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Paediatric Development Charts

Case 1 -

4 month old, noisy, wheezy breathing, developed overnight.

Case 11 -

Newborn baby, 72hr old presented with signs of respiratory distress, fever, lethargy, poor feeding
Case 2 - 10 month old with diarrhoea and vomiting. Case 12 - A 7 year old boy presented with high fever, congested eyes, red macular rash involving the face and descending down to the trunk.
Case 3 - 5 year old with 3 day history cramping abdominal pain and painful swollen ankles. Case 13 - Haydar, an 11 year old child was exposed to an extensive injury on his left arm with a dirty tool.
Case 4 - Mei, aged 2, presents because of a harsh cough and difficulty breathing. Case 14 - Immunisation of child contacts of a TB patient.
Case 5 - Raj, aged 5, "collapsed" at school after eating peanuts. Case 15 - a 6-year old girl was referred by the PHCC Physician for evaluation of her persistent low hemoglobin levels.
Case 6 - Sukarti, aged 3, presents with malaise, fever and an upper respiratory tract infection with a non productive cough. Case 16 - a 5 year-old and is brought to the emergency department by his parents with persistent gum bleeding following the loss of a primary tooth.
Case 7 - Saila aged 5 presents because she awoke during the evening with wheezing and breathing difficulty after a nocturnal cough for several days. Case 17 - A 4-year-old girl is brought by her parents to hospital with a history of pallor, bruising and lethargy.
Case 8 - Ahmed, aged 3 months, presents with a 24 hour history of lethargy, general disinterest, anorexia, fever and cold skin. Case 18 - Yusra is a 6 year old girl who presented to the PHCC family physician complaining of fever and chest pain associated with cough for 7 days.
Case 9 - Rashila, 14 years, is brought to your practice following the ingestion of an unknown quantity of paracetamol tablets about 30 minutes ago. Case 19 - Sawsan is a family doctor who noticed that there were 250 new cases of upper respiratory infection among children less than 5 years in the period from January to March.
Case 10 - Narindra is a 4 week old infant who presents with vomiting.