment in the Evaluation of Osteoporosis in Jordan
Mwaffaq El-Heis, Khalid Alzouby, Eman Al-Kamil, Asma'a Al-Mnayyis, Hamzeh Al-Omary

Do color Doppler studies predict perinatal outcome in high risk pregnancies?
Ibrahim Ayad

January 2012 - Volume 10, Issue 1
[full pdf of issue]

Middle East Readership and Academic Survey - Results
A Abyad, L Pocock

Diagnosis of human resources in staff departments of Kerman University of Medical Sciences using a three-dimension analysis model: 2011
Atefeh Esfandiari, Mahmood Nekoueimoghadam, Mohammadreza Amiresmaili,
Zeinab Mohammadi, Samaneh Noruzi, Hedayat Salari

Clinical Indications of Electroencephalogram in Children
Wael Hayel Khreisat

Hyperparathyroidism in Pregnancy
Talal Hussain Muzaffar, Ghadeer Sayed Suliman Akbar, Kholouda Abdullah

Distribution of Diabetes Mellitus among the Saudi Adult Population - A National Survey
Nasser A. Al-Hamdan, Mostafa AF Abbas, Lamiaa Z Abu Zaid, Abdalla A Saeed,
Ahmed A Bahnassy, Abdulshakour M Abdalla

Contraceptive Use Dynamics among Married Women Attending Primary Health Care Centers in Mosul City, Iraq : A Cross-Sectional Study
Najlaa Ibrahim Al-Sammak, Asma Ahmed Al-Jawadi

Ataxia, oculomotor apraxia and school failure: a case of ataxia-telangiectasia
Letícia Soares Boing, Elisa Casanova dos Reis, Grasiane Nunes Mayer,
Mirella Maccarini Peruchi, Katia Lin, Jaime Lin

February/March 2012 - Volume 10, Issue 2
[full pdf of issue]

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Type-2 Diabetic Patients with IHD
Mohammed Bamashmoos

Perceived Social Problems Influencing Management in the Primary Care in a Semi-Urban Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria
Olaniyi O AfolabiI, Olufemi Akinbode Ogundele, Babatunde Ishola Awokola

Perception and Attitude towards Breaking Bad News in the Saudi Population
Mohammed O. Alrukban, Ahmad Bahnassy, Badr O. Albadr, Mussab Alshuil, Abulrahman Aldebaib, Tamim Algannam, Faisal Alhafaf, Abdulaziz Almohanna, Tariq Alfifi, Abdullah Alshehri, Muhannad Alshahrani

Genital warts in women: Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour (KAB) Literature review and recommendations
Ebtisam Elghblawi

Role of Mass Media in Health Promotion: Opinion from Different Intellectuals in Aligarh Muslim University
Gopal Agrawal, Abrar Ahmad, Mohd. Zubair Khan

Menstrual disorders in female medical students in Thamar University
Mohammed Y Akabat, Abdelrahman H Al Harazi

Practical Challenges of Setting Up an Electronic Medical Record System in a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital: The Wesley Guild Hospital Experience
Babatunde Ishola Awokola, Emmanuel Akintunde Abioye-Kuteyi, Okubokekeme Otoru Otoru, Olanrewaju Oloyede Oyegbade, Endurance Oghenerukevwe Awokola, Oluwajinmisayo Adigun Awokola, Ikechi Tamunotonye Ezeoma

April 2012 - Volume 10, Issue 3
[full pdf of issue]

Assessment of the Iraqi primary care referral system: reporting a high self-requested referral rate
Nazar P. Shabila, Namir G. Al-Tawil, Moayad A. Wahab, Tariq S. Al-Hadithi, Egbert Sondorp

Prevalence of smoking among medical students and their perception of the risk of passive smoking and the antismoking role of health professionals in a new Medical College
Abdalla Abdelwahid Saeed, Abdulaziz F.Al-Kabbaa, Abdulshakur M. Abdalla, Hashim Hassan Ahmed, Ali Ahmed Mustafa

Prevalence and pattern of smoking among patients attending primary health care service - National Guard Health Affairs, WR
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed, Emad Alsharief, Ali Alsharief, Mohammed A Garout

Magnesium Sulfate for Women with Preeclampsia does not Prolong the Duration of Induction of Labor
Alia A Shuaib, Abdulhakim A Al Eryani, Abdelrahman H Al Harazi

Efficacy of low dose sibutramine in obese type-2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) Indian patients
Ashwani K Gupta, Dinesh K Badyal, Prithpal S Matreja, Prem P Khosla, Mary John

Expert patients of chronic diseases; is it still a stigma in Saudi Arabia?
Abdul Sattar Khan, Basema Al-Khudair, Zulfa Al-Rayees

Funduscopic changes in white coat hypertension
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Fatih Ozcura, Mehmet Mustafa Akin

May 2012 - Volume 10 Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]
Cardiovascular Risk Factor Assessment in Family Medicine Preventive Clinic Checkup
Firdous Jahan, Palwasha Kamal

Impact of Health Education on Utilization of Cervical Cancer Screening Services among Females Working in Secondary Schools in Doha
Al anoud Al Thani, Aizeldin Eljack, Mohamad Al Thani, Rasha E Salama

Evaluation of therapeutic effect of niacin and garlic combination on lipid profile and oxidants / antioxidants in psoriatic patients
Amina Hamed Ahmad Alobaidi

The Role Of Fine Needle Aspiration In The Assessment Of The Adult Neck Mass
Ahed Mohammad Al-Edwan , Wasfi Alsalaeta, Hanada Kreshan

Hyper-reactive malarial splenomegaly: therapeutic overview in Lahj Governorate, Yemen
Saeed Mohamed Alwan, Hael Saeed Abdullah, Mohsen Awadh Ben Humam, Abdul Samad Taresh

Introduction and initial evaluation of a newly designed teaching course for medical faculty members in Erbil, Iraq
Fareed H. Abdulahad, Abubakir M. Saleh, Nazar P. Shabila

Occult Hilus Cell Tumor of the Ovary: an Elusive Cause of Virilization Confirmed on Oophorectomy
Louna ElZein, Ali A. Rizvi

An Uncommon Case of Foreign Body in The Ear: Adult Cockroach
Babatunde I. Awokola, Emmanuel A. Abioye-Kuteyi

June 2012 - Volume 10 Issue 5
[full pdf of issue]

Consanguinity in Gaza and its possible role in developmental delay and chronic illnesses
Wajdi Amayreh

Double Burden of Nutrition among Women in Hilly States in India
Gopal Agrawal, Nalin Singh Negi

University Students’ Knowledge and Attitude towards HIV/AIDS in Qatar
Abdul Hameed Ahmed Al-Khenji, Mohamed Ghaith Al-Kuwari’ Abdul Latif Al-Khal, Asma Al-Thani

Nocturnal enuresis: Prevalence and associated Factors. A sample of children in Baghdad
Alaa A. Salih

The Effect of Ramadan Fasting on Waist Circumference (WC), Body Mass Index (BMI), C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) and Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) in Type 2 Diabetic Kuwaiti Patients
Hani Almutairi, Mona Hassan Alhendi, Bassam Alhelal, Mohamad Mouro

Diagnosis Of Malaria By Community Health Workers In Nigeria
Reginald A. Eke, Ezinne E. Enwereji

Contraceptive Use: Is it a Wife’s Decision?
Hajir Al-Ridhwany, Asma A. Aljawadi

Differences in Medical practice. A personal perspective
Sivashanker Belliraju

Family practice among the urban poor in India
Sunil Abraham

July 2012 - Volume 10 Issue 6
[full pdf of issue]

Access to Person-Centered Care: A Perspective on Status, Barriers, Opportunities and Challenges from the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Waris Qidwai, Tabinda Ashfaq, Tawfik A M Khoja, Salman Rawaf, Nabil Kurashi, Faisal Alnasir

The Hemorheological properties of blood among Saudi male Smokers in Sakaka city, Aljouf, Saudi Arabia
Hassan A. Almarshad, Fathelrahman M. Hassan

Impaired glucose tolerance test among B thalassemia patients in Hawler Province, Iraq
Lana Saleem, Mouroge H. AL Ani

Studying Complementary and Alternative Practices in Bedouin Community: Family based study, North Sinai, Egypt
Mosleh A. Ismail, Hoda Atwa, Amir Saleh, Mansoura F. Salem

Tissue and plasma concentrations of meropenem in diabetic foot infected patients
Mohammed Abdullah Ali, Nidhal AK Mohammed Ali

Hepatitis-B Virus Seropositivity among Adults attending a Primary Care Clinic in Jordan
Hussein H. Dmour, Amal S. AL-Tahieneh, Adnan Zayadeen

Qualitative Research: Stigma Associated with Psychiatric Diseases
Manal Koura, Latifa Al-Sowielem, Badria al-Dabal, Raja’a A. Shaheed, Afaf Al-Halal, Najwa Al-Mahfoodh, Abrar Hashishi

Effect of computer learning on quality of life of Iranian asthmatic patients
Mitra Zolfaghari, Leila Dehghankar, Younes Mohamadi, Arezoo Mohamadkhani Ghiasvand,

August 2012 - Volume 10 Issue 7
[full pdf of issue]

Prevalence of smoking among medical students and their perception of the risk of passive smoking and the antismoking role of health professionals in a new Medical College
Abdalla Abdelwahid Saeed, Abdulaziz F. Al-Kabbaa, Abdulshakur M. Abdalla,
Hashim Hassan Ahmed, Ali Ahmed Mustafa

A Comparison Study of Commercial Plant Essential Oils with Ethanolic Extract of Spearmint and Fenugreek Activity against Some Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria
Hêro Farhad Salah Akrayi

Quality of type-2 diabetics’ consultations in Ismailia City, Egypt
Hassan A.E. Abdelwahid, Khalil A. Khalil

Approach to Febrile Infants in the Southern Peripheral Hospitals of the Royal Medical Services, Jordan
Abdallah M. Ghanma

Integration and Impact of Educational Media (Technologies) in the Teaching-Learning Process: A Case Study in Iran
Zohreh Kaveh

Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in a child with Idiopathic nephrotic syndrome
Alexander SM, Al-Enezi Fahad, Victor A, Owaidha M

Assessment of Internet Use and Effects amongst General Practitioner in Non Metro Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad
Syed Murtuza Hussain Bakshi

September 2012 - Volume 10 Issue 8
[full pdf of issue]

Hysteroscopy: The Gold Standard Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool in Gynecology. Our experience at Queen Alia Hospital, Jordan
Abo Omar Adnan Asaad, Alqudah Mohamad Awwad

Effects of season-induced hormonal changes on mortality
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Mustafa Ari, Emin Maden, Leyla Yilmaz Aydin, Yusuf Aydin, Cahit Ozer

Attitude and Practice of Primary Health Care Doctors towards Adolescent Health in Bahrain
Adel Salman Al Sayyad, Ali Ahmed Al-Baqqara, Latifa Abdulla Al Hamad

Determinants of Client’s Satisfaction with Ambulatory Care in Qatar- A Cross Sectional Study
Hashim Mohammed, Abeer Abo Abbas, Badriya Al Lenjawi, Mohammed Hashim

A study on the social elements influencing the rate of crime and abnormality among the youth. (The case of the suburbs of the southern city of Andimeshk, Ahvaz Province, Iran)
Ishaq Arjmand Siahpoush, Aboalghasem Heidarabadi

Factors influencing the level of fast food consumption among adolescents in Muscat, Oman Huda Hamood Mohammed Al- Kharusi, Firdous Jahan, Reuel George Thomas, Khadijatul Kubra Muneer, Husna Zara Khan, Thomas Samuel

Autism today in Libya: Is it a tip of an iceberg? (A comparative study)
Adel M. Zeglam, Haneen Al-Bloushi

Incidence of visible and occult blood on laryngoscopes of emergency and routine cases
Raga Ahmed Ali Musaid

October 2012 - Volume 10 Issue 9
[full pdf of issue]

Hysteroscopy: The Gold Standard Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool in Gynecology. Our experience at Queen Alia Hospital, Jordan
Abo Omar Adnan Asaad, Alqudah Mohamad Awwad

Measuring level of public relations in hospitals
Mohammadreza Amiresmaili, Shole Rostami, Parvaneh Isfahani

Family Medicine Essentials (FAME): An effort to put clinical practice guidelines into practise in Saudi Arabia
Tarek Al- Megbil, Abdul Sattar Khan, Zekeriya Akturk, Abdulmohsen Al-Twijri, Basema Al-Khudhair

Continuity of Care for Iraqi Diabetics: How Important is it?
Abbas M. Rahmah, Yousif A. Husain, Berq J. Hadi

What do new advances in geographical sciences and technologies offer global family medicine?
Mohsen Rezaeian, Lesley Pocock

Impact of Work on Pattern of Breast Feeding
Modhi Fahad Alotaibi

Diagnosis and Management of Short Stature
Ayed Al Anezi, Ibrahim Al Alwan

Clinical presentation and the outcome of cases with acute intravascular hemolysis caused by primaquine in Yemen
Saeed Mohamed Alwan Abdullah

November 2012 - Volume 10 Issue 10

[full pdf of issue]

Prevalence of Childhood Obesity Among a Sample of Basic Education School Children in Erbil City
Sherzad Abdulahad Shabu, Namir Ghanim Al-Tawil

The Psychosocial aspects of obesity and Patients' insight into the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity among Patients visiting Two Tertiary Care Hospitals at Karachi, Pakistan: Results of a Pilot study
Waris Qidwai, Fahad Zubair, Asad Abbas, Mohammed Ali Al Shafaee

Efficacy of a culturally competent group-based educational program for type 2 diabetics: A randomized controlled trial
Badriya Al Lenjawi, Hashim Mohamed, Paul Ammouna, Francis Zotor, Hisham Almahdi, Iman Hassan

Hypertension: Prevalence of Selected Risk Factors and Blood Pressure Control
Manahel Al Sabbagh

Herbal remedies use among diabetic patients in Nassyria, Iraq
Jasim N. Al-Asadi, Nahla Salih

Colonoscopic findings in patients with hematochezia: A retrospective study
Hael Saeed Abdullah, Mohsen Bin Homam, Saeed Mohamed Alwan, Abdul Samad Taresh

Reversible acute renal failure in a patient with profound hypothyroidism: Case report from Oman
Kawther EL Shafie, Mohammed Al Shafaee, Samir Al Adawi, Khamis Al Hosni

January 2013 - Volume 11 Issue 1
[full pdf of issue]

Multidimensional approaches to reduce rising caesarean section rate in Nizwa hospital
Dhar. H, Rathi. B, Hamdi. I
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.111202

The effect of cholesterol and Chol: HDL ratio in Ischemic Heart Disease
Hussein H. Dmour, Mohammed Issa Aladwan, Eman F Khreisat, Laith A-salam Obeidat, Ahmed El Ali
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.111203

The knowledge attitude and practice regarding diabetes and diabetic retinopathy among the final year medical students of King Faisal University Medical College of Al Hasa region of Saudi Arabia: A cross sectional survey
Zahiruddin Baber Malik Sajjad, Eisa Mohammad Al Saleh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.111204

Making Supervision Supportive and Sustainable in Primary Health Care Services in Abia State, Nigeria
Enwereji, Ezinne Ezinna, Enwereji , Kelechi Okechukwu
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.111205

Knowledge of computer vision syndrome among Nigerian Ophthalmologists: An exploratory study
C. O. Omolase, J .F. A. Owoeye, D. Y. Ribadu, B. O. Omolase, D. E. Agborubere, M. A. Seidu
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.111206

Congenital Chylous ascites
Issa Khashashneh, Moh,d S. Khasawneh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.111207

March 2013 - Volume 11 Issue 2
[full pdf of issue]

Obstacles facing primary health care physicians in diagnosing and managing depressed patients in the Tabuk area of Saudi Arabia
Hashim Hassan Ahmad
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.112209

Health Related Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Liver Disease Attending Family Practice Clinic, Suez Canal University Hospital, Ismailia, Egypt
Almaza A. Salem, Mosleh A. Ismail , Mansoura F. Salem, Maha M. Moharram, Mostafa M. Ragheb
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.112210

Metabolic deterioration just after infancy
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Murat Tutanc, Vefik Arica
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.112211

H. pylori infection among children with cancer in Nanakaly hospital for blood diseases in Erbil
Marwan Majeed, Mouroge AL Ani
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.112212

Basal cell carcinoma with perineural invasion: a case report
Basel Alrawashdeh, Mohammad Hilalat
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.112213

Musculoskeletal pain in children is different
Mouroge H. A. L. Ani
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.112214

Knowledge and Practice of Primary Care Physicians in Management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Khalid Al Sha’alan; Mazen Ferwana, Saeed Ur Rahman, Imad Abdulmajed Yaseen
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.112215

April/May 2013
- Volume 11 Issue 3
[full pdf of issue]

Diabetes Awareness and Behavioural Risk Factors among University Students in Saudi Arabia
Halimic Aida, Gage Heather, Vrikki Maria, Williams Peter
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.113235

Intradialytic Hypotension Complication, in Cardiac and Non Cardiac Risky End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Patients
Saeed Mohamed Alwan, Mohsen Awad Ben Humam, Huda Ba-Saleem
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.113236

Anthropometric measures in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM): An Indian Perspective

Navtej Singh, Jyotsna Singh, Prithpal S Matreja , C S Shergil, Ajitpal S Gill

DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.113237

BCG Survey: An Experience in Mohmand Agency FATA
Hamzullah Khan, Dr Bilal, Dr Khalid Khan, Dr Nazish Farooqi

DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.113238

Knowledge on location of organs in the body among patients attending a university family practice in Sri Lanka
Janaka Ramanayake, Dinusha Perera, Aruni de Silva, Deepama Sumanasekara, Leela R.Jayasinghe Rudarshi Gunasekara, Piumika Chandrasiri
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.113239

Microbiological Surveillance of operation theaters in Al-Gamhorea Teaching Hospital Aden, Yemen

Raga Ahmed Ali Musaid

DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.113240

Critical Stonefish Envenomation: A Case Report
Raeda Al-Ghananim, Basim Almomani, Yazan Qawasmeh, Alaa Tawalbeh, Mahdi Frehat

DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.113241

June 2013 - Volume 11 Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]

Study of some non-traditional roles ascribed to vitamin D include immune-modulating effects and anti-inflammatory in sera of Iraqi myocardial infarction patients
Wasem Yousif Mahmmad AL-dulaimy, Nijoud Faisal Yousif AL-saarag
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.114256

A survey of factors affecting patients’ decision in selecting governmental and private hospitals in Tabriz, Iran
Ali Jannati, Elham Dadgar, Ma’soomeh Gholizadeh, Leila Alizadeh, Mohammad Tgaghi Khodayari, Mohammad Amin Bahrami
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.114257

The Relation between Students’ Socio-Economic Status, Internet Use Mode and Attendance on Success Rate in Medical College
Mohammed Asaad Albayaty
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.114258

Health System Development and Mortality Transitions in Libya
Asharaf Abdul Salam, Mailud El-Amari, Om Prakash Lathwal
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.114259

Postpartum related acute renal failure mortality, at haemodialysis, Aden, Yemen
Saeed Mohamed Alwan, Mohsen Awad Ben Humam, Ahmed Saeed Mansub
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.114260

Malaria as a Cause of Acute Renal Failure and/or Hepatic Dysfunction in Aden Haemodialysis HD Center, Al-Gamhouria Teaching Hospital, Yemen
Saeed Mohamed Alwan, Yassin Abdul Kader Yassin, Hael Saeed Abdullah
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.114261

Renal Colic during Pregnancy: Review of 21 cases
Mohannad Al Naser, Mahmoud Alkhateeb, Firas Khori, Mai Mahmoud Abu Salem
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.114262

July 2013 - Volume 11 Issue 5
[full pdf of issue]

Frequency, causes and effectivity of herbal therapy in type 2 diabetic patients
Ali Kutlucan, Yusuf Aydin, Fatih Ermis, Davut Baltaci, Leyla Yilmaz Aydin, Elif Onder
Gokhan Celbek
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.115264

The effect of cholesterol and Chol: HDL ratio in Ischemic Heart Disease
Hussein H. Dmour, Mohammed Issa Aladwan, Eman F Khreisat, Laith A-salam Obeidat
Ahmed El Ali
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.115265

Determinants of Healthy Dietary Practices Among University Students
Hanan E. Badr, Dina H. Bayoumy
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.115266

The Way Forward to Public Health in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries: A Need for Public Health Systems and Law
Tawfik A M Khoja, Waris Qidwai, Mohamed Sayed H. Ahmed, Salman Rawaf, Kashmira Nanji
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.115267

Teaching Communication Skills in Undergraduate Medical Students: Is Role Play going to help?
Firdous Jahan, Huda Al Shibli, Najam Siddiqi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.115268

Glycemic control: What level should we reach?
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed, Emad Alsharief, Ali Alsharief
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.115269

Difficult patient encounters in the developing world
Dhar H, Dhar D
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.115270

An Oldest Cost Effective Method: The Art of History Taking
Muharrem AK, Cemil Isik Sonmez, Mehmet Memis
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.115271

August 2013 - Volume 11 Issue 6
[full pdf of issue]

Quality of Prescription writing for children in family medicine, Suez Canal University, Egypt
Hassan Ali Abdelwahid, Mohamed Hany Shehata, Nadia Mahmoud Elsayed
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.116273

Impact of school breakfast and lunch program on iron deficiency anemia in school children
Mahdi Q H Frehat, Aghadeer M Alhadidi, Kefah Alqa'qa, Reham Mardini, Omaima Aljarah
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.116274

Firework injuries. War injuries in peace time
Abdulnasser Ahmed Al- Wali, Nasser A.A. Harhara, Nasser Al-Ahmedi, Hameed Salem Hameed
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.116275

Promotion of inter-conception maternal health through child vaccination sessions
Laila M. Kamel, Maha A. Mowafy, Sami A. El Sisi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.116276

Food habits among adolescents in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Shyamale Samaranayaka
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.116277

Procalcitonin as a new marker in Diabetic Foot Infection Grades
Shler Ghafour Raheem, Ruqaya Muhammed Al- Barzinji, Ali Abdulrazzak Al-Dabbagh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.116278

The Effect of Nasal Steroid Spray in the Treatment of Otitis Media with Effusion in Children - Non Random Therapeutic Trial
Hamed Mahmood Alnakeeb, Ahmed Humadi, Mohammed Asaad, Noora Noor Jahber
DOI: 10.5742/MEJFM.2013.116279

September 2013 - Volume 11 Issue 7
[full pdf of issue]

Depression among Elderly Subjects Attending Primary Health care Centers in Abha City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Eisa Y. Ghazwani, Hassan M. Almusa
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92408

An Arabic instrument to Measure Medication Adherence in Saudi Hypertensive Patients
Fatmah Jabr Alsolami, Xiang-Yu Hou, Ignacio Correa-Velez, Sami M Bahlas
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92409

Lipid levels and association with disease activity in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus patients in Saudi Arabia
Sami Bahlas, Maimoona Mushtaq Ahmed
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92410

Tropical Public Health: Malaria Education
Hassan Nur Ayyoub
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92411

The frequency of scabies among patients attending the dermatology department in Erbil, Iraq
Alaa Abdulrahman Sulaiman
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92412

Body mass index or body weight alone
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Yusuf Aydin, Mehmet Gundogdu
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92413

October 2013 - Volume 11 Issue 8
[full pdf of issue]

Functional outcome and stability of Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Four-Strand Hamstring Graft - a comparative study
Arash Ravandi, Bodo Lazlo, Maryam Nooritajer
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92415

Causes for hospitalization in Pediatric Ward in Prince Zaid Hospital
Ghazi Al Salaita, Hazem Al Masri, Khaled Amro, Mahdi Farah, Majdi Al Jaafreh
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92416

Primary Care Physicians’ Knowledge, Attitude and Prescribing Practices for Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in Children Aged (2-59) Months in Ismailia Governorate
Waleed Sayed Ahmed, Hebatallah Nour Eldein Abdelsatar, Mosleh Abdel Rahman Ismail
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92417

Maternal anemia status among pregnant women in Erbil city, Iraq
Awat Feqe Ahmed, Khalis B. Mohammed-Ali
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92418

Prevalence of obesity in secondary schools females in Al-Karkh side of Baghdad city
Mayasah A. Sadiq
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92419

Determinants of smoking initiation and smoking cessation among employees of oil companies in Kuwait
Hussain Younis Ali, Khaled Khudadah, Omar Booz, Mohamed Moussa, Aref Alabbasi,
Rima Al-Adsani

DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92420

Overview of neonatal death at Al-Wahda Teaching Hospital in Aden, Yemen 2006 - 2008
Nagat Abdul Wahed Noman, Suha Abdul Malek Aghbari, Abdul Samad Taresh
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92421

November 2013 - Volume 11 Issue 9
[full pdf of issue]

Addressing Health Care Needs of Communities? A call for Revamping Medical Education Curriculum
Waris Qidwai
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92423

The influence of hormones on acne in females
Alaa Abdulrahman Sulaiman
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92424

What do patients value in their interactions with doctors?
Acharya S, Butterworth K, Shrestha N, Jaiswal D, Phuyal A, Bhattarai P
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92425

Referral letters from General Practitioners to Hospitals in Sri Lanka; Lack information and clarity
R.P.J.C. Ramanayake, D.P. Perera, A.H.W. de Silva, R.D.N. Sumanasekera, L.R. Jayasinghe,
K.A.T. Fernando, L.A.C.L. Athukorala

DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92426

Relationship between Patients’ Understanding of Treatment Plan and Medication Compliance
Ahmed I Albarrak, Jawaher Almulhem, Saad H. Alfraikh, Mohammed Alotaibi, Rafiuddin Mohammed
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92427

The Accuracy of Clinical Signs in Detecting Dehydration in Children
Manahel AlSabbagh
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92428

December 2013 - Volume 11 Issue 10
[full pdf of issue]

Microalbuminuria as a Risk Factor for Renal Dysfunction in Diabetic Patients in the British and Saudi Arabia Populations
Abdulrahman S. M. Al-Ajlan
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92431

Assessing Children’s Knowledge and the Impact of a Specific Health Awareness Program on the Weight Status of Overweight Children in Erbil City
Sherzad Abdulahad Shabu, Namir Ghanim Al-Tawil
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92432

Effect of Switching from Free Co-administration of Sulfonylurea and Metformin to Combined Combination of Glibenclamide and Metformin (Glucovance®) on Postprandial Glycemic Control in a Sample of Iraqi Type 2 Diabetics
Abbas Mahdi Rahmah
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92433

RABI - An Acronym to Aid Critical Appraisal of Validity
Mazen Saleh Ferwana
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92434

A new treatment approach in tuberculosis
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Seckin Akkucuk, Akin Aydogan
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92435

Role of herbal medicines in cardiovascular diseases
Qudsia Anjum, Juveria Fakhruddi
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92436

January 2014 - Volume 12 Issue 1
[full pdf of issue]

Assessment of Thyroid Function among Transfusion-Dependant Thalassaemics in Erbil
Noori Abdulla Khider, Fayzeh Mohamed Hussein
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92440

Saudi Family-Medicine Residents’ Readiness to Manage Intimate Partner Violence: A Needs Assessment Study
Eman Zaher, Robin Mason
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92441

Correlation between Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and C-Reactive Protein Levels with Disease Activity in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients
Sami M Bahlas, Laila A Damiati
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92442

Dysmenorrhea and Associated Risk Factors among University Students in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
Badria Khalid Al-Dabal, Manal Riad Koura, Latifa Saad Al-Sowielem, Samar Salim Barayan
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92443

Unintentional Injuries Among Preschool Children in Qatar: Cross Sectional Study
Lolwa Al-Mannai, Nagah Abdel Aziz Selim, Mohammad Ghaith Al-kuwari, Mansoura Fawaz Salem Ismail
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92444

Evaluation of a medical education program: medical errors in surgery as an example
Mohammed Hassen Al-Doghether
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92445

Causative micro-organisms of urinary tract infections and their antibiotic susceptibility in children
Riyad Mutair, Basim Al-Momany, Hussein Al Said
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92446

March 2014 - Volume 12 Issue 2
[full pdf of issue]

PSA as a predictive tool for detecting bone metastases in bone scan
Ali Alasmar, Ayman Alqaralla, Khaled Alkawaldah, Abdelbaset Rawashdah, Mahmood AlhabashnehMai Ali Salameh, Zakaria Khatatbeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92448

Early Child Marriage in Mosul at North of Iraq: Prevalence and Preference
Hajir H. Al-Ridhwany, Asma A. Al-Jawadi
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92449

Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection in pregnant women with hyperemesis gravidarum
Esraa AL-Maini
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92450

The Pattern of Feeding in the First 6 Months among Infants in Riyadh
Norah Ali Al-shehri
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92451

Spontaneous atraumatic extensor pollicis longus rupture in healthy individuals due to steroid injection: Two case reports
Raif Ozden, Vedat Uruc, Ibrahim Gokhan Duman , Yunus Dogramaci, Aydiner Kalaci, Erkam Komurcu
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92452

Wernicke Encephalopathy Following Bariatric Surgery and Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Saab R. O., Bassil B.J., El Khoury M.I. , Rassam P.W. , Snaifer E. E., Jabbour R.A.
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92453

April 2014 - Volume 12 Issue 3
[full pdf of issue]

Does Non-ANC Influence Complications during delivery among Women in Slums in Greater Mumbai?
V. M. Sarode
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92455

Toxoplasma gondii, Rubella and Cytomegalovirus Co-infections as risk factors for Abnormal Pregnancy Outcomes
Abdulghani Mohamed Alsamarai, Hala Mohamed Majeed Hassan, Ferah Ghali Alsalihi, Amina Hamed Alobaidi, Zainab Khalil Mohamed Aljumaili
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92456

The association between low birth weight and dental caries of primary teeth among Jordanian children
Tarek Athamneh, Ziad Al-Shraideh, Tamador Fahmi Malkawi, Mohannad Yousef Ersan, Ala Ersheidat
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92457

Vitamin D Deficiency is Comparatively More Prevalent in Female Children with Type 1 Diabetes in a High Vitamin D Deficiency Risk Country
Fatimah Alshamsan, Eman Elgabry, Bassam Bin-Abbas
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92458

Knowledge and practice of dietary habits and healthy lifestyle in a sample of medical and non medical college students in Baghdad
Lamia Dhia ALdeen, Ban Faud Ibrahim
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92459

May 2014 - Volume 12 Issue 4
[full pdf of issue]

Reducing Post Bone Marrow Transplant Fatigue by Programmed Exercise among Adult Cancer Patients
Mohammad K. Alsheikh, Nijmeh Al-Atiyyat
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92461

Breastfeeding for the Prevention of Breast Cancer: Evidence Based Practice
Mohammad Mousa Alqaisiya
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92462

Quality of Life among Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors: An Integrative Review
Nesreen Saleh Al Nejdawi, Nijmeh Al-Atyyat
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92463

End of Life Outcomes for Lung Cancer Patients who Use Different Coping Strategies: A Review
Huthaifa Khrais
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92464

Impact of Fungal Infections Among Neutropenic Adult Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Review
Mohammad Alkilany
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92465

Effects of Spirituality in Breast Cancer Survivors: Critique of Quantitative Research
Bilal S. H. Badr Naga, Nijmeh M. H. Al-Atiyyat
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92466

June 2014 - Volume 12 Issue 5
[full pdf of issue]

The correlation between vitamin D level and primary cesarean section
Henan Dh Skheel ALjebory, Abeer N. Hamdy
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92487

Recurrent Falls in Elder Patients: Risk Factors and Effect on Care Giving Family Members
Hossameldin M. M. Abdelrahman, Amal Emam Emam Elawam
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92488

The prevalence of hepatitis B and C in hemophiliac patients up to 18 years old in Children Welfare Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq
Wiam Ghassan Abd Alhameed, Sanaa Jafar Hamodi Alkaisi, Afrah Abdul-Mahdi Al-Ma’eeni
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92489

Evaluation of Referral System for Cancer Patients and the Information they received about their Disease in Tertiary Hospitals in Riyadh, 2012
Al Jamaan, M.A., Memish, Z.A. , Basulaiman, M.O., Saeedi, M, Y., Al Wadey, A.M., Arafa,M. A.;Al Saif, A. A., Alfarwan, W.M., Al-Fahaad, H.A., Alqarni A.S.
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92490

Views of Specialists on referral communications - a qualitative study from Sri Lanka
R. P. J. C. Ramanayake, A. H. W. de Silva, D. P. Perera, R. D. N. Sumanasekera, L. A. C. L. Athukorala K. A. T. Fernando
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92491

How to supervise a medical thesis
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEFM.2014.92492

August 2014 - Volume 12, Issue 6
[full pdf of issue]

Very high levels of C-reactive protein should alert the clinician to the development of acute chest syndrome in sickle cell patients
Can Acipayam, Sadik Kaya, Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Gül Ilhan, Gönül Oktay
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92531

Seroprevalence of HBV, HCV, HIV and syphilis infections among blood donors at Blood Bank of King Hussein Medical Center: A 3 Year Study
Baheieh Al Abaddi, Maha Al Amr, Lamees Abasi, Abeer Saleem, Nisreen Abu hazeem, Ahmd Marafi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92532

Prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Adult Patients with Dyspepsia in Gastrointestinal and Hepatology Teaching Hospital, Baghdad 2012
Hadeer Salah Al-Deen Abd Elwahhab, Sanaa Jafar Hamodi Alkaisi, Rayadh A. Zaydan

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92533

The presence of H.pylori in cases of chronic idiopathic urticaria
Rashad Feddah, Ibraheem Banihameem, Anwar Farhan, Saeed Al-Ahmari, Fayeh Asiri, Hamad AL Fahaad, Wadha Alfarwan
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92534

Changes in Hospital Management and its Impact on the Health Care Delivery System: An Interview with Ben Frank CEO of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
Sasha Hodgson, Dana Shabaneh, Zahrah Al Shehhi, Fatima Al Matrooshi, Shireen Al Katheeri Noura Al Katheeri
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92535

Training medical students in general practices: Patients’ attitudes
R. P. J .C. Ramanayake, A. H. W. de Silva, D. P. Perera, R. D. N. Sumanasekera,
K. A. T. Fernando, L. A. C. L. Athukorala
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92536

The necessity and importance of writing and publishingnon-research papers
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92537

September 2014 - Volume 12, Issue 7
[full pdf of issue]

Enuresis Nocturna and the Symptoms of Upper Airway Obstruction in Primary School age Children: Is there a Relationship?
Doganer Yusuf Cetin, Aydogan Umit , Ashfaq Tabinda,Burmaoglu Serhat, Sari Oktay Koc Bayram, Saglam Kenan, Qidwai Waris
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92541

Referral communications: Bridging the gap between primary care doctors and specialists
R.P.J.C. Ramanayake, A.H.W. de Silva, D.P. Perera, R.D.N. Sumanasekera, K.M.S. Lakmini,
B.L.S. Ranasigh

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92542

Sodium Stibogluconate treatment for cutaneous leishmaniasis: A clinical study of 43 cases from the north of Jordan
Mamoun Mohammad Al-Athamneh, Hiathem Qasem Abu Al-haija, Ra’ed Smadi, Ayman S. Qaqaa, Heba Ajlouni
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92543

Middle East Children
Safaa Bahjat
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92544

Certain Determinants Affecting the Current Choice of Family Planning Methods Used by Women Attending Some Family Planning Clinics in Baghdad City
Sanaa Jafar Hamodi Alkaisi, Amjad Daoud Niazi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92545

Scabies in children in sector Gaza
Thaer Almomani
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92546

A review on the diverse types of research misconduct
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92547

October 2014 - Volume 12, Issue 8
[full pdf of issue]

Therapeutic effect of pregabalin, Vitamin B-groups and their combination on patients with diabetic peripheral poly neuropathy
Kawa F. Dizaye, Talar Ameer Sheet
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92556

Successful use of 0.2% Glyceryl Trinitrate ointment for anal fissures in Erbil city, Iraq
Abdulqadir M. Zangana, Kawa F. Dizaye
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92557

Patient’s Satisfaction: Insight into Access to Service, Interpersonal Communication and Quality of Care Issues
Abdulaziz Al Odhayani, Rajab Ali Khawaja
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92558

“Health Education Epidemiology”: An interdisciplinary science that comes into being through the integration of epidemiology and health education
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92559

Iraqi girl’s education: challenges and opportunities
Safaa Bahjat
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92560

Emerging trends of Shisha smoking in Pakistani youth
Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92561

Roy Adaptation Model: Application of Theoretical Framework
Bilal S. H. Badr Naga, Esam A. AL-Khasib
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92562

How to select and cite scientific works
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92562

November 2014 - Volume 12, Issue 9
[full pdf of issue]

Prevalence of Eye and Vision Abnormalities among a Sample of Children up to five years old who visit Primary Health Care Centers in Baghdad Alresafa
Zainab Mudhfer Nasser, Sanaa Jafar Hamodi Alkaisi, K.M. AL-Quriashi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92580

Does Delayed Cord Clamping (DCC) at term in anemic mothers improve the infant's hemoglobin level?
Mohammed Al Nader, Imad Eldeen Al Sharu, Manar Abu Karaki, Tahani Muhmad ALkresha, Enas Adnan ALjaefra

Management of primary postpartum Haemorrhage inside Erbil city: Iraq
Awring Maroof Raof
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92581

Review: Ebola haemorrhagic fever
Lesley Pocock, Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92582

Comparison of the medical students' self-assessment and simulated patients evaluation of students' communication skills in Family Medicine Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).
Firdous Jahan, Muhammed Moazzam, Mark Norrish, Shaikh Mohammed Naeem
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92583

Training medical students in general practices: Factors influencing patients' attitudes
R.P.J.C. Ramanayake, A.H.W. de Silva, D.P. Perera, R.D.N. Sumanasekera, L.A.C.L. Athukorala, K.A.T. Fernando
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2014.92584

January 2015 - Volume 13, Issue 1

[full pdf of issue]

The Reasons for Consuming a Vegetarian Diet in Lebanon and the Survey of its Health Impacts
Evelyne M. Girgis
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92621

Non-Compliance to Antihypertensive Treatment among Patients Attending Prince Zaid Military Hospital
Lana Sati Goussous, Nashat Ayoub Halasah, Manhal Halasa
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92622

Women’s health Aspect In Humanitarian Missions And Disasters: Jordanian Royal Medical Services Experience
Fatima Al-Odwan, Suhair Wreikat
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92623

Increasing incidences of STIs in Pakistani youth; Role of Family Physicians in prevention, treatment and control of STIs
Manzoor Butt
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92624

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-COV)
Firdous Jahan, Ali Abdullah Al Maqbali
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92625

How to construct a successful grant proposal
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92626

March 2015 - Volume 13, Issue 2

[full pdf of issue]

The effect of nutritional educational intervention to mothers on improving the hemoglobin level of their nine month old children attending Ahmed Ali Kanoo Health Center in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Fatima Al Alawi, Watheq A. Hashim, Ghaida Abdulla, Adel Al Sayyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92664

Satisfaction with nursing care from the inpatients’ perspective in Prince Salman Armed Forced Hospital Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Majed Al Qahtani, Salem Khalil Al Dahi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92665

Gender Differences in Consultation Time and its Relation to Patient’s Satisfaction: a cross-sectional study at King Khalid University Primary Health Care Clinics In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Haya Al-Abbad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92666

The Effectiveness of Hand Hygiene Education Intervention for Medical Students in Primary Care Settings, Ismailia city, Egypt
Hebatallah Nour-Eldein, Nahed Amen Eldahshan
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92667

Health of Migrant Workers; A Matter Of Concern
Faisal Abdul Latif Alnasir
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92668

Celebrating a good life - Professor Waris Qidwai
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92669

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Primary Health Care Physicians in Bahrain towards Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Adel Salman Al Sayyad, Reem Al Saffar, Hala Al Jasim, Fatima Al Reqraq, Bushra S. Ahmed
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92670

April/May 2015 - Volume 13, Issue 3

[full pdf of issue]

Barriers, Challenges and Way Forward for Implementation of Person Centered Care Model of Patient and Physician Consultation: A Survey of Patients’ Perspective from Eastern Mediterranean Countries
Waris Qidwai, Kashmira Nanji, Tawfik A M Khoja, Salman Rawaf, Nabil Yasin Al Kurashi,
Faisal Alnasir, Mohammed Ali Al Shafaee, Mariam Al Shetti, Muntazar Bashir,
Nagwa Eid Sobhy Saad, Sanaa Alkaisi, Wafa Halasa, Huda Al-Duwaisan, Amal Al-Ali

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92672

Passive Smoking and Pregnancy Outcome
Tarek Athamneh, Sultan Qudah, Mahmoud Mashaqbeh, Sumaya Ali Njadat,
Mohammed Khderat
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92675

Public Assessment of Social and Economic Rehabilitation Component of Leprosy Control Programmes in Anambra and Ebonyi States of Southeast Nigeria
Nwankwo, Ignatius Uche
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92674

Analyzing the Medical and Non-medical aspects of Medical Consultation in the city of Visakhapatnam
Supriti Agarwal , Sonia Singh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92673

How to critically appraise a scientific paper: Introducing a careful planning scheme
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92676

June 2015 - Volume 13 Issue 4

[full pdf of issue]

Knowledge, Attitude, Practice And Barriers Of Effective Communication Skills During Medical Consultation Among General Practitioners National Guard Primary Health Care Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Basmah Saleh Al-Zahrani, Maryam Fahad Al-Misfer, Ali Mohsen Al-Hazmi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92680

Major Social Impacts of a Vegetarian Diet on Vegetarians in Lebanon
Evelyne Girgis
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92681

Role of Evidence-Based Public Health in Controlling Emerging Infectious Diseases
Tawfik A. M. Khoja, Waris Qidwai, Mohamed S. Hussein, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92682

Office Procedures: Review and Practice Tips
Maurice Brygel
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92683

July / August 2015 - Volume 13, Issue 5

[full pdf of issue]

Knowledge, attitude and behaviour of asthmatic patients regarding asthma in primary care setting in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Osama Moheb Ibrahim Mohamed, Wael Karameh Karameh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92685

DASH Diet: How Much Time Does It Take to Reduce Blood Pressure in Pre-hypertensive and Hypertensive Group 1 Egyptian patients?
Rehab Abdelhai, Ghada Khafagy, Heba Helmy
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92685

Assessment of TB stigma among patients attending chest hospital in Suez Canal University area, Egypt
Nahed Amen Eldahshan, Rehab Ali Mohammed, Rasha Farouk Abdellah, Eman Riad Hamed
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92687

Awareness of diabetic retinopathy in Egyptian diabetic patients attending Kasra Al-Ainy outpatient clinic: A cross-sectional study
Marwa Mostafa Ahmed, Mayssa Ibrahim Ali, Hala Mohamed El-Mofty, Yara Magdy Taha
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92688

Estimation of some biophysical parameters in semen of fertile and infertile patients
Dhahir Tahir Ahmad, Suhel Mawlood Alnajar, Tara Nooradden Abdulla, Zhyan Baker Hasan
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92689

Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Periodic Health Checks: Perceptions and Practice among Family Physicians in Eastern Mediterranean Region
Waris Qidwai, Kashmira Nanji, Tawfik A M Khoja, Salman Rawaf, Nabil Yasin Al Kurashi, Faisal Alnasir, Mohammed Ali Al Shafaee, Mariam Al Shetti,Nagwa Eid Sobhy Saad, Sanaa Alkaisi, Wafa Halasa, Huda Al-Duwaisan, Amal Al-Ali
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92691

Virology vigilance - an update on MERS and viral mutation and epidemiology for family doctors
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92692

September 2015 - Volume 13, Issue 6

[full pdf of issue]

Validity of Dipstick Rapid Test in the Diagnosis of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Two Hospitals in Baghdad City during two years (2012 -2013)
Sanaa Jafar Hamodi Alkaisi, Worood Abdul Sahib Najim, Lamyaa Jaafar Hammoodi Alqaisi, Rasha Tariq Jawad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92699

Sensitivity and specificity of combined fine needle aspiration cytology and cell block biopsy versus needle core biopsy in the diagnosis of sonographically detected abdominal masses
Salah Abobaker Ali
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92700

Effect of sitagliptin on glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes
Abbas Mahdi Rahmah
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92700

Critical Reading of an Article about Causation and Harm
Mazen Ferwana
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92702

Hypolipidemic efficacy of Trigonella Foenum seeds in comparison with Rosuvastatin and Fenofibrate in hyperlipidemic rats
Kawa Dizaye, Lana A. Chalaby
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92703

October 2015 - Volume 13, Issue 7

[full pdf of issue]

Preoperative management of sickle cell patients with hydroxyurea
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Sedat Hakimoglu, Mehmet Oktay Sariosmanoglu, Suleyman Kardas,
Beray Bahar, Merve Filoglu, Ibrahim Ugur Deler, Duygu Alime Almali, Ozcan Gokpinar,
Ozlem Celik, Aynur Ozbay, Ozgun Ilke Karagoz, Seher Aydin

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92739

Khat (Catha edulis) chewing as a risk factor of low birth weight among full term Newborns:
A systematic review

Kalkidan Hassen
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92740

Chronic pain review following Lichtenstein hernia repair: A Personal Series
Maurice Brygel, Luke Bonato, Sam Farah
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92741

Assessment of Health Status of Male Teachers in Abha City, Saudi Arabia
Ali Mofareh Assiri, Hassan M. A. Al-Musa
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92742

How to do Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Mazen Ferwana, Ashraf El Metwally
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92743

Evidence-Based Standards for Cancer Pain Management
Bilal S. H. Badr Naga

November/December 2015 - Volume 13, Issue 8

[full pdf of issue]

Indications and findings of upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (UGIE) in patients of Gizan, Saudi Arabia: A retrospective study
Hussein Ageely
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92745

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may be one of the terminal endpoints of the sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Sibel Dogru
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92746

Enabling Factors and Barriers among Health Policy Makers toward Utilization of National Medical Research’ Recommendations in Jeddah, 2010
Mahmoud Abdullah Al-Zahrani, Rajaa Al- Raddadi, Adel Ibrahem
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92747

Strategies for the Prevention of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection in the Paediatric Population of Developing Countries
Sina Aziz, Waris Qidwai
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92748

Critical Reading of an Article about Therapy
Mazen Ferwana, Ahmed Al Saileek
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92749

January 2016 - Volume 14, Issue 1

[full pdf of issue]

Academic Leadership Development (ALD) Program at College of Medicine, Jeddah; King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
Saad Abdulrahman Alghmdi, Wesam Abuznadah, Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92790

A new method in the management of wrist ganglion (Silk thread passed through the ganglion); in comparison with other traditional methods
Abdulqadir M. Zangana, Kawa F. Dizaye
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92791

Seroprevalence of Measles, Rubella, Mumps and Varicella Specific Antibodies in Primary School Children
Reda Sanad Arafa, Ghada Saad Abdelmotaleb, Raneyah Hamdy Mahmoud Shaker,
Inas Abdulmonem Elsayed, Rabab Fawzy Salim Baioumy, Nesreen Mohamad Zain El Dean, Lamyaa Hussain Abdulrahman Seliem

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92792

Motivating People to Protect Their Sexual Health
Abdulrazak Abyad

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92793

Are female patients and the elderly at a higher risk for Vitamin D deficiency?
Mazen S Ferwana
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92794

March 2016 - Volume 14, Issue 2

[full pdf of issue]

Effect of Education Intervention on Prevention of Bloodborne Infections for Health Care Workers in Family Medicine Centers, Suez Canal University in Ismailia City, Egypt
Hebatallah Nour-Eldein, Rehab Ali Mohamed
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92784

Prevalence of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder among Medical Students of Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukaramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Reda A. Goweda, Mohammad M. Alkot, Fatimah A. Alturkistani, Raghad J. Alhajaji Sara S. Aljebali, Zubaida A. Baashr
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92785

Health Risk Behaviors among adolescents in Qatar
Hamad Eid Al Romaihi, Hamda Qotba, Rasha ElSayed Salama, Mansoura Salem Ismail Nagah Abdel Aziz Selim
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92786

Can Structured Education Improve Metabolic Outcome and Quality of Life in Diabetes? A Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials
Osama Moheb Ibrahim Mohamed, Mohamed Hassanein
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92787

Zika Virus Update and Biological Control of Aedes species mosquito (A. Aegypti and A. albopictus)
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92788

April 2016, Volume 14, Issue 3

[full pdf of issue]

How Sensitive is Urine Dipstick Analysis in Predicting Urinary Tract Infections in Symptomatic Adults in a Primary Care Setting
Mokhtar Shatla, Abdulrahman Almisfer, Shamsuldin Zawawi, Baraah Damanhouri, Fahad Alharthi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92796

Accelerated atherosclerosis and digital clubbing in sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Mustafa Sahan, Agit Sulhan, Abdullah Fatih Acik, Adil Ocak, Semih Salaz,
Lesley Pocock

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92797

Assessment of home glucose monitoring system in primary health care system; where are we?
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed, Amal Nouri
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92798

Cobalamin Injection: Is it Useful in Lumbosacral Diseases?
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92799

Rota virus vaccine-induced intussusception: A case report study
Mohammad M. Alkot, Hossam S Abdelbaki, Mohammad S. Al-Fageah, Ebtesam A. Al-Sulami
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2015.92800

May 2016, Volume 14, Issue 4

[full pdf of issue]

Left renal atrophy in sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Ramazan Davran, Mursel Davarci , Orhan Ekrem Muftuoglu
Lesley Pocock

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92841

The effect of eye drop excipients against Acanthamoeba polyphaga by AlamarBlueTM assay
Jeehan Alestada, Roua Abulkassimb, Ruwida Omarc
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92842

Storage of Medicines and Temperature Control at Community Pharmacies in Rural District of Sindh, Pakistan: An Exploratory Cross-Sectional Study
Nadir Suhail, Sumera Aziz Ali, Waris Qidwai, Savera Aziz Ali, Saleem Iqbal,Yousaf Memon, Mohammad Masood Kadir
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92843

Plagiarism and Self plagiarism from the perspective of academic authors
Lesley Pocock, Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92844

Introduction to Skin Surgery in the Office - some practical tips
Maurice Brygel
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92845

When we should start writing and publishing an article in the health domain
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92846

June 2016, Volume 14, Issue 5

[full pdf of issue]

Omar Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92848

Is Sleep Apnea Worse in the Winter?
Mustafa Yilmaz, Nigar Yilmaz, Dilek Aslan Ozturk, Ercan Baldemir, Gülser Karadaban Emir, Murat Sahan, Yasemin Unal, Ayse Sözen, Gülnihal Kutlu
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92849

Red blood cell supports in severe clinical conditions in sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Nesrin Atci, Orhan Ayyildiz, Orhan Ekrem Muftuoglu, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92850

Zika and Virus Evolution
Lesley Pocock, Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92851

Principles of Surgery - Ano rectal region: Haemorrhoids
Maurice Brygel
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92852

July/August 2016, Volume 14, Issue 6

[full pdf of issue]

Frequency of Job-Related Burn-out in Family Physicians working in General / Family Practice in the Middle East
Abdulrazak Abyad, Bader Almustafa, Abbas Ali Mansour, Manal S Al-Mutar, Thamer Al Hilfi, Seyed Habib Olla Kavari, Alireza Khammar
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92802

Effect of Ginger and its Extract on Blood Sugar and on Kidney Function of Type I Diabetic Rats
Abdulsalam, K.A., El gabry, E.K., Alkalifa, A.S
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92803

Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy among Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Abha City, Saudi Arabia
Awad S. Alsamghan, Safar Abadi Al-Saleem, Mohammad A. Alshibli, Hassan M. Al-Musa
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92804

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Yemeni patients with hypothyroidism
Bamashmos M.A. Atef, Z.A.
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92805

Prevalence and determinants of Unintended Pregnancy: Systematic Review
Sumera Aziz Ali, Shiyam Sunder Tikmani, Waris Qidwai
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92806

Principles of Surgery - Ano rectal region: Anal abscess and fistula
Maurice Brygel
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92807

September 2016, Volume 14, Issue 7

[full pdf of issue]

Special Editorial - Honour
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92854

Improving Hypertension Control via a Team-based Educational and Refill Monitoring (TERM) Intervention, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Sameh F. Ahmed, Hany M. Aiash, Hassan A. Abdel-Wahid
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92855

Perception of stress, anxiety, depression and coping strategies among medical students at Oman Medical College
Firdous Jahan, Muhammad A Siddiqui, Mohammed Mitwally, Noor Said Jasim Al Zubidi, Huda Said Jasim Al Zubidi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92856

A case of Herlyn-Werner- Wunderlic syndrome with recurrent lower abdominal pain
Tariq Ertimeh, Rami AI-Shwyiat, Khloud Mattar, Rahmeh Adamat
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92857

Medical Education and the Practice of Medicine in the Muslim countries of the Middle East
Lesley Pocock, Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92858

Muslim world’s universities: Past, present and future
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92859

CME Needs Assessment: National Model
Abdulrazak Abyad, Ninette Bandi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92872

October 2016, Volume 14, Issue 8

[full pdf of issue]

Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding cervical cancer screening among Female health care workers in primary healthcare in Qatar
Amal Alali, Mohamed Salem, Hisham Elmahdi, Noora Alkubaisi, Zeliakha Alwahedi,Muna Taher, Wafaa Yousuf, Abeer Aljaber, Ahmed Mostafa
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92809

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Impaired Fasting Glucose in Egyptian Adults, Menoufia Governorate
Aml Ahmed Salama, Ahmed Mohammed Zahran, Asma Shawqy Beddah
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92810

Integration of mental health service program into primary health care service
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92811

Suicide pattern in Kermanshah Province, West of Iran: March 2012- March 2013
Mehran Rostami, Abdollah Jalilian, Ramin Rezaei-Zangeneh, Teimour Jamshidi,
Mohsen Rezaeian

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92812

Academic publishing in the modern era
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92813

November 2016, Volume 14, Issue 9

[full pdf of issue]

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92873

Introducing the Middle East Primary Care Quality Improvement Program (MEQUIP)
Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92874

Primary health care reforms in Pakistan: A mandatory requirement for successful healthcare delivery
Sajad Ahmad, Waris Qidwai
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92875

Rehabilitation services in Benghazi, Libya: An organizational case study
Rania M Hamed El Sahly, Anne Cusick
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92876

CME Needs Assessment: National Model - Dental CME
Abdulrazak Abyad, Ninette Banday
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92877

Case report: Acute hair matting in a Libyan girl from the outskirts
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2016.92878

January 2017, Volume 15, Issue 1

[full pdf of issue]

DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92890

Prevalence and Determinants of Psychological Morbidity among Arab Diabetic Patients
Hamad Rashid Al-Madhaki, Mohamed Ghaith Al-Kuwari
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92891

Pattern and predictors of glycemic control among type 2 diabetics in Armed Forces Hospital of Jizan, southwestern Saudi Arabia
Hassan A. Abdelwahid, Saud M. Erwi, Firas S. Alahmari, Amany A. Koteb, Hesham M. Dahlan
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92892

What can quality improvement add to diabetes care?
Almoutaz Alkhier Ahmed
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92893

PowerPoint presentations in Medical Conferences in Iraq. (A Qualitative Study)
Ali A. Kadhim Abutiheen
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92894

Narrowband UVB Therapy in Yemeni Patients
Amer Omer Bin Zou, Asia Hussain Al-Asbahi, Maysa Saeed Al-Noban
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92895

Febuary 2017, Volume 15, Issue 2

[full pdf of issue]

Pattern of current tobacco use among the Saudi adult population: results of the national Survey of Risk Factors of Non-Communicable Diseases
Abdelshakour M. Abdalla, Lamiaa Z. Abuzaid, Waleed S. Al-Hussain, Nasser A. Al-Hamdan, Abdalla A. Saeed, Ahmed A. Bahnassy
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92916

Concentrations of Azithromycin and Amoxicillin-Clavulanic acid in patients undergoing tonsillectomy
Nidhal AK Mohammed Ali, Rasha G. Thanoon
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92917

Influence of Elderly parent on family dynamics: results of a survey from Karachi, Pakistan
Waris Qidwai, Imdad Ali Khushk, Sabrina Allauddin, Kashmira Nanj
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92918

Leadership in Postgraduate Family Medicine Training Programs: A “Steps-Model” Implementation in Eastern Province-MOH, Saudi Arabia
Abdullah Dukhail AL-Khathami
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92919

Evaluation of the Child with Short Stature
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92920

April / May 2017, Volume 15, Issue 3

[full pdf of issue]

Hyperglycemia In Pregnancy in Arab Population, Kuwait Oil Company Hospital, Kuwait
Hany M. Aiash, Sameh F. Ahmed, Amro Abo Elezz
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92948

Ischiofemoral impingement syndrome , incidence and clinical importance
Jamil S. Shawaqfeh, Maysoon Banihani, Hend Harahsheh, Ashraf Tamimi,Abdulaziz Bawazir
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92949

Assessment of behaviors, risk factors of Diabetic foot ulcer and footwear safety among diabetic patients in primary care setting, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Osama Moheb Ibrahim Mohamed, Nwanneka E. O. Ofiaeli, Adnan Syeed,
Amira Elhassan, Mona Al Tunaiji, Khuloud Al Hammadi, Maryam Al Ali
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92950

Determinants and Prevalence of Stunting Among Rural Kavreli Pre-school Children
Kharel Sushil, Mainalee Mandira, Pandey Niraj
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92952

Medical and Psychological Associations with Nocturnal Enuresis in Children in Qatar
Ahmed Mohamed Kahlout, Hayam Ali AlSada
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92953

Aging Syndrome
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Orhan Ayyildiz, Orhan Ekrem Muftuoglu, Mustafa Yaprak
Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92951

June 2017, Volume 15, Issue 4

(full pdf of issue)

The dos and don’ts of painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy: Primary care guidelines for the Middle East and North Africa
Camille Aizarani , Ashraf A. Amir, Zoulikha Benchouk, Muneer A. Abu Al-SamenMohamed Farghaly, Adnan Kandil, Rayaz A. Malik
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92954

Effect of electro-acoustic factors on the continuous use of hearing aid in hearing impaired children under 15 years
Mansour Nazari Chafjiri, Nikta Hatamizadeh, Asghar Makarem, Masoud Karimloo
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92955

Comparative study of the effects of narrative therapy and play therapy by group approach on inhibiting impulsivity, reducing aggression and increasing interpersonal relations
Sepideh Kafili Kasmaei, Farhad Asghari
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92956

Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Orhan Ayyildiz, Orhan Ekrem Muftuoglu, Mustafa Yaprak,
Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock

DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92957

Leisure and Tourism as a Treatment in Iran: A Sociological Appraisal
Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92958

July 2017, Volume 15, Issue 5

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Herpetic Eye Disease and Glaucoma Related Diagnosis
C. Dan Earley, Amal M Althawabi, Paul R Cotran, Sarkis H Soukiasian
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92960

Cholelithiasis may also be a consequence of metabolic syndrome
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Mursel Davarci, Orhan Veli Ozkan, Ersan Semerci, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92961

SUMO1 pseudogene 3 (SUMO1P3) expression in human gastric cancer and its clinical significance
Hamid Reza Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi, Habib Malekpour, Ehsan Nazemalhosseini Mojarad,
Hamid Asadzadeh Aghdaei, Majid Asadi-Samani, Azar Baradaran

DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92962

Decoy Cell Viruria in Kidney Transplant Patients. Does it correlate with Renal Function?
Akram Abedi, Mojgan Mortazavi, Omid Mirmosayyeb, Shahram Taheri,
Nooshin Afsharmoghadam, Majid Asadi-Samani, Shahram Sajadieh, Azar Baradaran

DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92963

To determine how frequently pregnant asthmatics are sensitive to food and inhalation allergens
Nasrin Fazel, Michael Kundi, Erika Jensen-Jarolim, Isabella Maria Pali-Schöll, Asghar Kazemzadeh, Mojtaba Fattahi Abdizadeh, Habibollah Esmaily, Roya AkbarzadehRaheleh Ahmadi
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92964

Promoting Self-Directed Learning in Family Medicine Residency Program in Saudi Arabia
Mohammed H Doghether
DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92965

Gum Sisymbrium irio effect on the quality attributes of baguettes
Leila Azadi, Mohammad Hojjatoleslamy, Hooman Molavi

DOI: 10.5742/ MEWFM.2017.92966

August 2017 Volume 15, Issue 6
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Serum level of ionized calcium in patients with migraine during a migraine attack and times without migraine
[pdf version]
Mojtaba Kazemi, Sajad Emami, Aida Bahman, Mahshid Zareian, Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jahromi, Somayehsadat Talebnia Jahromi, Hassan Zabetian, Ali Golestan, Abdolhossein Madani

Comparative study of vocational rehabilitation among governmental and private sectors on employment of disabled persons
[pdf version]
Mansour Nazari Chafjiri

A Survey of Interurban Taxi Drivers'driving Behaviors across Kermanshah, Iran, in 2015
[pdf version]
Reza Pourmirza Kalhori, Azadeh Foroughinia, Arash Ziapour

Comparison of Standard Triple Therapy Regimen with Sequential Therapy Regimen Containing Levofloxacin Used for The Eradication of Helicobacter Pylori in Patients with Gastrointestinal Infection Caused by Helicobacter Pylori
[pdf version]
Masoud Hafizi, Mohammad Hadi Shafigh Ardestani, Mohammad Reza Tamadon,
Kian Kavehzadeh, Masoud Amiri

Risk Factors of Resistance to Intravenous Immunoglobulin in patients with Kawasaki: A Cross-Sectional Study over a 10 Year Period (2006-2016)
[pdf version]
Fariba Tarhani, Azadeh Jafrasteh, Mahshid Garmsiri, Shabnam Dalvand

Evaluation of hematological indices of workers exposed to benzene
[pdf version]
Behnaz Salehiforouz, Akbar Vahdati, Ali Akbar Malekirad, Mohammad Amin Edalatmanesh

The Effect of Internet Usage on Relations between Members of the Iranian Family in Tehran City
[pdf version]
Lida Norouzi, Anahita Arbabi, Maryam Jamali

Investigate the Relationship between Information Technology and Employees' Productivity with Mediating Role of Knowledge Management (Case study: Imam Reza Hospital of Sirjan)
[pdf version]
Hamid Shahdadi, Abbas Yazdanpenah, Abbas Ghavam

Pre-competition anxiety score among Elite Boy Swimmers in Iran
[pdf version]
Asghar Nikseresht, Amir-Abbas Yabande, Karamatollah Rahmanian, Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jahromi

Assessment of the Presence or Absence of Palmaris Longus and the Fifth Superficial Flexor Tendon in the Iranian Population: Are these tendons evolutionary
[pdf version]
Afshin Ahmadzadeh Heshmati, Ali Karbalaeikhani, Alireza Saied, Mohsen Rouhani,
Mahsa Aboei, Farzad Abroud, Elahe Havoshk

Moral challenges in the provision of care for Infant and Family: a qualitative study
[pdf version]
Marzieh Zahabi, Narges Sadeghi

A Study of the Effects of Factors Related to Food Consumption in Health Workers of Najaf Abad-based Healthcare Centers, Isfahan, Iran
[pdf version]
Fereshteh Sarmadi

Restoration of Let-7: a possible approach for increased sensitivity to paclitaxel in ovarian cancer
[pdf version]
Mohammad-Reza Mahmoudian-Sani, Ameneh Mehri-Ghahfarrokhi, Ali Shojaeian,
Majid Asadi-Samani ,

The First Electronic Immunization Registry System in Iran, Iranian Immunization Registry (IIR)
[pdf version]
Halime Raeisi Sarbizhan, Nahid Hatam, Mehrdad Askarian

Comparison of Dyspepsia Symptoms from the Viewpoints of Persian Traditional and Modern Medicine: A Qualitative Study using Content Analysis approach
[pdf version]
Ali Taghipour, Hamidreza Hosainzadeh, Mahdi Yousefi, Mosarreza Hosaini

  Comparison of the effect of Salvizan Gel with Teriadent in patients with minor aphthous ulcers
[pdf version]
Fatemeh Babadi , Reza Mirzaee Poodeh

Radiological and clinical evaluation of maxillofacial cysts and tumors in patients referred to Hospitals in Kermanshah during 2008-2012
[pdf version]
Nafiseh Nikkerdar, Bahram Azizi , Amin Golshah, Maryam Asadi

The effects of Matricaria Chamomilla extract during neonatal period of rats on pituitary-gonadal hormone axis and changes in testicular tissue of male progenies
[pdf version]
Safieh Golkhani, Akbar Vahdati , Mehrdad Modaresi, Mohammad Amin Edalatmanesh

In Vitro Effects of Ascorbic Acid on Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking in Keratoconus
[pdf version]
Nasrin Aghaei , Shahrokh Ramin, Abbas Aghaei , Sayed Mehdi Tabatabaei, Mohammd Aghazadeh Amiri

Investigating the prenatal exposure of hydro-alcoholic extract of ginger on the function of Pituitary - Gonad axis in male mature offspring rats
[pdf version]
Nasim Zamani, Ebrahim Hosseini, Mehrdad Modaresi, Abdallah Ghasemi Pirbalouti

September 2017 Volume 15, Issue 7
(full pdf)

Cholelithiasis and cholecystectomy may lower the low density lipoprotein cholesterol in plasma
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93010
Mehmet Rami H
elvaci, Mursel Davarci, Orhan Veli Ozkan, Ersan Semerci, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock

Serum and follicular fluid vitamin D and follicular response among infertile women undergoing ICSI
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93011
Sedighe Esmaeilzadeh, Maryam Aliasgharpour, Parvaneh Mirabi, Azita Ghanbarpour
Maede Fasihian

Studying the relation of quality of work life with socio-economic status and general health among the employees working in Students Welfare Fund of Ministry of Health and Medical Education in 2016
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93012
Saeed Reza Azami, Nasrin Shaarbafchizadeh, Soheil Mokhtari, Ali Maher

On the Effect of Cognitive Behavioural Counseling on Sexual Satisfaction of Mothers with Autistic Children: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Leila Arbil, Mitra Kolivand, Farzaneh Golboni, Effat MerghatiKhoei, Mansour Rezaei

Pre-operative sublingual misoprostol and intra-operative blood loss during total abdominal hysterectomy: a randomized single-blinded controlled clinical trial
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93013
Taravat Fakheri, Tayebe Noori

Investigating the Effect of Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure on Sore Throat, Hoarseness and Cough in Patients with Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93014
Ali Akbar Vaezi, Mohammad Hassan Mondegari Bamakan

Comparing the Self-Esteem and Resiliency between Blind and Sighted Children and Adolescents in Kermanshah City
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93015
Saeedeh Bakhshi, Nafiseh Montazeri , Babak Nazari, Arash Ziapour, Hashem Barahooyi,
Fatemeh Dehghan

Frequency of Uric Acid Levels, Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia among the Pakistani Population
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93016
Waris Qidwai, Masood Jawaid

Determinants of Tooth Brushing among Primary School Students
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93017
Mohammad Mahboubi, Mohammad Ismail Motlagh, Mehdi Mirzaei-Alavijeh, Farzad Jalilian,
Hassan Gharibnavaz, Mohammad Fattahi

Depression in patients suffering from gender dysphoria: The hospitalized patients of Legal Medicine Center in Southwest of Iran
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93018
Zahra Gorjian, Mohammad Zarenezhad, Mohhamad Mahboubi, Saeid Gholamzadeh,
Nahid Mahmoodi

An epidemiological study of suicide attempts and to determine the correlation between attempted suicide causes and demographic characteristics of people in Kermanshah Province during a year
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93019
Hamid Reza Shetabi, Samira Rostami, Mohsen Mohammadi, Mahsa Cheleii, Lida Saedi,
Saba Amiri Nasab, Shirin Zardui GolAnbari

The effectiveness of life skills training on happiness, mental health, and marital satisfaction in wives of Iran-Iraq war veterans
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93038
Kamal Solati

The Role of Self-Compassion Factors in Predicting the Marital Satisfaction of Staff at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences
Parisa Janjani, Lida Haghnazari, Farahnaz Keshavarzi, Alireza Rai

Mediating role of irrational beliefs in the relationship between the quality of family communication and marital satisfaction
Parisa Janjani, Khodamorad Momeni, Alireza Rai, Mohammad Reza Saidi

New Methods in Treatment of Renal failure in Patients with Multiple Myeloma: A Review with Immunological Approach
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93022
Ali Saeedi-Boroujeni, Sara Iranparast, Majid Shirani

Congenital anomalies: Overview and a brief report on promising new research
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93023
Lesley Pocock, Mohsen Rezaeian, Majid Asadi-Samani, Alireza Seidavi, Mansour Nazari Chafjiri

Investigating the Use of Smartphones for Learning Purposes by Iranian Dental Students
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93024
Mohammad Shooriabi, Abdolreza Gilavand

The Effect of Educational Training on Nurses' Clinical Function of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93025
Makieh Jokari, Zahra Gorjian

Comparison of the attitude toward stigma among the staff and students and faculty at Abadan School of Medical Sciences
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93026
Mohammad Mahboobi, Saeid Gholamzadeh, Mohammad Zarenezhad, Zeynab Namadmaliani Zadeh, Nahid Mahmoodi

The effectiveness of sexual skills training with a cognitive-behavioral approach on sexual dysfunction among infertile women
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93038
Nasrin Jalilian, Zahra Mokari

How to prepare a poster for a scientific presentation
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93027
Maryam Rezaeian, Mahsa Rezaeian, Mohsen Rezaeian

Adaptive LASSO Logistic Regression applied on gene expression of prostate cancer
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93028
Amir Hossein Hashemian, Maryam Ghobadi Asl, Soodeh Shahsavari, Mansour Rezaei,
Hadi Raeisi Shahraki

The prevalence of brain and neck injuries in patients with maxillofacial fractures in teaching hospitals of Rasht in 2016
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93029
Seyed Mohammad Talebzadeh, Ali Khalighi Sigaroudi, Babak Alijani, Safa Motevasseli,
Saied Dashtyari, Mahsa Shariati, Zeinab Davoudmanesh

Cultural competency: a concept analysis in TUMS (Tehran University of Medical Science)
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93030
Foruzan Khatamidoost, Mandana Shirazi, Hamid Khankeh, Nemat Allah Musapour
Majid Sadeghi, Kamran Soltani Arabshahi

The Effect of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) on Activities of Daily Living of client with Cerebrovascular accident
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93031
Najafi Doulatabad Shahla, Afrasiabifar Ardashir, Parandvar Yaghoub

Evaluation of the ratio of T helper 17 and T regulatory cells in patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93032
Hossein Shahriari, Farahzad Jabbari, Seyyed Abdolrahim Rezaee, Houshang Rafatpanah
Majid Jafari, Reza Farid Hosseini, Majid Asadi-Samani

Carbamazepine-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis treated with intravenous immunoglobulin and amniotic membrane: A case report
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93035
Mohammadreza Mobayen, Abbas Darjani, Roghayeh Aghebati , Ramyar Farzan

Right Thoracotomy Beating Heart Technique in Emergency Re-Do Mitral Valve Surgery: Is it Still Justified?
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93034
Hassan Mir Mohammad Sadeghi

October 2017 Volume 15, Issue 8
(full pdf)

Immunity level to diphtheria in beta thalassemia patients
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93048
Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jahromi, Karamatollah Rahmanian, Abdolali Sapidkar, Hassan Zabetian2, Alireza Yusefi, Farshid Kafilzadeh, Mohammad Kargar, Marzieh Jamalidoust, Abdolhossein Madani

Genetic Variants of Toll Like Receptor-4 in Patients with Premature Coronary Artery Disease, South of Iran
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93049
Saeideh Erfanian, Mohammad Shojaei, Fatemeh Mehdizadeh, Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jahromi, Abdolhossein Madani, Mohammad Hojjat-Farsangi

Comparison of postoperative bleeding in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery in two groups taking aspirin and aspirin plus CLS clopidogrel
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93050
Ali Pooria, Hassan Teimouri, Mostafa Cheraghi, Babak Baharvand Ahmadi, Mehrdad Namdari, Reza Alipoor

Comparison of lower uterine segment thickness among nulliparous pregnant women without uterine scar and pregnant women with previous cesarean section: ultrasound study
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93051
Taravat Fakheri, Irandokht Alimohammadi, Nazanin Farshchian, Maryam Hematti, Anisodowleh Nankali, Farahnaz Keshavarzi, Soheil Saeidiborojeni

Effect of Environmental and Behavioral Interventions on Physiological and Behavioral Responses of Premature Neonates Candidates Admitted for Intravenous Catheter Insertion in Neonatal Intensive Care Units
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93052
Shohreh Taheri , Maryam Marofi, Anahita Masoumpoor , Malihe Nasiri

Effect of 8 weeks Rhythmic aerobic exercise on serum Resistin and body mass index of overweight and obese women
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93053
Khadijeh Molaei, Ahmad Shahdadi, Reza Delavar

Study of changes in leptin and body mass composition with overweight and obesity following 8 weeks of Aerobic exercise
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93054
Khadijeh Molaei, Abbas Salehikia

A reassessment of factor structure of the Short Form Health Survey (SF-36): A comparative approach
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93088
Vida Alizad, Manouchehr Azkhosh, Ali Asgari, Karyn Gonano

Evaluation of seizures in pregnant women in Kerman - Iran
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93056
Hossein Ali Ebrahimi, Elahe Arabpour, Kaveh Shafeie, Narges Khanjani

Studying the relation of quality work life with socio-economic status and general health among the employees of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) in 2015
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93057
Hossein Dargahi, Samereh Yaghobian, Seyedeh Hoda Mousavi, Majid Shekari Darbandi, Soheil Mokhtari, Mohsen Mohammadi, Seyede Fateme Hosseini

Factors that encourage early marriage and motherhood from the perspective of Iranian adolescent mothers: a qualitative study
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93058
Maasoumeh Mangeli, Masoud Rayyani, Mohammad Ali Cheraghi, Batool Tirgari

The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Existential Group Therapy on Reducing Existential Anxiety in the Elderly
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93059
Somayeh Barekati, Bahman Bahmani, Maede Naghiyaaee, Mahgam Afrasiabi, Roya Marsa

Post-mortem Distribution of Morphine in Cadavers Body Fluids
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93060
Ramin Elmi, Mitra Akbari, Jaber Gharehdaghi, Ardeshir Sheikhazadi, Saeed Padidar, Shirin Elmi

Application of Social Networks to Support Students' Language Learning Skills in Blended Approach
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93061
Fatemeh Jafarkhani, Zahra Jamebozorg, Maryam Brahman

The Relationship between Chronic Pain and Obesity: The Mediating Role of Anxiety
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93062
Leila Shateri, Hamid Shamsipour, Zahra Hoshyari, Elnaz Mousavi, Leila Saleck, Faezeh Ojagh

Implementation status of moral codes among nurses
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93063
Maryam Ban, Hojat Zareh Houshyari Khah, Marzieh Ghassemi, Sajedeh Mousaviasl, Mohammad Khavasi, Narjes Asadi, Mohammad Amin Harizavi, Saeedeh Elhami

The comparison of quality of life, self-efficacy and resiliency in infertile and fertile women
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93064
Mahya Shamsi Sani, Mohammadreza Tamannaeifar

Brain MRI Findings in Children (2-4 years old) with Autism
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93055
Mohammad Hasan Mohammadi,Farah Ashraf Zadeh,Javad Akhondian, Maryam Hojjati, Mehdi Momennezhad

TECTA gene function and hearing: a review
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93065
Morteza Hashemzadeh-Chaleshtori, Fahimeh Moradi, Raziyeh Karami-Eshkaftaki, Samira Asgharzade

Mandibular canal & its incisive branch: A CBCT study
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93066
SinaHaghanifar, Ehsan Moudi , Ali Bijani, Somayyehsadat Lavasani, Ahmadreza Lameh

The role of Astronomy education in daily life
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93067
Ashrafoalsadat Shekarbaghani

Human brain functional connectivity in resting-state fMRI data across the range of weeks
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93068
Nasrin Borumandnia, Hamid Alavi Majd, Farid Zayeri, Ahmad Reza Baghestani, Mohammad Tabatabaee,, Fariborz Faegh

A brief review of the components of national strategies for suicide prevention suggested by the World Health Organization
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93069
Mohsen Rezaeian

Evaluating the Process of Recruiting Faculty Members in Universities and Higher Education and Research Institutes Affiliated to Ministry of Health and Medical Education in Iran
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93070
Abdolreza Gilavand

Comparison of spiritual well-being and social health among the students attending group and individual religious rites
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93071
Masoud Nikfarjam , Saeid Heidari-Soureshjani , Abolfazl Khoshdel, Parisa Asmand, Forouzan Ganji

A Comparative Study of Motivation for Major Choices between Nursing and Midwifery Students at Bushehr University of Medical Sciences
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93072
Farzaneh Norouzi, Shahnaz Pouladi, Razieh Bagherzadeh

Barriers to the management of ventilator-associated pneumonia: A qualitative study of critical care nurses' experiences
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93073
Fereshteh Rashnou, Tahereh Toulabi , Shirin Hasanvand , Mohammad Javad Tarrahi

Clinical Risk Index for Neonates II score for the prediction of mortality risk in premature neonates with very low birth weight
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93074
Azadeh Jafrasteh, Parastoo Baharvand , Fatemeh Karami

Effect of pre-colporrhaphic physiotherapy on the outcomes of women with pelvic organ prolapse
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93075
Mahnaz Yavangi, Tahereh Mahmoodvand, Saeid Heidari-Soureshjani

The effect of Hypertonic Dextrose injection on the control of pains associated with knee osteoarthritis
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.9307
Mahshid Ghasemi, Faranak Behnaz, Mohammadreza Minator Sajjadi, Reza Zandi, Masoud Hashemi

Evaluation of Psycho-Social Factors Influential on Emotional Divorce among Attendants to Social Emergency Services
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93077
Farangis Soltanian

Organizational Justice and Trust Perceptions: A Comparison of Nurses in public and private hospitals
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93078
Mahboobeh Rajabi, Zahra Esmaeli Abdar , Leila Agoush

Evaluation of Blood Levels of Leptin Hormone Before and After the Treatment with Metformin
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93079
Elham Jafarpour

Etiology, Epidemiologic Characteristics and Clinical Pattern of Children with Febrile Convulsion Admitted to Hospitals of Germi and Parsabad towns in 2016
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93080
Mehri SeyedJavadi, Roghayeh Naseri, Shohreh Moshfeghi, Irandokht Allahyari, Vahid Izadi, Raheleh Mohammadi,

The comparison of the effect of two different teaching methods of role-playing and video feedback on learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93081
Yasamin Hacham Bachari, Leila Fahkarzadeh, Abdol Ali Shariati

Effectiveness of Group Counseling With Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Approach on Couples' Marital Adjustment
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93082
Arash Ziapour, Fatmeh Mahmoodi, Fatemeh Dehghan, Seyed Mehdi Hoseini Mehdi Abadi,

November 2017 Volume 15 Issue 9

[full journal pdf]

Diabetes Mellitus - Knowledge, Management and Complications:
Survey report from Faisalabad-Pakistan

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93094
Ijaz Anwer, Ahmad Shahzad, Kashmira Nanji, Farah Haider, Muhammad Masood Ahmad

Alanine aminotransferase indicates excess weight and dyslipidemia
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93095
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Orhan Ayyildiz* Mustafa Cem Algin, Yusuf Aydin, Abdulrazak Abyad,
Lesley Pocock

Comparative Analysis of Antimicrobial Peptides Gene Expression in
Susceptible/Resistant Mice Macrophages to Leishmania major Infection

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93096
Hamid Daneshvar, Iraj Sharifi, Alireza Kyhani, Amir Tavakoli Kareshk, Arash Asadi

Does socio-economic status of the patients have effect on clinical outcomes
after coronary artery bypass grafting surgery?

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93097
Forough Razmjooei, Afshin Mansourian, Saeed Kouhpyma

Comparison of the uterine artery Doppler indices during pregnancy
between gestational diabetes and diabetes mellitus and healthy pregnant women

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93098
Nazanin Farshchian, Farhad Naleini, Amir Masoud Jaafarnejhad, Parisa Bahrami Kamangar

Survey single dose Gentamicin in treatment of UTI in children with range of 1
month to 13 years old in Jahrom during 2015

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93099
Ehsan Rahmanian, Farideh Mogharab, Vahid Mogharab

Evaluation of control of bleeding by electro cauterization of bleeding points
of amplatz sheath tract after percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in
Jahrom Peymanieh hospital during year 2015-2016

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93100
Ali Reza Yousefi , Reza Inaloo

Comparison of the three-finger tracheal palpation technique with triple ID
formula to determine endotracheal tube depth in children 2-8 years in 2016-2017

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93101
Anahid Maleki, Alireza Ebrahim Soltani , Alireza Takzare, Ebrahim Espahbodi , Mehrdad Goodarzi, Roya Noori

Effect of Sevoflurane and Propofol on pulmonary arterial pressure
during cardiac catheterization in children with congenital heart diseases

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93102
Faranak Behnaz, Mahshid Ghasemi, Gholamreza Mohseni, Azim Zaraki

Prevalence and risk factors of obesity in children aged 2-12 years in the
Abu Dhabi Islands

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93103
Eideh Al-Shehhi, Hessa Al-Dhefairi, Kholoud Abuasi, Noora Al Ali, Mona Al Tunaiji,
Ebtihal Darwish

Study and comparison of psychological disorders in normal students and
students with multiple sclerosis in Shahrekord

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93106
Neda Ardestani-Samani, Mohammad Rabiei, Mohammad Ghasemi-Pirbalooti, Asghar Bayati, Saeid Heidari-Soureshjani

Comparative study of self-concept, physical self-concept, and time
perspective between the students with multiple sclerosis and healthy
students in Shahrekord

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93105
Neda Ardestani-Samani, Mohammad Rabiei, Mohammad Ghasemi-Pirbalooti, Asghar Bayati,
Saeid Heidari-Soureshjani

Relationship between Coping Styles and Religious Orientation with
Mental Health in the Students of the Nursing-Midwifery Faculty of Zabol

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93109
Nasim Dastras, Mohsen Heidari Mokarrar, Majid Dastras, Shirzad Arianmehr

Tuberculosis in Abadan, Iran (2012-2016): An Epidemiological Study
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93107
Ali-Asghar ValiPour, Azimeh Karimyan, Mahmood Banarimehr, Marzieh Ghassemi,
Maryam Robeyhavi, Rahil Hojjati, Parvin Gholizadeh

Family Stability and Conflict of Spiritual Beliefs and Superstitions among
Yazdi People in Iran: A Qualitative Study

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93108
Zahra Pourmovahed , Seyed Saied Mazloomy Mahmoodabad ; Hassan Zareei Mahmoodabadi ; Hossein Tavangar ; Seyed Mojtaba Yassini Ardekani ; Ali Akbar Vaezi

A comparative study of the self-actualization in psychology and Islam
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93104
Simin Afrasibi, Zakieh Fattahi

The effectiveness of cognitive - behavioral therapy in reducing the
post-traumatic stress symptoms in male students survivors of earthquake
in the central district of Varzeghan

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93110
Sakineh Salamat, Dr.Ahad Ahangar, Robab Farajzadeh

Effects and mechanisms of medicinal plants on stress hormone (cortisol):
A systematic review

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93115
Kamal Solati, Saeid Heidari-Soureshjani, Lesley Pocock

Comparing Traditional and medical treatments for constipation :
A Review Article

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93111
Mohammad Yaqub Rajput

A review of anti-measles and anti-rubella antibodies in 15- 25 year old
women in Jahrom City in 2011

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93111
Ehsan Rahmania , Farideh Mogharab, Vahid Mogharab

Review of percutaneous nephrolithotomy in children below 12 years
old in Jahrom hospital, during 2010-2014

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93113
Ali Reza Yousefi , Reza Inaloo

Physical and mental health in Islam
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93114
Bahador Mehraki, Abdollah Gholami

The Challenges of Implementation of Professional Ethics Standards in
Clinical Care from the viewpoint of Nursing Students and Nurses

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93117
[pdf version]
Saeedeh Elhami, Kambiz Saberi, Maryam Ban, Sajedeh Mousaviasl, Nasim Hatefi Moadab, Marzieh Ghassemi

Cognitive Determinants of Physical Activity Intention among Iranian Nurses:
An Application of Integrative Model of Behavior Prediction

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93118
Arsalan Ghaderi, Firoozeh Mostafavi, Behzad Mahaki, Abdorrahim Afkhamzadeh,
Yadolah Zarezadeh , Erfan Sadeghi

Effect of resilience-based intervention on occupational stress among nurses
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93116
Hossein Jafarizadeh, Ebrahim Zhiyani, Nader Aghakhani, Vahid Alinejad, Yaser Moradi

Calculation of Salaries and Benefits of Faculty Members in the Ministry of
Health and Medical Education of Iran

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93119
Abdolreza Gilavand

The effect of education on self-care behaviors of gastrointestinal side
effects on patients undergoing chemotherapy

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93120
Shokoh Varaei, Ehsan Abadi Pishe, Shadan Pedram Razie, Lila Nezam Abadi Farahani

Creating and Validating the Faith Inventory for Students at Islamic
Azad University of Ahvaz

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93122
Solmaz Choheili, Reza Pasha, Gholam Hossein Maktabi, Ehsan Moheb

Creating and Validating the Adjustment Inventory for the Students of
Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93121
Homa Choheili, Reza Pasha, Gholam Hossein Maktabi, Ehsan Moheb

Evaluating the Quality of Educational Services from the Viewpoints of
Radiology Students of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93123
Abdolreza Gilavand, Jafar Fatahiasl

An Investigation of Psychosocial aspect of Iranian Nursing
Students' Clinical Setting

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93124
Mahsa Boozaripour , Zanyar Karimi, Sima Zohari Anbohi, Amir Almasi-Hashiani, Fariba Borhani

Comparison of the Antibacterial Effects of Chlorhexidine Mouth washes
with Jaftex Mouth wash on Some Common Oral Microorganisms
(An in Vitro Study)

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93125
Ebrahim Babadi, Zahra Bamzadeh, Fatemeh Babadi

Study of the effect of plasma jet on Fusarium isolates with ability to
produce DON toxins

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93126
Elham Galin Abbasian, Mansour Bayat, Arash chaichi Nosrati, Seyed Jamal Hashemi, Mahmood Ghoranneviss

The comparison of anti-inflammatory effect in two methods of topical
dexamethasone injection and topical application of ginger alcoholic
extract after removing mandibular wisdom teeth

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93127
Sahar Zandi, Seyyed Muhammadreza Alavi, Kamran Mirzaie, Ramin Seyedian, Narges Aria, Saman Jokar

The effect of curcumin on growth and adherence of major microorganisms
causing tooth decay

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93128
Leila Helalat, Ahmad Zarejavid, Alireza Ekrami, Mohammd Hosein Haghighizadeh, Mehdi Shiri Nasab

December 2017
Volume 15, Issue 10

[full journal pdf]

Irritable bowel syndrome and smoking
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Orhan Ayyildiz, Mustafa Cem Algin, Yusuf Aydin, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93130

Assessment of Coronary Artery Involvement and Its Relevant Factors in Children with Kawasaki Disease
Mahsa Besharati, Sajad Rezvan, Mohammadhossein Arjmandnia
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93134

Effectiveness of positive thinking skills on Life expectancy and self-concept in patients with multiple sclerosis
Maryam Talebloo, Gholamreza Zakeripour
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93131

The relationship between prolonged sitting position and adaptive alterations in lumbar spine and pelvic range of motion in cyclists with chronic low back pain
Sara Zamiri
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93132

Risk factors of suicide attempt in Iran
Zahra Bazargani, Marjan Anvar, Ali Fakhri
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93133

Comparison of the Effects of Religious Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (RCBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Sertraline on Depression in Patients after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: a Randomized Controlled Trial
Seyed Hamzeh Hosseini, Alireza Rafiei, Ali Gaemian, Abdolhakim Tirgari, Aliasghar Zakavi, Jamshid Yazdani, Jafar Bolhari, Mahmood Golzari, Zahra Esmaeili Douki, Nazanin Vaezzadeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93135

The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Existential Group Therapy on Reducing Demoralization in the Elderly
Roya Marsa, Bahman Bahmani, Maede Naghiyaee, Somayeh Barekati
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93136

Low-dose versus high-dose vitamin D supplementation and pregnancy outcome in gestational diabetes
Farahnaz Keshavarzi, Anisodowleh Nankali, Farzaneh Azizi, Maryam Hematti
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93137

Endothelial function and flow-mediated dilation of brachial artery in pre-eclampsia: colour Doppler ultrasound study
Negin Rezavand, Firoozeh Veisi, Maryam Zangeneh, Seyede Sepide Naghibi,
Seyed Mohammad Saleh Seyedzadeh, Mansour Rezaei

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93138

Investigating the Factors Affecting Short-Term Mortality Rate in Patients with Acute Chest Pain
Ali Bidari, Mehran Sotoodehnia, Mahdi Rezai, Reza Mosaddegh, Mohamad Tahmasbi Sisakht
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93139

Relationship between Mortality Rate of Patients with Acute Chest Pain and Time Trends of Request to Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services in Tehran, Iran
Ali Bidari, Mehran Sotoodehnia, Mahdi Rezai, Reza Mosaddegh, Mohamad Tahmasbi Sisakht
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93140

An Investigation of the Effect of Listening to the Voice of the Holy Quran on Vital Signs and Consciousness Level of the Patients Admitted to the ICU Wards of Zabol University of Medical Sciences Hospitals
Ali Akbar Nasiri, Hossein Shahdadi, Ali Mansouri, Hossein Lakzaei
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93142

Comparative study on the effect of oral consumption of isotonic and water fluids on thirst, nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery in the ICU unit
Khadijeh Nasiriani, Kamran Ghods, Malihe Ghazvini
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93143

The Effect of Massage of Hugo Point on Severity of Pain in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Shahla Najafi Doulatabad, Mohamad Taher Rezanejad, Ardeshir Afrasiabifar, Reza Chaman
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93141

Years of potential life lost in the south of Iran in 2011 and 2015: A population-based study
Vahid Rahmanian, Karamatollah Rahmanian, Elham Mansoorian, Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jahromi, Abdolhossein Madani
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93144

The family centered empowerment program can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression of heart failure patients' family caregivers
Shahram Etemadifar, Masoud Bahrami, Mohsen Shahriari, Fereydoon Khayeri,, Reza Masoudi, Seyed Mohammad Afzali
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93145

Dimensions of developmental function of family in predicting the executive functions of deaf students
Sakineh Soltani Kuhbanani
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93146

Epidemiologic Study of Colposcopy in Clinical Centers of Kermanshah, Iran, during 2006 to 2011
Maryam Zangeneh, Maryam Hematti, Nasrin Jalilian, Seyedeh Nakisa Niknejad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93147

The Effectiveness of Group Hope Therapy Training on Psychological Well-Being and Resilience in Divorced Women
Parvin Abbasi, Fatemeh Mahmoodi, Arash Ziapour, Fatemeh Dehghan, Elham Parvane
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93149

Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Death Anxiety and Death Obsession in the Elderly
Akram Bayati, Parvin Abbasi, Arash Ziapour, Elham Parvane, Fatemeh Dehghan
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93148

The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on psychological Well-being in Diabetes Patients
Tara Moghaddasfar, Fatemeh Dehghan, Hashem Barahooyi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93310

The correlation between spiritual wellbeing and depression in elderly patients with cancer in Iran
Manizheh Amirmohamadi, Fariba Borhani, Mehrzad Kiani, Amir Almasi-Hashiani, Bahar Naghavi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93152

The effect of anger management training through cognitive-behavioural procedure on reducing marital conflicts
Nazanin Tayebi, Farag Lotfi Kashani, Bager Sanayi Zaker
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93150

Evaluating the impact of discharge nurse activities on the re-hospitalization of premature neonates and mothers' quality of life
Molok Rayati, Azam Shirinabadi Farahani , Anahita Masoumpoor, Mohamad Amain
Pourhoseingholi, Arezoo Hemati
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93153

Evaluation of Malnutrition Status in Patients admitted to Shahid Rajaee Hospital in Gachsaran City in 2016
Seyed Saadat Gholami, Tahereh Moshkelgosha Ardekani, Keianoush Karami, Atefeh Taheri, Mohammad Gholamnezhad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93154

Evaluating Relationship between the Implementation of Healthcare Reform and Patient Satisfaction in Health Care Centers of Yasuj
Mehrabi Saadat, Ayatollah Davar Panah, Fariba Noroozi, Ahmad Alamdari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93155

Relationship between Body Image Concern, Difficulty in Emotion Regulation, and Sexual Satisfaction of Healthy with Mastectomy Women
Masoomeh Noori, Flor Khayatan
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93151

Live experience of nurses about occupational exposures in emergency wards
Esmaeil Mohammadnejad, Nahid Dehghan Nayeri, Ayshe hajiesmaeilpoor
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93156

The Effectiveness of Self-Encouragement Skills Training on Genital Self-Image in Women with Physical-Motor Handicap (in southeast of Iran)
Iran Ghaderi, Tayebeh Sharif, Kamal Solati
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93157

A comparative study on the effects of raisin extract and fluoxetine on depression symptoms in mice
Mehrdad Modaresi, , Firouzeh Shiran , Ilnaz Sajjadian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93158

Antimicrobial Effects of Hydroxytyrosol Extracted From Olive Leaves on Propionibacterium Acnes
Owrang Eilami,Manuela Oliverio,Saeid Hosseinian, AminHossaini Motlagh, Mohsen Naghmachi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93159

The Epidemiology of Sudden Cardiac Death; a Forensic Autopsy Study in Iran 2013-2016
Nikpour Sara, Najari Fares, Emamhadi Mohammadali
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93160

Survey of Relationship Between Changes in Serum levels of Procalcitonin With Response to Treatment in Patients With SIRS Positive Acute Pyelonephritis
Sayyedzaker Saeedinejad, Mohammad Shirvani, Navid Omidifar
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93161

Effects and mechanisms of medicinal plants on dopamine reward system to reduce complication of substance abuse: A systematic review
Kamal Solati, Majid Asadi-Samani, Saeid Heidari-Soureshjani, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93162

Medicinal plants effective on prolactin: A systematic review
Karamali Kasiri, Saeid Heidari-Soureshjani, Lesley Pocock,
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93164

Complications of vaginal delivery after previous cesarian delivery
Malihe Botyar, Maryam Heidarian Noor
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93163

The Relationship between Organizational Culture Based on Hofstede Model and Personality Assassination Among Educational Staff in Yasuj University of Medical Sciences in 2017
Najafi Doulatabad S, Afrasiabifar A, Zarei R
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93165

Evaluation of Quality of Work Life and its Dimensions in Iranian Higher Education
Susan Bahrami, Abbas Habibzadeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93166

Effective Factors of Professional Ethical Competency in Medical Students: A Qualitative Study
Javad Rajabi Alleni, Fariba Borhani, Abbas Ebadi, Shabnam Bazmi, Mehrzad Kiani
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93167

The Effect of Self-Regulatory Learning Strategies on Academic Engagement and Task Value
Vahid Montazeri Hedeshi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93168

An Assessment of the Relationship between Social Support and Mental Health of Students of Zabol University of Medical Science in 2017
Hossein Shahdadi, Ali Mansouri, Ali Akbar Nasiri
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93169

Cross cultural differences in students with regard to study habit - counselling as an intervention
Zahra Farahzadi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93170

The Effect of Principles of Islamic Management on Improving the Work Process of the Organization (Case Study of Yasuj University of Medical Sciences)
Arsalan Azizi, Yousef Chekah, Kowsar Dastani Kashkoli, Ahmad Alamdari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93171

Comparing the Life Quality of Female Students with and without Primary Dysmenorrhea in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences in 2016
Maliheh Rahmati , Mohammad Hosseinifar , Asghar Akbari , Alireza Ansari-Moghaddam, Sharareh Sanei Sistani, Fateme Ghiasi , Ahmadreza Asgari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93172

Retained placenta managed surgically by hysterotomy: A case report
Mahtab Motevasselian, Behnaz Amirnazari, Sara Bahramzade
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93173

Epidural Abscess caused by Brucellosis: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Marzieh Soheili, Anvar Elyas
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93174

Eventration of Diaphragm: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Marzieh Soheili, Anvar Elyasi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93175

Effect of Education by Focus Group Discussion on Mothers' Performance and Awareness of Domestic Accidents in Children
Ali Mansouri, Ali Akbar Nasiri, Hossein Shahdadi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93176

The patient safety culture from the perspective of emergency nurses
Abolfazl Farsaraei , Ahmad Mirza Aghazadeh , Mozhgan Lotfi , Zahra Sheikhalipour
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93177

Study of Different Wheat Cultivars Using the ISSR Marker
Mostafa 'Ebadi, Mahsa Eqbali
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93178

Identifying and Assessing the Process Risks of Ammonia Refrigeration Room by Using the HAZOP Technique to Provide Solutions to Control and Reduce Accidents in Food Industry
Sanaz Pir Delkhoshi Chobari, Samira Ghiyasi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93179

A New Perspective in Baboon Cardiac Xeno Transplatation
Hassan Mir Mohammad Sadeghi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.93180

Mental Health in the Elderly and Its Predictive Factors
Farahnaz Mohammadi Shahboulaghi, Akram Ghanbari Moghaddam, Hasan Khoshnou,
Zeinab Karbalaee, Mojtaba Mohammadi.

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2017.9318

January 2018
Volume 16 Issue 1

[full journal pdf]

Hyperlipoproteinemias may actually be acute phase reactants in the plasma
Mehmet Rami Helvaci , Orhan Ayyildiz, Mehmet Gundogdu, Yusuf Aydin, Abdulrazak Abyad,
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93189

Vasa previa, does Doppler ultrasonography influence the outcome
Atyaf Hasan M, Al-Quraan Ghassan, Tayseer Rimawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93190

Association of CVS and amniocentesis for Down syndrome with fetal loss
Sara Masihi, Nahid Shahbazian, Mojgan Barati, Mahsa Ghasemzadeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93191

Interaction of GCKR, MLXIPL and FADS genes polymorphisms with obesity in the occurrence of childhood metabolic syndrome
Silva Hovsepian, Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard, Marjan Mansourian, Mohamadhasan Tajadini, Mahin Hashemipour, Roya Kelishadi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93192

Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Children and Adolescents Referred to Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic
Mohammad Emami, Mehryar Soleimani, Mohsen Karami, Farivar Lahiji, Arash Maleki
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93193

Effectiveness of Self-awareness based Individual counseling on self-awareness of women in reproductive age
Tayebe Ziaei, Marzieh Gorzin, Masumeh Rezaei Aval, Naser Behnampour
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93194

The Effect of Muscle Relaxation on Dialysis Adequacy in Hemodialysis Patients
Fateme Biabani, Jahanshir Tavakolizadeh, Mahdi Basiri-Moghadam, Mojtaba Kianmehr, Zahra Moradi, Tahereh Baloochi Beydokhti
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93195

Assessing the effect of warming up the patient with forced air on the body central temperature during general anesthesia in patients aged 20-70 years under eye surgery in Farabi Hospital
Anahide Maleki, Alireza Ebrahim Soltani, Mehrdad Goudarzi, Ebrahim Esbahbodi, Alireza Takzare, Ashkan Taghi Zadeh, Mohammad Moadabi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93196

Translation and Validation of the Persian Version of the Perinatal Grief Scale in Iranian Mothers with an Experience of Pregnancy Loss
Saeedeh Siadatnezhad, Tayebeh Ziaei, Elham Khoori, Mohammad Ali Vakili, Judith Lasker
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93197

Effects of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises on Urinary Incontinence and Quality of Life in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Forough Rafii, Moosa Sajjadi, Habib Shareinia, Payam Sarraf, Mahnaz Seyedalshohahadaee
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93199

Frequency of Vaginal Delivery in Women with Previous Cesarean Section: A Single Referral Center Experience
Ghobad Heidari, Nazanin Malek-Sadeghi, Elham Sheikhi, Hossein Elyasi, Hadis Rahimi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93200

Motivational Interviewing as Group Therapy for Glycemic Control and Treatment Satisfaction of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Saeed Momtazi, Chiman Salimi, Saeedeh Zenouzian, Maryam Jameh Shourani,
Cristine Urquhart
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93202

Evaluation of clinical features and 5 year survival rate of patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix
Mojgan Karimi-zarchi, Rezvan Tayebati, Masoud Shabani, Maedeh Sharghi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93201

Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction in Diagnosis of Pneumocystis Pneumonia
Mohsen Meidani, Azar Baradaran, Nooshin Afsharmoghadam, Farzin Ghiasi, Emad Fayyazi, Marzieh Pozveh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93203

Effect of MRI on Vital Signs of Patients
Mojtaba Kianmehr, Shahriar Basiri-Moghaddam, Alireza Mahmoudabadi, Zohreh Rezaeinejad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93198

Tendency to Rhinoplasty in University Students Based on the Level of Self-Esteem and Body Image Concern
Leila Zeinivand Moghadam, Mohammad Sadegh Abed Zadeh Zavareh, Mohsen Jalilian, Morteza Mansourian, Mohammad Bazyar, Neda Mokhtari, Amin Mirzaei
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93205

Patients' perspective on observing the rights of intensive care units patients in teaching hospitals affiliated with Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Iran in 2015-16
Payam Mohammadi, Nadereh Naderiravesh, Fariba Borhani, Maliheh Nasiri, Zahra Safavi Bayat
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93206

Prevalence of Cutaneous Fungal Infections among Patients Referred to Mycology Laboratory of Toba Clinic in Sari, Iran: A Retrospective Study from 2009 to 2014
Mohamad Reza Nazer, Bahareh Golpour, Mahdi Babaei Hatkehlouei, Masoud Golpour
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93213

Self-compassion, mental health and work ethics: mediating role of self-compassion in the correlation between work stress and mental health
Nima Ghorbani, Reza Pourhosein, Saeedeh Armita Ghobadi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93209

Investigating the delivery type among primiparous women in Bandar Abbas according to the Health Belief Model
Ali Safari-Moradabadi, Mitra Mehraban, Azin Alavi, Asyeh Pormehr-Yabandeh, Taha Ghiaspour,
Sakineh Dadipoor
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93214

Relationship between Health Literacy and Life Style of Women in Khomeinishahr, Iran: A Cross-Sectional Study
Fereshteh Keikhaei, Sakineh Rakhshanderou, Maryam Amidi Mazaheri, Mohtasham Ghaffari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93207

Risk Factors of Peptic Ulcer Disease in Khorramabad city, Southwest of Iran: A Case Control Study
Kourosh Ghanadi, Khatereh Anbari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93215

Evaluation of the Obesity Contributing Factors in first grade elementary school students from Sari, North of Iran
Melody Omraninava, Afsaneh Fendereski, Amin Darrudi, Faeze Zabihi, Niloufar Feizi,
Sajede Ghoroghi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93210

Study the effect of Quality of Life Improvement on Self-Esteem in Patients with Hemodialysis
Somayeh Soltani-Nejad, Maryam Zeighami
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93212

The effectiveness of empowerment of couples group therapy on marital satisfaction
Zahra Farahzadi, Zeinab Tasharrofi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93204

Effectiveness of schema therapy on body-image, self-concept, maladaptive schemas in patients with body dysmorphic disorder
Ayeh Pondehnezhadan, Reza Johari Fard
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93211

The comparison between early maladaptive schemas and dysfunctional attitudes and coping strategies in people with Body dysmorphic disorder and healthy people
Maryam Akbari Dehbaneh, Seyed Abdolmajid Bahrainian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93208

Studying the Correlation between Androgen Receptor (AR) Expression and Prognostic Factors in Invasive Breast Carcinoma
Sara Safi, Hasan Ehteram, Alireza Moraveji, Tahere Khamechian, Soheila Nadermohammadi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93216

Comparison of resistance index and peak systolic velocity of fetal middle cerebral artery between normal and fetuses with mutated beta-thalassemia gene
Nazanin Farshchian, Elham Shobeiri, Farhad Naleini, Hamidreza Ariafar, Parisa Bahrami Kamangar
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93217

Biological Dosimetry Method: a Probable way for Measuring Percent Depth Dose
Mohammad Mehdi Abtahi, Mahmood Reza Aghamiri, Masoumeh Yadolahi, Aziz Mahmoodzade
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93218

The comparative effects of chamomile's hydro alcoholic extract and imipramine on decreasing depression in mice
Fateme Rahnavard, Mehrdad Modaresi, Hadi Farhadi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93219

The effect of the traditional medicine product "Milk-Cuscuta" on the skin hyperpigmentation in the patients with Melasma
Mahdis Mojtabaee, Roshanak Mokaberinejad, Maryam Hamzehlou, Masoumeh Rohani Nasab, Samira Adhami, Susan Farshi, Parvin Mansouri
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93220

The effect of a diet based on Iranian traditional (Persian) medicine versus a diet based on modern medicine on the birth weight of neonates with the history of asymmetric intrauterine growth restriction: a randomized clinical trial
Yalda Rumi, Gholamreza Mohammadi-Farsani, Seyed Mohammad Riahi, Shahrzad Hashemi -Dizaji, Mitra Mehrabani, Roshanak Mokaberinejad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93221

The effectiveness of painting treatment on quality of life, hopefulness and happiness of hospitalized veterans
Hamideh Alboativi, Reza Johari Fard
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93222

The Effectiveness of Cognitive Self-Regulatory Education on Academic Burnout and Cognitive Dissonance and Academic Achievement of Elementary Students
Ensieh Khalaj, Azar Pakdaman Savoji
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93224

Effects of Applying Repeated Readings Method on Reading Fluency and Passage Comprehension of Slow Learners
Lama Bendak
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93226

How to develop a researchable question or a testable hypothesis
Mahsa Rezaeian, Maryam Rezaeian, Lesley Pocock, Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93228

Examining the preferred learning styles (PLSs) of nursing and midwifery students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences
Khateteh Almasi, Solmaz Mansour Bavani, Yousef Mohammadpour
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93227

The Relationship Model between the Misconduct of Motivation Coaches of Elite Female Athletes
Leila Saffari, Mohammad Hossein Mohammad Mirza
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93225

Investigating the Role of Aerobic Exercise on Subjective Well-Being among High School Girls in Yasuj High School in 2017
Mehrabi Saadat, Amin Hossaini Motlagh
Ahmad Alamdari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93223

Assessment of Concentration Changes and Temperature Effect on Total Volatile Organic Compound in the Air of Yasuj City in Iran
Sedighe Porkavosh, Hossein Marioryad, Arsalan Jamshidi, Seyed Abdolmohammad Sadat, Mohammad Mehdi Baneshi, Ali Mousavizadeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93229

Haemovigilance System Quality After Establishment of Patient's Safety Standards: Quality of Patient Identification, Blood Typing, and Transport and Conservation of Blood and Blood Components
Farin Razaghi Kashani, Masoumeh Kazemi Torki
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93230

Effect of Hybrid Aromatherapy on Sleep Quality of Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome Admitted to Cardiac Care Unit
Hossein Aalami, Hossein Mohammadzadeh Moghadam, Mahdi Basiri Moghaddam, Javad Bazeli
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93231

February 2018 - Volume 16, Issue 2
[pdf of the full issue]

Original Contribution/Clinical Investigation

Clinical inertia in glycemic control among a sample of patients with type 2 diabetes in Erbil City, Iraq
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93234
Rezan Jamal Ismael, Ali Shakir Dauod

Effectiveness of Self-Care Training Program based on Empowerment Model on Quality of Life among Hemodialysis Patients in the City of Sari, Iran
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93236
Sedigheh Verig Kazemi , Ghoncheh Raheb, Fardin Alipour, Samaneh Hosseinzadeh

Knowledge and Attitude towards Childhood Immunization among Parents in Al-Mukalla, Yemen
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93239
Fauzia Faraj Bamatraf, Mazin Ahmed Jawass

The pattern of antibiotic resistance of common bacteria causing nosocomial infections
Mojtaba Hedayat Yaghoobi, Mohammad Reza Arabestani, Pezhman Karami,
Azad Khaledi, Mohamad Ali Seifrabie, Omid Khiabanchian, Farshid Rahimi-Bashar

Inguinal hernia may not have a chronic low-grade inflammatory background on vascular endothelium
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93238
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Orhan Veli Ozkan, Seckin Akkucuk, Mustafa Yaprak, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock

Epidemiology, risk factors, and in-hospital outcome of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients younger than 40 years in Kermanshah, 2010-11
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93244
Mostafa Bahremand, Parisa Janjani1, Nahid Salehi

Evaluating Miscoding in the Codes Provided for Diagnostic and Surgical Tariffs
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93237
Soodeh Shahsavari, Ali Valinejadi, Ameneh Safari, Ramin Ceraghbaigi, Rohollah Mohammadi, Ali Godini, Rahman Setoodeh, Ali Mohammadi

Rehabilitation services difficulties perceived by Multiple sclerosis patients, their families and professionals in Iran: A qualitative study
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93235
Ozra Farmani, Mir Taher Mousavi, Masoomeh Maarefvand, Mohammad Kamali, Mostafa Eghlima, Hamid Reza Mokhtarinia

Evaluation of body mass index, abdominal fat and prevalence of hypertension among people 20 to 65 of Sabzevar city, Iran in 2016
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93245
Moeini Babak, Hazavehei Mohamad Mahdi, Mirmmosavi Seyed Jamal, Karimi Akram, Moghimbeigi Abbas, Delawari Heravi Maryam

Comparison of the Effects of Alfentanil and Remifentanil on QT Interval following Local Epinephrine Infiltration in Septoplasty under General Anesthesia
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93240
Mansoor Masjedi, Golnar Sabetian, Fatemeh Tubaei, M. Rakhshan, Hossein Haddad Bakhodaei

Comparison of the wrist acupuncture point P6 with pharmacological management to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients under laparotomy: a double blind study
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93242
Khoshraftar Ebrahim, Shoja Shapoor, Mehrabi Saadat, Bakhshaei Mohammad Hossein

The effect of Nitrous Oxide on post-operative gastric pain in Cataract Surgery under general anesthesia with laryngeal mask airway
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93241
Kazem Samadi, Seyed Ebrahim Sadeghi, Mehrara Zahmatkesh, Hossein Haddad Bakhodaei, Mahnaz Rakhshan

A study of evidence-based medicine knowledge and use in general practitioners working in Ahvaz hospitals in 2016
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93243
Ebrahim Naimi, Seyyed Hasan Faghihi, Elahe Piraee, Zahra Shahkolahi, Mehdi Jamshidi, Meysam Abshenas Jami

Population and Community Studies

Correlates of Cardiovascular Diseases-related Nutritional Behaviors among Women Using Health Belief Model: Research from Iran
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93246
Mohtasham Ghaffari1, Sakineh Rakhshanderou, Ali Safari-Moradabadi , Zeinab Asri

Newborn and sepsis: Overview of Neonates Diagnosed with Sepsis Hospitalized in the Shahid Madani Hospital of Kohrramabad, Iran, in 2014-2015
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93247
Seyedeh Fatemeh Ghasemi, Fatemeh Valizadeh, Mohammad Almasian, Heshmatolah Heydari[, Majid Firouzi

The First Digital Immunization Registry for Healthcare Workers in Iran
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93248
Faeze Ershadi, Nahid Hatam, Mehrdad Askarian, Charles John Palenik

Post-Exposure Procedures including Prophylaxis: First National Electronic Registry for Iran
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93249
Soheila Keshavarz, Nahid Hatam, Mehrdad Askarian, Charles John Palenik

Comparison of the Efficacy of Prednisolone and Dexamethazone on Reduction of Pain and Swelling after Impacted Mandibular Wisdom Teeth surgery
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93250
Ehsan Aliabadie, Mohammad Saleh Khaghani , Ashkan Izadi , Mohammad Hasani

Evaluation of the prevalence of prolonged QT syndrome in children with first unprovoked seizure
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93251
Parisa Katibeh, Soroor Inaloo, Pegah Katibeh, Mahnaz Rakhshan, Hossein Haddad Bakhodaei

Investigating the relationship between happiness and self-confidence with addiction recurrence in addicted people undergoing methadone treatment referred to addiction treatment centers of Zahedan city with an emphasis on the confounders of demographic variables and variables related to drug recurrence
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93252
Hossein Ansari, Alireza Ansari Moghaddam, Mehdi Mohammadi, Neda Mahdavifar

The knowledge and attitude of pregnant women about preservation of umbilical cord blood in public and private cord blood banks in referrers to the therapeutic and health centers affiliated to Abadan School of Medical Sciences
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93253
Shima Azadpour , Somayeh Igder, Parisa Rokhfiroz, Zahra Gorjian

Epidemiologic study of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Khorramshahr, Iran: 2008-2016
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93254
Ali Asghar ValiPourû, Pouran Morovatiû, Azimeh Karimianû, Mona Vafaee-Zadeû, Marzieh Ghassemi

Background Determinants of Physical Activity among Iranian Nurses: A Cross Sectional Study
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93255
Arsalan Ghaderi, Firoozeh Mostafavi, Behzad Mahaki, Erfan Sadeghi, Abdorrahim Afkhamzadeh, Yadolah Zarezadeh

Socio-Cognitive Determinants of Regular Physical Activity among College Students
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93256
Mehdi Mirzaei-Alavijeh, Ali Soroush, Mostafa Nasirzadeh, Naser Hatamzadeh, Fazel Zinat-Motlagh, Farzad Jalilian, Mohsen Mohammadi, Mohammad Mahboubi

Frequency of Suicide and its Related Factors in Patients Referring to Emergency Department of Hospitals of Abadan City in 2014.
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93257
Noorollah Tahery, Zahra Gorjian, Mohhamad Mahboubi, Mina Baghbani, Nahid Mahmoodi, Atefeh Zahedi, Farkhonde Hayati, Zeynab Namadmaliani Zadeh

Investigation of Self-care Behaviors and the Related Factors in the Older People with Diabetes Visiting Tehran Selected Hospitals in 2016
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93258
Elnaz BehrouziRad, Ali DarvishpoorKakhki, Fariba Bolourchi Fard

The Relationship between Emotion Regulation and Intuitive Eating in Young Women
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93259
Leila Shateri, Abbas Masjedi Arani, Hamid Shamsipour, Elnaz Mousavi, Leila Saleck

Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of the Emotion Regulation Checklist
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93260
Fateme Aghaie Meybodi, Parvaneh Mohammadkhani, Abbas Pourshahbaz, Behrooz Dolatshahi

Clinical Research and Methods

Determination and comparison of miR135a in the serum between women with GDM, non-pregnant type 2 diabetes, healthy pregnant and control group.
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93267
Yousef Khazaei Monfared, Fatemeh Ghadimi, Farshad Foroughi, Maryam Honardoost, Sima Hashemipour, Fatemeh Sepidi, Mohamad Reza Sarookhani

The evaluation of the TGF-b1 and TbRII gene expression in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93262
Hamideh Aghaee Nezhad, Mohammad Hossein Mohammadi , Gholamreza Toogeh, Sina Salari, Mohammadreza Reza Khosravi, Fatemeh Mezginezhad, Mehdi Allahbakhshian Farsani

Transcription factors LEF1, PU.1 and IRF8 have decreased expression levels in majority of de novo acute myeloid leukemia patients
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93264
Fatemeh Salarpour, Kourosh Goudarzipour), Mohammad Hossein Mohammadi , Mohammadreza Reza Khosravi , Sara Faraahi , Mehdi Allahbakhshian Farsani

Comparing the efficacy of Dexeroyx (Osveral) and Deferoxamine (Desferal) in reducing serum ferritin level in patients with thalassemia major
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93265
Saeid Honarmand, Hourieh Ansari, Ali Hajigholami

Plasma ghrelin concentration and pepsinogen I/II ratio as non-invasive markers for upper gastrointestinal malignancy
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93266
Sattar Jafari, Minoosh Moghimi, Mahrang Hedaiaty, Shahrzad Shokoofi, Aiyoub Pezeshgi , Reza Eghdam Zamiri

The effects of group cognitive behavior therapy (GCBT) on suicidal thoughts in patients with major depression
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93293
Afrasiabifar Ardashir, Amir-Hossein Bayat, Hosseini Nazafarin, Amin Haghgoo

The effect of Hardiness on Personal and Social Adjustment of female-headed Households
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93294
Bahareh Davoudimoghaddam, Ghoncheh Raheb, Samaneh Hosseinzadeh, Robab Teymouri

Explaining problems and adversities of children of fathers' involved in substance abuse: A qualitative content analysis in an Iranian context
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93295
Maryam Khakrangin, Mostafa Eghlima, Hassan Rafiey, Mansour Fathi, Mohsen Roshanpajoh

The evaluation of p21 and p27 expression in HLA-DR negative AML patients
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93263
Hamideh Aghaee Nezhad, Mohammad Hossein Mohammadi , Mohammadreza Reza Khosravi , Sina Salari, Abbas Hajifathali

Reflux Patterns Characteristics of Iranian Patients with Nonerosive Reflux Disease (NERD) Based on 24-Hour Multichannel Intraluminal Impedance-pH (MII-PH) Monitoring Tests
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93261
Hashem Fakhre Yaseri

Basic Research

The effect of Viola tricolor L. flower hydro-alcoholic extract on anxiety-like behavior in a mouse model of chronic asthma
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93268
Elham Harati , Farzaneh Kianian, Sulail Fatima Rajani , Maryam Bahrami, Sahar Raoofi Mohseni , Hamid Reza Sadeghipour

Effects of Selenium on Various Sperm Parameters in Varicocele Rats
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93269
Yousef Khazaei Monfared, Elham Khodabandehloo, Seyed Amir Farzam, Mohammad Reza Modabber, Sahar Moghbeli Nejad

The effects of omega-3 PUFA (ALA) on WT1 gene expression in pancreatic cancer cell line (MIA PaCa-2)
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93287
Babak Rahmani, Dariush Hamedi Asl, Taghi Naserpour Farivar, Mehdi Azad, Mehdi Sahmani, Nematollah Gheibi

Health and safety issues in the Community

A Public Health Initiative to Address Road Traffic Accidents in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93270
Dilshad Jaff

Endotracheal tube cuff pressure in comparison with the standard pressure in intensive care unit intubated patients
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93271
Gholamreza Shabanian, Mahboobe Taghipour, Zahra Parishani

Comparison of infection of injectable serum solutions administered by upper and lower blowing in patients hospitalized in surgical wards
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93272
Gholamreza Shabanian, Alireza Shabanian , Amirreza Shekofteh, Mohammadreza Shabanian

Evaluating the quality of nursing documentation in pediatric wards of Motahari Hospital of Urmia in 2017
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93273
Parvin Delnavaz, Mohammad Hassan Sahebihagh, Sousan Valizadeh, Medineh Jasemi, Mohammad Arshadi Bostanabad

The effect of passive leg raising maneuver on right internal jugular vein dimension in ICU patients under mechanical ventilation
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93274
Mansoor Masjedi, Mohammad reza Sasani, Mehdi Riahi alam, Mohammad reza Hadavi, Mahnaz Rakhshan, Hossein Haddad Bakhodaei

Investigating the Effect of Educational Intervention on Musculoskeletal Disorders in Dentists
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93275
Taraneh Farrokhnia, Masoud Rezai, Mohammad-Hossein Vaziri, Fahimeh Vaziri

The Quality of Informed Consent After the Establishment of Patient Safety Standards: The Consent of the Physician, The Presence of a Third Party, The Description of the Type and Procedure, The Description of the Benefits of the Procedure
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93276
Masoumeh Kazemi Torki, Farin Razaghi Kashani

Education and Training

Using Math App Monster Number for improving Calculation of Mild Intellectual Disability Students
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93277
Lama Bendak

The relationship between self-regulated learning, academic self-concept and the academic achievement motivation of students in the second grade of high school
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93278
Kourosh Saki, Maryam Nadari

Review papers

Effects and mechanisms of medicinal plants on diaper dermatitis: A systematic review
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93281
Karamali Kasiri, Saeid Heidari-Soureshjani

Periodontal infectious diseases as a risk factor in cardiovascular disease
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93282
Nima Ghobadi

Oral Health Related Quality of Life in Patients Undertaking Implant Treatments: A Review of Literature
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93283
Maryam Frazadmoghadam, Tayebe Malek Mohammadi, Mohammad Mohammadi,
Reza Goudarzi

Roles and Responsibilities of the Home Care Liaison Nurse: A Review of the literature
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93284
Rafat Rezapour Nasrabad
Mental Health Minimum Dataset: A systematic review and search
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93285
Morteza Amerai, Farahnaz Sadoughi, Mahnaz Samadbeik

Case report

Ischemia of the fingertips necessitating surgery after radial artery cannulation
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93286
Masoud Tarbiat, Sayed Ahmad Reza Salim Bahrami, Amir Derakhshanfar , Hamidreza Khorshidi, Mehrabi Saadat

March 2018 Volume 16, Issue 3
[pdf of full issue]

Prevalence of Hypothyroid Disease in Saudi Primary Care
Bader Almustafa, Susan Almunif, Zahrah Aljidhr, Sakina Albusaeed, Ghadeer Aljishi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93297

Atherosclerotic background of hepatosteatosis in sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Mustafa Yaprak, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93305

Studying the Extent of Compliance with the Standard Principles of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in the Selected Educational Centers of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences 2016-2017
Narges Masoudi Sani, Hedayat Jafari, Mohammad Ali Heidari Gorji, Nouroddin Mousavi Nasab, Farzad Bozorgi, Vida Nesarhosseini
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93299

Antibiotic Prescription Patterns in an Academic Emergency Department in Iran
HamidReza Reihani, HamidReza Nader Neema John Mehramiz, Majid Khadem Rezaiyan, Mahdi Foroughian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93300

Investigating the Relationship between Serum Bilirubin Levels in the First Week of Life with Season of Birth
Mohsen Hojat, Nabi Zarezadeh, Vahid Mogharab, Ehsan Rahmanian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.9330

The evaluation of the success rate, complications and mid-term follow up results of patients with peripheral arterial disease of lower limb treated using endovascular therapy: A single center study
Mohammad Hasan Namazi, Fatemeh Abedi, Morteza Safi, Hossein Vakili, Habibollah Saadat, Saeed Alipour Parsa, Isa Khaheshi, Soroush Veisi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93302

Depression and burden level in the natural caregiver of the demented patient : A Tunisian experience
Latifa Ghanmi, Sonia Hammami, Salem Bouomrani, Amine Jabri, Mouna Abbes, Khalifa Zitoun, Lobna Zouari, Mohamed Maalej
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93302

Evaluation of the Effect of Aloe Vera Ointment with Chamomile Ointment on Severity of Children’s Diaper Dermatitis: A randomized, double-blind clinical trial
Sima Ghanipour Badelbuu, Yousef Javadzadeh, Mahnaz Jabraeili, Shiva Heidari, Mohammad Arshadi Bostanabad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93304

Population and Community Studies

Reviewing the barriers to the implementation of the strategic plans from the perspective of hospital managers in Jahrom
Hamideh Akbari, Navid Kalani, Abdolazim Jokar, Nabi Zarezadeh, Seyed Hamed Hojati, Esmail Rayat Dost
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93306

How do Iranian Elderly People Conceptualize Social Welfare? A Content Analysis Study
Mirtaher Mousavi, Hassan Rafiey, Robab Sahaf, Mohammad Ali Mohammadi, Meroe Vameghi, Seyed Hossein Mohaqeqi Kamal, Faeze Joghataei, Arya Hamedanchi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93312

The Relationship between Spiritual wellbeing, Anxiety and Depression in Old Adults: A cross sectional study of Shiraz Clinics, Iran
Nader Aghakhani, Davood Vahabzadeh, Soudabeh Niroomand, Zoleikha Asgarlii, Foroozandeh Zaravar
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93315

Investigate the Relationship between Marital Satisfaction and Parenting Self-Efficacy among Parents of Primary School Students
Mina Hajihashemi, Maryam Amidi-Mazaheri
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93314

Effect of humour on reduction of hopelessness and increase of social adjustment in mothers of children with intellectual disability
Jahanshir Tavakolizadeh, Nasrin Jokar Ghochani
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93309

The Association of socio-demographic problems on Marital Instability between women with sexual dysfunction and general population in Mashhad, Iran 2017: A Case- Control Study
Tahereh Molkara, Malihe Motavasselian, Seyed Reza Moallem, Farideh Akhlaghi, Roshanak Salari, Reza Goldoozian, Veda Vakili
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93308

Barriers to effective advocacy for normal birth; Ethics in educational strategy of maternity care system: A qualitative study
Ali Ramezankhani, Tayebe Samieizadeh Toosi, Nahid Akbari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93311

A study of influential factors on chest compression in cardio pulmonary resuscitation from the perspective of personnel of pre-hospital emergency of central hub in Iran in the first half year, 2016
Shahbazi Akbar, Shahin Faramarz, Sharifi Abolghasem, Molavi Choobini Z
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93313

Clinical Research and Methods

The Effects of a Hypothermia Prevention Program on the Body Temperature and Shivering in Women Undergoing Cesarean Section
Fatemeh Bameri, Ali Navidian, Asadollah Shakeri, Zahra Pishkarmofrad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93322

Comparison of Bifidobacterium spp. and Lactobacillus spp. Count in Faeces of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and healthy people
Reza Ghotaslou, Shahram Arbabi, Akbar Aliasgharzadeh Abdullah Aliloo
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93316

Epidemiologic characteristics and outcomes of renal transplantation in hospitals affiliated to Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran: 1989-2015
Sakineh Ghorbani, Afshin Goodarzi, Afshin Almasi, Ali Soroush, Bahram Samadzadeh, Mehrdad payandeh, Azadeh Foroughinia
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93317

Comparison of the effect of pethidine, ketamin and ondansetron on shivering after surgery in elective laparascopic cholecystectomy under general anesthesia
Mehdi Ebtehaj, Nasim Zarin, Mahmood Aghaziyarati
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93318

Comparison of Phototherapy with light-editing diodes (LED) and Conventional Phototherapy(fluorescent lamps) in Reducing Jaundice in Term and Preterm Newborns
Majid Hamidi, Fatemeh Aliakbari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93319

Prevalence of Structural Brain Damage Without Skull Fracture in Autopsy of Head Trauma Victims
Esmaeil Farzaneh, Babak Mostafazadeh, Fatemeh Tarjoman, Aziz Kamran
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93321

An introduction to determination of mean Uterine Artery Doppler Pulsatility Index during pregnancy for Predicting Adverse Pregnancy Outcome
Sima Gitia, Vajiheh Marsoosi, Maryam Moshfeghi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93321

Basic Research

Syrian Mesquite Extract Improves Serum Lipids and Liver Tissue in NFALD modelled Rabbits
Samira Keshavarzi, Gholamreza Bahrami, Bahareh Mohammadi, Razieh Hatami, Shahram Miraghaee
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93324

Preparation of the edible supplement product of calcium-D in form of tablet from powder of sepia skeleton (cuttlebone) and investigation of its physic-chemical properties
Ali Asghar Hemmatti, Azar Mostoufi, Nader Shakiba, Zahra Nazari Khrosgani, Shahrzad Memarzade
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93325

Determination of the frequency of blaCTX-M, blaSHV and blaTEM genes in Esherichia coli isolated from Burns patients in Tehran Shahid Motahari Hospital
Mona RohamRad, Nahid Rahimifard, GholamReza Javadi, Babak PourAkbari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93326

A clinical debate concerning Aminoglycoside resistance genes among Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains
Morteza Pourahmad, Abassali Javadi, Asghar Kamran, Behrooz Ataei, Majid Yaran, Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jharomi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93327

Health and safety issues in the Community

The pattern of antibiotic resistance of common bacteria causing nosocomial infections
Mojtaba Hedayat Yaghoobi, Mohammad Reza Arabestani, Pezhman Karami, Azad Khaledi,
Mohamad Ali Seifrabie, Omid Khiabanchian, Farshid Rahimi-Bashar
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93342

The Evaluation of Compliance of The Records of Nursing Care after Surgery in the Intensive Care Unit of Cardiac Surgery with Clinical Care Classification system
Masoomeh Najafi, Nasrin Rassoulzadeh, Maryam Rassouli
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93328

Self-Evaluation of Nurses Clinical Competency based on Benner Theory
Saeedeh Elhami, Maryam Ban, Sajedeh Mousaviasl, Atefeh Zahedi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93329

Influencing factors on the occurrence of road accidents with a special emphasis on motorcyclists in national and global research; a review of the studies conducted in Iran and the world
Mazaheri M, Keshavarz mohammadi N, Soori H, Ramezankhani A, Sohrabi vafa M, Sohrabi vafa F, Moradi A
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93330

Investigating the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Organizational Intelligence among Nurses Working in Ayatollah Rouhani Hospital in Babol in 2017
Fatemeh Rezaei , Nasibeh Ramazannezhad, Fataneh Sabz Alipour Shiadeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93332

The Relationship between the Family Functions and Health-Promoting Behaviors of Nursing Students in Tehran, Iran
Meimanat Hosseini, Parvin Sarbakhsh, Soliman Mollaei
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93333

Rehabilitation medicine

Investigation of Serum Levels of Vitamin D in Patients with intractable Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Referred to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 2015
Seyed Mohammad Saghanezhad, Sharareh Roshanzamir, Marzieh Mohtashamkia
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93343

Education and Training

Investigating the Effect of Knowledge Management Dimensions on the Level of Performance of Nurses Working in Ayatollah Rouhani Hospital in Babol
Fatemeh Rezaei, Mohsen Hosseinzadeh Savadi, Maedeh Faraji Douki
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93331

Medical Social Workers in Iran: Professionals or Employees?
Sareh Abri, Mohammad Zahedi asl
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93334

The factors affecting effective clinical education from the viewpoint of students, Nursing Trainers, and nursing staff
Saeedeh Elhami, Maryam Heidari, Maryam Ban, Sajedeh Mosaviasl,
Mohammad Khavasi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93335

Review papers

Effects of hot temperament herbs on primary Dysmenorrhea: a systematic review
Farrin Rajabzadeh, Seyyed Mohammadbagher Fazljou, Laleh Khodaie, Shamsi Abbasalizadeh, Leila Sahebi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93338

Natural Therapeutics for Common Psychiatric Disorders
Koroush Saki, Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93337

Original article

Burden of Gastric Cancer: A Case Study of Iran
Rahim Ostovar, Abed Eghdami, Abdosaleh Jafari, Ramin Ravangard
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93341

Case report

Biliary Duct Large Stone
Abdulla Saleh Alyamani
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.9334

Nursing Research

Investigating the Self-assessment of Clinical Competency of Nurses Working in Babol University of Medical Sciences Hospitals
Goliroshan S, Babanataj R, Aziznejadroshan P
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93331

April 2018 Volume 16 Issue 4

Original Contribution/Clinical Investigation

Chronic endothelial inflammation and priapism in sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Mursel Davarci, Mehmet Inci, Mustafa Yaprak, Abdulrazak Abyad,
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93364

Comparing the performance of the laryngeal tube suction with cuffed endotracheal tube during general anesthesia with controlled ventilation in elective surgeries: A prospective, block-randomized, single-blinded, parallel group trial
Masoum khoshfetrat, Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jahromi, Zahra Khoshnam, Maryam Dahmardeh, Reza Farahmandrad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93359

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and associated risk factors among hemodialysis patients
Sima Golmohamadi, Hamid Reza Omrani, Nadia Asadi, Lotfollah Asgari, Zahra Fathi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93354

Assessing the Association between PR and Different Clinico-Pathologic Breast Cancer Features
Hussein Al Husban, Ala Odeh, Khaled abu Rumman, Zeyad Batayneh, Ruba Shannaq, Mohammad AL-Khawaldeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93363

Assessment of the Efficiency of hospitals before and after the implementation of the Health Reform Plan in Qazvin province based on the Pabon Lasso model (2011-2016)
Soheyla Gholami, Zohre Sahraei, Mitra Khoshghadam, Nahid Malekniazi, Ali Qanbarinikoo, Mohammad Reza Moddaber
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93369

Relationship between Virchow-Robin space dilatation on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and migraine headaches
Elham Shobeiri, Ali Khanzadeh Moghadam, Nazanin Farshchian, Nazanin Razazi

Cartilage Tympanoplasty type 1: Surgical Outcome in Aden, Yemen
Saleh Mohammed Abubakr Al-Shuaibi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93365

Population and Community Studies

The effectiveness of Melissa officinalis on sleep problems in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
Fatemeh Aliakbari, Mahmoud Rafieian
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93367

Coincidence of the influenza epidemic attacks with special lunar months in Iran
Morteza Pourahmad, Abdolreza Sotoodeh Jahromi, Mohammad Hassan Davami, Mohammad Reza Yazdani, Manijeh shams, Abdolhossein Madani, Mohammad Hojjat-Farsangi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93368

Improvement of the quality of life following the eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria

Vahid Semnani , Raheb Ghorbani , Hamidreza Hemmati, Ramin Taheri
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93349

A novel device to improve sitting posture
Hoda Dalimi Asl, Ali Ghorbani, Anoushirvan Kezam Nejad, Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93356

Social support during pregnancy and its relationship with anthropometric indices at birth and postnatal depression in Iranian women
Soheila Bani, Shirin Hasanpour, Sakineh Mohammadalizadeh, Mozhgan Mirghafourvand, Roghayeh Salimi, Ilnaz Iranzad
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93357

The efficacy of short-term play therapy for children in reducing symptoms of ADHD
Marzie Hashemi, Shokooh sadat Banijamali, Zohre Khosravi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93370

Mental Health and Related Factors in Physicians Working in Hospitals: A Study in Western Iran in 2016
Parastoo Baharvand, Maryam Hormozi, K Hatereh Anbari
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93350

Role of Religion in Women's Social Health in Iran
Amir Rastegar Khaled, Masood Salmani Bidgoli, Mohsen Afsharnasab
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93352

Effect of Pelvic Movements using Birth Ball and Listening to Nature sounds and Honey Syrup Consumption on Labor Pain in Nulliparous Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Taavoni S, Charkamyani F, Hashemdabaghian F, Nazem Ekbatani N
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93348

Individualism And Mental Health
Keramatollah Zandi Ghashghaie, Owrang Eilami, Mostafa Moazamfard, Taleb Hassanpour
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93351

Clinical Research and Methods

Classification and assessment of medication errors in the emergency unit of a hospital in Iran by SHERPA
Daryoush Pahlevan, Jafar Jandaghi, Mona Shaeeri, Mohammad Reza Razavi, Abolfazl Abdollahpour, Ali Kermani
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93353

Summary of studies on thyme in Iran: a meta-analysis study
Mohsen Momeninejad, Hamidreza Ghaffarian Shirazi, Amin Salehi, Jamshid Mohammadi, Afsaneh Behroozpour, Asghar Romina, Yazdan Portimori
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93355

Designing a Laser-based System for Locating Kidney Stones in Surgeries through Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)
Alireza Shafe, Ali Zamani, Mohammad Mehdi Movahedi, Alireza Amin Sharifi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93358

Education and Training

Investigating the relationship between academic innovation and organizational identity with higher-order thinking skills among students at Yasuj University of Medical Sciences
Sayyedzaker Saeedinejad, Hosseini Nazafarin, Razmjooei Parvin, Hosseini Marziyeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93362

Basic Research

Antidepressant effects of oleuropein in male mice by forced swim test and tail suspension test
Zahra Rabiei, Saeid Jahanbazi, Zahra Alibabaei Mahmoud Rafieian-kopaei
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93366

Health Needs of Elderly People at Primary Health Care Centers in Antalya, Turkey
Zuhal Kanevetçi, Hakan Yaman
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93377

Acarbose versus metformin in the treatment of metabolic syndrome
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Yusuf Aydin, Gozde Varan, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93378

Surveying the relationship between the social isolation and quality of sleep of the older adults in Bam-based Elderly Care Centers in 2017
Makarem Zohre, Naji Ali
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93379

The Effect of quercetin on induction of apoptosis and cell proliferation in experimental rat colon carcinoma
Sorour Sarihi, Nader Tanideh, Sajjad Tezerji, Baitullah Alipour

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93384

Evaluation of antimicrobial properties of derivative peptide of Naja naja snake’s venom
Mitra Zoriasatein , Soheila Moradi Bidhendi, Rasol Madani

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93382

May 2018 Volume 16 Issue 5

Original Contribution / Clinical Investigation

Health Needs of Elderly People at Primary Health Care Centers in Antalya, Turkey
Zuhal Kanevetçi, Hakan Yaman
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93377

Acarbose versus metformin in the treatment of metabolic syndrome
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Yusuf Aydin, Gozde Varan, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93378

Surveying the relationship between the social isolation and quality of sleep of the older adults in Bam-based Elderly Care Centers in 2017
Makarem Zohre, Naji Ali
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93379

Clinical Research and Methods

The effect of the mind concentration / relaxation of body and soul (recovery) In karate sports students after a session of karate practice in Gorgan
Kourosh Ahmadiyan Shalchi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93381

Basic Research

Analysis of the effect of resveratrol and quercetin separately and together on Wnt Signaling path regulators, tumor differentiation, dietary intake and weight changes in rat’s empirical colon cancer
Sajjad Tezerji, Nader Tanideh, Sorour Sarihi, Baitullah Alipour
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93383

The Effect of quercetin on induction of apoptosis and cell proliferation in experimental rat colon carcinoma
Sorour Sarihi, Nader Tanideh, Sajjad Tezerji, Baitullah Alipour
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93384

Evaluation of antimicrobial properties of derivative peptide of Naja naja snake’s venom
Mitra Zoriasatein , Soheila Moradi Bidhendi, Rasol Madani
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93382

Population and Community Studies

The Relationship between Personality Characteristics, Locus of Control, and Self-esteem among Nursing Students at Kashan University of Medical Sciences in 2016
Marzieh Esmat Saatlou, Zahra Sakeni, Fatemeh Hosseini , Houriyeh Zahed
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93380

Education and training

The effectiveness of self-regulation learning skills on motivational and academic variables among students
Fatemeh Sadat Mirhosseini, Masoud Gholamali Lavasani, Elaheh Hejazi
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93385

June 2018, Volume 16, Issue 6
[full issue pdf]

Saudi university students’ awareness and attitude towards family medicine specialty
Dalia El-Sayed Desouky, Maryam Hassan Turkistani, Wedad Saeed Althobaiti,
Mai Muaiwedh Algethami

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93390

Parental Attitude and beliefs towards child vaccination: Identifying Vaccine Hesitant groups in a family health center, Erbil city Iraq
Awring Maroof Raof
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93386

What a low prevalence of autoimmune thyroiditis in sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93388

On the relationship between teachers’ behavior and corporal punishment: Lessons, implications, and recommendations
Naseer Muhammad, Musarrat Shaheen, Muhammad Khalil Ur Rahman, Faiza Rahman,
Fazal Haleem

DOI: 10.5742/MEWFM.2018.93399

July 2018 Volume 16 Issue 7

[pdf of full issue]

Original Contribution / Clinical Investigation

Primary care physicians’ barriers to initiate insulin in Type 2 diabetes mellitus. A survey from the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Alshoalah Qasim M, Alfaraj Nada A, Krishanani Mukesh K, Khamis Amar H
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93470

Alarming consequences of the sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Bekdas Tekin, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93472

Prevalence and Determinants of Burnout among Primary Healthcare Physicians in Qatar
Mohamed Salem, Muna Taher, Hamda Alsaadi, Abdulla Alnema, Samya Al-Abdulla
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93474

Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis by measurement of ADA, CEA and PCR in Bronchoalveolar lavage and compare with smear and culture of BK in the patient with pulmonary infiltration
Parinaz Koohi Habibi Dehkordi, Sayed Mahdi Ayat, Maryam Sharifzadeh, Hamid Rouhi Broujeni, Foroozan Ganji , Roya Habibian
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93477

The effect of opioid use on pulmonary function test in advanced COPD patients
Parinaz Koohi Habibi Dehkordi, Hamid Rouhi Boroujeni, Hamid Sohrabpour, Abbas Fadaei
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93478

Population and Community Studies

Relationship between life skills with functional impairment and sexual satisfaction in women
Farideh Mohsenzadeh-Ledari, Afsaneh Keramat, Ahmad Khosravi
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93476

The effect of FIFA 11+ injury prevention program on dynamic balance and knee Isometric Strength of Female players in soccer super league
Maedeh Taghizadeh Kerman, Ahmad Ebrahimi Atri, Seyed Ali Akbar Hashemi Javaheri
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93475

Comparison of Sexual Behavioral Patterns and Mental Health in male and female Victims of Betrayal in Family courts of Tehran city
Negar Razeghi, Nasrollah Ansarinejad, Masoud Navidi Moghadam
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93471

Basic Research

Investigating the cytotoxic effect of chamomile aqueous extract on 4T1 and 47D cells and level of caspase3 protein in breast cancer cells T-47D
Farkhondeh Mohammadzadeh Ghaleghazi, Fatemeh Safari, Narges Baharifar, Abdolkarim Sheikhi
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93473

August 2018 Volume 16 Issue 8
[full journal pdf]

Original Contribution / Clinical Investigation

Professionalism in Family Medicine Residency Program in Qatar
Mohamed Salem, Amal Al-Ali, Noura Alm-Mutawaa, Wafaa Yousuf, Noof Almansouri
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93481

Association of ABO blood groups with blood pressure in young male adults of Bhaktapur: A cross-sectional study
Kharel Sushil, Raut Binod, Gupta Rani
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93482

Implications of Introducing Reflective Practice to the Family Medicine Residency Program in Qatar
Noora Al-Mutawa, Mohamed H Mahmoud, Saleh Attal, Hisham Elmahdi
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93483

Population and Community Studies

Anti-Fatigue and Hypnotic Effects of a Traditional Herbal Extract on Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A double blind randomized clinical trial
Maryam Adalat, Mohammad Khalili, Hormoz Ayromlou, Sajjad Haririan, Hossein Rezaeizadeh, Ali Akbar Safari, Arman Zargaran
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93484

What a low prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis in sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93485

Education and Training

Using Physical Activities for Improving Spatial Relations of Students with Down Syndrome
Lama Bendak
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93487

Surgical Skills Training With Models

Maurice Brygel
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93486

September 2018 Volume 16 Issue 9
[full journal pdf]

Original Contribution / Clinical Investigation

Determination of Preoperative Fear and Anxiety Levels caused by Multiple Pediatric Burn Surgeries in Patients and their Parents
Hakan Akelma, Ebru Tarikçi, Mehmet Özkiliç, Zeki Ayhan Karahan, Sedat Kaya
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93489

Troponin I level changes following diagnostic coronary angiography
Melika Kooshkiforooshani, Kamyar Amin
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93490

What a low prevalence of malignancies in sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Orhan Ayyildiz, Alper Sevinc, Celaletdin Camci, Abdulrazak Abyad,
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93491

Varicocele may not have a chronic low-grade inflammatory background on vascular endothelium
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Mursel Davarci, Mehmet Inci, Yusuf Aydin, Abdulrazak Abyad,
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93492

Neural Processing of Food Stimuli in Self-Regulation Brain Regions using Bayesian General Linear Modeling Approach
Parisa Naseri, Hamid Alavi Majd,
Seyed Morteza Najibi, Seyed Mohammad Tabatabaee, Elham Faghihzadeh

DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93494

Surgical Skills Series - Ingrown toenail removal with phenol
Maurice Brygel
DOI: 10.5742MEWFM.2018.93494


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